Looking Ahead

It is my understanding that Commando has been officially impeached as leader of RPF.  In addition to this news, I am officially calling off the war.  I commend the Congress of the USRPF for standing up to their leader and calling him out on his treacherous behavior.  It goes without saying that that takes a lot of courage.  For this reason, I look forward to RPF’s new leadership, and I look forward to moving past this and working together with them in the future.  I wish RPF the best of luck in repairing itself and its image.  We will be keeping an eye on you to make sure that you truly lead yourselves independently from Commando, and that you do so with honor and dignity.  I will do my best to help you along the way.  I hope to meet with the new leadership of RPF in order to repair our fractured alliance.  I urge the soldiers of Club Penguin to forgive the RPF.  They cannot be held responsible for the behavior of a corrupt individual.  It takes more than one to make up and army, and it takes more than one to destroy it.  RPF will live on, hopefully more honorably than ever.


Oagal: This is Ziehen’s address to the RPF . . .

“Message from Congress:

Former President Commando717 was impeached by Congress at around 3:00 p.m. PT today. The Congress, in colaboration with the citizens, have decided to form a new chat, site, and government. The USRPF nation feels betrayed by the founder’s actions as to destroying another nation’s site. The congress expected to be informed of any of his moves on behalf of the nation – they too feel betrayed.


P.S. If anyone else chooses to edit this, please do so at the bottom. 😉




26 Responses

  1. We may still have a war, just not with RPF…

  2. Very eloquently worded Zie. I personally hope you run for some sort of high position (I’m not sure if you can be elected leader again).

  3. Well put Boomer.

  4. 2nd comment.

    Well, you said it right. We should forgive and forget, but we are rly out of shape w.out a war…

  5. (2nd) look. if they start ploting bad things, plz restart the war.

  6. 3rd…

  7. O_>

  8. Well, you said a good speech. And, yeah. But are you SURE we can’t have a war?

  9. This stinks, we wanted a war.

  10. I forgive the RPF. I WANTED A WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. I forgive but I want a war

  12. boomer i want to give ACP AT-CAT’S go to http://24keyser.wordpress.com oh also join the CPP there

  13. Aww… i think the armies really need a war on cp… but im not real mad.

  14. Order 67 was a good idea. . .


  16. Commando is saying he set Sergie up, but Commando never got a chance to defend himself while all this hell happened 😐

  17. Jingle, if you would like to get promoted on Promo Day, I reccomend you stop that.

  18. nice way to put it boomer.And i think i speak for all of acp when i say i lets forgive and forget

  19. I fdrgive but I WANT WAR


  20. i liked the qoute of the rpf congress

  21. Ok, Sheila. You are my General, so I should probably listen to you.

  22. Ok I have my army 1,020,000 soldiers on porutgese server to keep a low prfile my army is UCP United Clubpenguin Put me on you aliie/enemy list

  23. i forgive. i thought they were all bad, so im sorry too

  24. Nicely put Boomer. Im wit u Nosey, Im apologizing to the RPF. Hopefully ur new leader will be a leader who isnt as arrogant and is at least the shell of a man that the old Commando was.

  25. Now Commando denies it. He says that he didn’t have a choice. He pretty much also says that he is still the leader, even though he was impeached :-?. I say that we declare war against RPF and any RPF soldiers that don’t want to fight ACP join ACP. We should take action against them. Also, he denies that he deleted the Alliance site. I still say, NUKE THEM!

    Jingle Jay
    ACP Major

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