Practice Battle/Midterm Promos

Jedimaster17: Ok,Congratulations to all of you that got promotions. You’ve all worked really hard,and deserved the elevations.About the practice battle,I’m probably going to be able to make it,unless I have to do community service then.

More Jim Crap:

Oagal: In the words of Kyle Cease (the comedian, not the CP guy) . . .

“Here’s something you’ll never hear — ‘Hey, let’s go to Alabama . . . again!'”

xD Just kidding, I’m sure Alabama is lovely. 😉

Aber: I feel so bad right now. My family planned a trip to Alabama for today which was suppose to be for tomorrow. So I won’t be able to come 😦 Please please PLEASE be there either clintos, jungle, or tiger (ono). I’m so sorry again and wish I could be there.

Practice Battle!  Finally! 😀

Here is the current info:

When: Saturday, February 21, 2009

Server: Snow Fort

Room: Snow Forts

Teams: Red vs. Blue


12:30 pm Pacific

1:30 pm Mountain

2:30 pm Central

3:30 pm Eastern

8:30 pm U.K.

Many of you already know how this works, but for those who don’t here is the 411:

As you may know, there are two teams, Red and Blue.  Each Division will represent a color.  Division I (Alpha, Delta, and Echo), led by Abercrombe29, represents the Red Team.  Division II (Gamma, Kappa, and Sigma), led by Rapidy, represents the Blue Team.  Please arrive at the battle in appropriate colors.  If you do not have a Division yet, names starting with A-M will be Red, and N-Z will be Blue.

Here are the uniforms.  They can be adjusted based on what clothing items you have, but you must be the color you are assigned.



In case one of the team leaders cannot make it, here is how we will work the battle leadership.  If the first leader on the list cannot make it, the second will lead, and so forth.  Once a leader has led a practice battle, they will move to the bottom of the list so the next person on the list can lead.  Make sure you know who is leading so you know who to listen to, and if you are your team’s leader, make sure they know you are in charge.

Red Team:

  1. Abercrombe29
  2. The Jungle N
  3. Clintos007
  4. Cooltiger413

Blue Team:

  1. Rapidy 
  2. Nodear
  3. Hattrick
  4. Meggis1234 (Maybe Noka 11…)

Remember what we have been practicing, especially for this, because it will probably be more chaotic than usual.

  • Make sure to spread out and pay attention on Club Penguin
  • Stay quiet so you can see commands, and only talk when you are executing a joke bomb, spam charge, emote bomb, etc.
  • Leaders should lead entirely on CP, so soldiers, don’t worry about checking the chat
  • If everyone is ready on CP, you will have much better execution on charges, etc
  • Make sure you know who is leading.  Check the list above, and whoever at the battle is highest on that list will be leading
  • Leaders, make sure you are there early so you can make sure your soldiers know you are in charge

The battle will last 30 minutes and will be judged by me.  Here is the scoring system:

  • A successful charge
  • Covering up your opponent
  • Successfully avoiding an enemy charge
  • Being the larger side for 5 minutes

Leaders and soldiers, remember the tactics we have been practicing.  Stay quiet so the leader can give commands, and only talk when you are instructed to charge and spam or emote bomb, etc.  Watch for regrouping, and make sure to spread out.

After the battle, be ready for a recruiting party.  Good luck everyone!  I hope to see you there!

Comment if you can make it!


After that, you are all welcome to join me for a session with SSACP:

We will be meeting at the Ice Age Cave at the following times:

1:30 pm Pacific

2:30 pm Mountain

3:30 pm Central

4:30 pm Eastern

9:30 pm U.K.


Here are the Midterm Promos!  They’ve been done for a while, but I was too busy being an idiot to remember to post them… 😐

These are for Warrant Officer and under, so a lot of you would not qualify.  Doing a second promo day for the lower ranks just gives them more of a chance to stand out amonst all of the other Sergeants and Corporals, as well as making it easier on me so that I only have to look at half of the month to find who needs to be promoted.

I know for a fact that I missed people, because there are a ton of soldiers.  If you think you deserved a promo but did not get one (and you are a Warrant Officer or under), please feel free to email me at, or reach me on chat.  If you cannot reach me either of those ways, just leave a comment on this post stating your name and why you feel you deserved a promo.


Captain: 11jb22, 1234jkl, Aberacer, Aiqa123, Annie290632, Ashes1627, Blackhawk458, Blast46, Bloobloo1, Blueguy32, Blupichu, Bp98, Cccbbbnnn, Cccorbally, Centar, Chas3r, Cooper30, Crazyboy86, Davy629, Dopefacedbro, Dryvit, Dx Man 9, Edwadu, Emilylondon, Farsight, Fatest83, Fluffykeogh, Freggiboy, Ganondorf787, Geyer17, Halo Friek, Halo67890, Han Solo12, Happybelly4, Hawkey16, Hbk399, Hidude45, Historylover, Icee Ellie, Icefactorx, Jatar, Jet the Hawk, Kingjared, Klug1234, Koolsdpngin, Kuro Wolf, Leoblue33, Lsund, Macaroni Jim, Magoo98, Mcwofin, Micewindo, Mr Gooff, Mr Icefin, Nine Tailed3, Ninja4778, Ojohii, Ox485, Pman Elite, Ribler, Rice44, Rugrat93, Shades2you, Shadows549, Slosh12223, Snowandice27, Snowland202, Soccer793, Soccerpr30611, Sonic The 1, Spiff313, Splotman113, Takeda95, The Flapjack, The Jokerman, Tigers Class, Tiler232, Tone739, Trooper7890, Wadler1, Wolves25, Zoom93

Lieutenant: 12345 Marine, 44gdog44, 4444fluffy, 4996dexter, 999pingu111, Abolerz243, Adioboard, Amitc87, Andi1×1, Andrewf2, Anikan53, Apedwards, Apocolypse66, Arbiter 99, Arotled, As334, Astropilot1, Axevolution, Band Guy1, Ben166, Berrygood5, Bighead2496, Bjzoo, Bloc Party97, Blue176, Brad448, Bubba Duffer, Byero, Byuii, Calgocubs21, Candycloud19, Captain Key6, Champ469, Chief145, Chimpman106, Clockyjj, Cobra70, Cody227, Codymody1, Cole59287, Daiuf, Daneswan36, Dannywsa1998, Deco539, Destany64468, Destroyer993, Dj Pingu 2, Doohicky23, Dubinsky98, Edman2299, Elmikey, Emperer Josh, Even96, Exblade315, Fallingtail, Feephill, Flyiiingpie9, Foleyethan, Frostbeetle8, Gangiel, Gligar117, Golie Phil, Goomba121, Gopackgo8, Gougarglider, Green Anole2, Guszzz1, Guymed, Guytd, Hamie111, Han Solo6789, Hasanb123, Hockjopper, Icee95, Icey Cold27, Ickeee, Indy59, Ivan Jr, Jacob6042, Jason Mcg, Jdietle, Jea1023, Jennings7, Jessica40267, Jet Nugget, Jimmy325jr, Johny 4, Jojo48545, Joshzzzzzz99, Keano 73, Keyser5, King Kinz9, Kj Bulldogs1, Kk9024, Kooolmonster, L900ipop, Lilpenguin98, M1zw1z, Magiczeus, Maxsue, Mimo 98, Monstercjr, Motomike37, Mr Scars, Naruto 824, Nattrick, Noseycjr, Ojoc, Ojso3, Oola Yoda, Orange Con, Pablo124, Pegsusm, Pengapop4, Pengie Man45, Phipy, Pickle33, Pimplego2287, Posywillos, Rabo4, Rcrt, Reconspartan 2, Red 744, Redblast1000, Rex5556, Rkjcbo, Rockinater, Rottenstein, Saphiira845, Sarster123, Shakybadger, Shedinja 777, Snowprince13, Snuffles506, Soccergal688, Spikeyty, Spongie555, Spyboy112, Stacy B, Stevebobal, Super Blip, Super24daisy, Superchaser1, Superdude109, Supersoulja17, The Source00, Thunder562, Tiki2196, Timmy79918, Tiny Finn, Tntclay, Tomahawks12, Tuxedo Man47, Us Army34, Vetsd, Vio789, Wildnavy99, Wmb98, Wojanna2, Wtg2000, Xdog52, Youg3

Warrant Officer: 1run, 27ht, 7 Sparks 7, 77 Row, A Dawg4, Adavo1, Andster7, Antvitica, Artemisfoul9, Bart1879, Battlecrow13, Bedubu, Beeky128778, Big Al 56, Billybob 16, Blackgamer22, Blue Bella4, Bob17467, Bonetia, Botman6, Brown Stan, Cab8, Camowarrior, Capaay, Cargopenguin, Cca, Cheerbuger9, Chevydude, Christiano50, Chykin X5000, Coleblacker, Colleen Man, Comit8907, Con241, Coo1Dude2, Coolbry, Cooltape, Cowgirl19975, Crystal19999, Cupcakes 500, Dalek485, Darwin Huxly, Dd Uu Dd Ee1, Deco1313, Devandsean, Devin A 162, Dhfd, Djmarvin, Dodgeball345, Drew79, Edogg9800, Eettuuyy, Eisner8, Elifb123, Emperor Plup, Fiasco 121, Fireball Ice, Fireblast47, Fizzy Rocks, Fluffball921, Footballhead1232123, Franco888, Frogjr, Fuzy430, Galaxynova88, Genus1, Goofy Mac568, Gracegirl101, Gregand 11, Grunty5, Gurgle528, Happyface141, Hornet241, Horsekrzi, Hsw98, I Need Tea, Ibarreche, Icerida1, Igdogjr916, Ikumiku, JadenandSy, Jakey44, Jinxman, Josh9123, Juujoob, Kairi1219, Kidvalar1, Kitty Cat04, Kittycat1012, Kjacques, Koolb8, Koolkat12312, Ladybug418, Late Me, Leftyman62, Liam Super, Louis32000, Luigi36340, Luk 232, Maxine2cool, Mega Pikle1, Mimy67, Misty220, Mix 1011, Mm142, Mo Mo1357, Monkek Man, Moon Person, Mr Mario4, Mr Pop Rocks, Mrchatterbox, Mustang422, Naruto 721, Naruto394, Neojet, Nick Jonas116, Ninja Chong, Painttheskygrey, Party222, Pengy60, Pinguino2357, Pipempoleon, Porterpeeps, Pouki888, Pte Baron, Puffs N Stuf, Reddy Puffle, Rexo60007, Rgrobbieg, Rhino25, Rockinator1, Rocknroll63, Rorokn14, Rovin 900, Rya4000, Sebmendez, Silver2253, Skyguy008, Slurp N Burp, Sonic Xx, Sordman456, Sparky Jr 25, Spencers51, Starlorb, Starwarstrek, Stone2cold2, Super Bat Bo, Tholee, Todd678, Tomking1, Topstar1, Treeko311, Treytrey67, Turbscavator, Tux 308, Waddle2199, Wally4531, Wgfv, Wrath Strife, Xbd1, Xelaro, Xlr8 64, Yanksrule14, Yariza 32, Yoda 1000, Zark56, Zelly56

Sergeant:100man, 11jrd, 1joe1, 2chrisfarley2, 41codered, 4mickeyto101, 5232jada, 78724599, Aakiskool, Abominable46, Accessory, Acolopse, Acp Maffia, Acp Pengiun, Acp Scout, Adw14, Ally Cat2000, Andgreg, Andypat, Angel Nymth, Aqua Drift, Arrrgh1, Ash7890, Aspy, Astronomer 25, Axxeor, Baconzone1, Bags101, Bat007, Bationa, Bearbear, Beaverflute, Beckfan77, Beckham 2300, Bismi, Black28367, Blake7856, Blaze08, Blob152251, Blossom5679, Bonez15404, Brandonwags, Bread, Bri Bri16, Brodeeey, Brooky2222, Bts Hunter61, Buneary63, Buster8, Bvv8, Caf1007, Callmebob101, Camguin123, Ccntty4nts, Chibo 460, Chilly1021, Claude1997, Cogra1472, Coldblast27, Crazy Raybod, Crazyfeet100, Crop Circle, Crossman5, Cucu96, Dark Troops, Darth Destro, Dino Boy7, Dinoco Blue, Djtcool1, Dkary, Dlp3, Dogboy355jr, Dogey 77, Dominik33, Dragon Eel, Driver9, Drucle, Dsfdaefdcxcx, Dubz Rule, Dustindwd, Dynodart, Elliotfazza7, Emperor P3ng, Espeon Rox, Fabby201, Fatfat45, Fernando906, Fghj49286, Fireball2033, Firepingu4, Fishman 97, Flame Berg, Fluffy29567, Flyaway8, Fray 101, Freezie56918, G4 Man, Gaminpenguin, Garda10, Garin3, Gasolina777, Geo5213, Glerkk, Gojm, Gold Clone 28, Goofyh2obird, Guyperson22, Haley Davis1, Haloman878, Harriswj, Heman4, Hunk 2, Hunt12321, Ice Shreder, Iceburg3, Icee Tee, Icem3n, Jacks82, Jenny00777, Jessierox49, Jetrob, Jett 123, Jr Rinney, Jrmrpaddles, Johnyjoe, Jonh Simth, Julie1222, Katana49, Kayla, Khfinalmix1, Kingdom717, Kooldog5, Laney Roo, Lavarr Jnr, Lax Lebrei, Leftywmm, Li Gi 99, Lil Dude52, Limpbizkit30, Lizhou, Lt327, Madagascar41, Marchfly, Marchofthepe, Maron228, Martyfdz03, Mattboy0610, Maxi96203, Michealb3567, Mifoo, Mimo 777, Mische235, Mnbvftf, Moderator N2, Mr A39505, Mr Hunt578, Mr Peteyk, Mrboonie, Muddeles, Mum2ble, Napoleon21, Ninja 5644, Nnylgcm, Norma Jean65, Ohlie, Ol Jdo99 Ol, Omar Bsaibes, Ospreys55, Outdoorsman8, Pat97pat, Peblebrook45, Pengeyz6, Pengui25, Penguin40897476, Penguin54988640, Penor343, Peruses, Pete Wentz89, Peterjr1, Petioo09, Pikachu306, Pingo10003, Pkprincess25, Plopper1717, Polly Happy1, Pollybubble6, Princeo, Puffleboy798, Purple Fart, Q Stein Gen, Qavhgt, Quackquaaack, Rancid874, Randy260, Rebeca Jr, Red Rosiy, Riley Ru, Rusty785, Sabres678, Saiyaman Xc, Sallee9414, Samus9000, San Blu Man, Sarahstaley, Scrappy, Sea Squid, Seraca3, Sgt Capone, Shadow Jedi1, Shinydeoxys, Shocp99, Sk8ter922, Slyora, Smiky4, Sneezybee, Snickers1240, Snowbomb545, Something999, Sosy43916, Sourman, Spacersdude, Sparklemadey, Sportlover56, Stealth1555, Steve O 377, Stinky Jo 20, Sydney511, Taddle1, Terimea345, Theflames, Timedragon1, Tinkawood, Tixply, Too Raa Roo, Top Agent009, Torterrra88, Trace, Tranderrick, Tree380, Trex69, Trinakat600, Troodon110, Tush, Uknow Me, Unauthorized, Uncle Army, Underseablue, Ur10, V177, Velcomrock, Vidge, Viking Quest, Viper1899, Wagon1029, Waldo Blue9, Wally470, Warriorii, Weird Al 12, Wingman99, Wohoo10, Wufo3, Xavle 45, Xbox Jt1, Yo Mom 2, Yukon726, Yutyut2, Zackzipy1997, Zaenther, Zappr99, Zazazzzzz

Corporal:05bthompson, 1212petey, 123 Blu 321, 123456popo, 123maplespre, 19sammy17, 1luvgreenday, 1tem Girl927, 1wildwind3, 22 Dana 22, 2468simpson, 2greenhead1, 44kwiz44, 5star Cookie, 719cam, Aamor113, Abo210, Ace1002, Adam, Adam1947, Addison9625, Aero Master, Agentpingo50, Ajithan1, Al 45, Alegazzo, Aleks60, Alexlikesjd, Alfonsoe, Alybaba77, Alyssia90, Anaya306, Antarcticone, Antman09, Arianajones, Army Gal, Articsam1, Ashelyzoi60, Autumnwalk1, Awerton, B56z, Bane D, Bazimon, Beahcboy29, Beakquin, Beari568, Becca46001, Ben, Bennnney, Bigsboy1, Bingblingo, Bio Fusion, Blackquick1, Blu3 Pengui, Blueskye, Bob, Boba3, Boball 007, Bobby3459, Bolwdog 1245, Bomling, Boyjynx, Brad64, Breaksk8101, Brettcharb, Brisingr0, Brisingr898, Bruins67, Bubble24, Buggsyboy, Bugsbruno, C358, Caca105, Calliflowery, Camore 12345, Cand Red, Captain100, Car Crazy 1, Caseyboy97, Catster124, Cayeja, Cece 53, Char2621, Charzaed, Chetbaker, Chillin Geor, Chin, Chlippa, Chudnee, Colorbeard, Coman0909, Con1623, Cooldude6334, Cooley155, Coollove152, Coolman96555, Correen, Cowboysfan13, Crazytow, Csi Agent 11, Daisydoo50, Dalton1170, Dana2197, Daniel G1, Danny, Dark Wings65, Dark28367, Ddotue, Deso23, Deoxys Pro, Devil28561, Disdog45, Drummerejk, Dudaogutaoju, Eddie98744, Edwardbaby10, Eevee Girl1, Elf70, Elijah 147, Emperor1213, Eoj1234, Erin, Ernean, Eskymogirl, Fanojames, Feng008, Feverish0001, Fireflame02, Fireice10, Flap Flap Jr, Fluffy54605, Fogo900, Freepro, Frie67, Frozen Fire7, Fudge 1, Gamemaster19, Geo Dode, Gfgbfbfghh, Ggoa619, Ght, Gilisaurus, Giorgio12, Girlygirl583, Glmul, Goldekey, Google Naf, Goulielmos, Green12345, Greenfootbal, Guijl, Gybr, Harsch2, Harvestxmoon, Hawk50 2007, Hedwidowl12, Henery Pikes, Hershey Xoxo, Hi Man25, Homer66746, Hotrod4, Howlowcnyoug, Hugibugi101, Ice Police25, Icebear10, Icee5184, Ihoo1, Ikaping, Ileeana, Ily5617, Im A Girl98, Invisable125, Iredniugnep, J O S H 1 0, Jacob O Ryan, Jacob8088, Jaller 57, Jarjarbinks0, Jaroziz, Java2008, Jellojake, Jermy Gueva, Jhow, Jjohnson1, Joe Jonas884, Joey Anthony, Joeyl11, Jordan101011, Jp568, Jr0315, Juliana8000, Jumpy 2219, Justin765, Justinhero, K Dubba, Kaliebron, Karatespazj9, Karladino, Kcpb, Keeloglynn50, Kennybk, Kingtong15, Kknd444, Koo102, Kooi, Krodis, Kyle93, Kyzcool, Lakerboii51, Lavaliker, Lazykid1111, Leblonk, Leish7, Lena98, Leperkonwes, Ligpop, Lily985, Lion King900, Little Ben 0, Littlebob63, Loop113, Lovehearts17, Lppes 23, Luckyr12, Lucy Palms30, Markkerry, Martinsen5, Marvon, Maskatchi, Master3848, Mccainpalin6, Mete Kni, Mew Zakuro, Meyers1313, Miguelyulo, Milsk, Minie, Mjm772, Mombol 23, Momjohi, Monster Main, Monstermuutt1, Morganlh1017, Mr Ice Burg2, Mrrr Duckyyy, Mryomama, Mvt Blue, N60storm4, Nathannj, Nb00, Negrutul, Nentendo123, New Bel, Ninja 703, Ninja1475, Njustin, Noah, Nog3, Nollie121, Nooland10, Nxtgenfanboy, O1o2, Obi Wan 4321, Obocanobo1, Of Pie, Offspring23, Oggerzs, Oliball, Onsins, Osapenguin, Owlz97, Oxytaurus, Party Sycic, Peaceofme208, Peanet 10101, Pegymar, Pendude32, Penguin Mara, Penguin X414, Penguin10305, Penguin48850621, Peyto, Pickachu611, Pickledud, Pindo34, Pink88796, Pinky Jezz 2, Pinkypie1083, Piplop15480, Pizzapie35, Pliplup5, Pokebag, Pokejd, Polli Peny2, Pooface98, Portyfan1, Poww10s, Puppyluvisis, Puufle96, Q1qq, Qaswt, Qazwsx432, Radrobot, Ramen123, Random Boy3, Raquaza120, Red Mauer, Redron135, Redwing99, Reima2, Riot Pengy, Rntl, Rocker5968, Rocker6501, Rocketer217, Rocknphil, Ronniegaucho, Rosy168, Roxs34, Rrla, Ruflles2, Saltypat, Sam0900, Samcooldog, Sarah06, Saulemma1888, Scarlettboy, Scrathey, Sdawg2, Sdawg3, Seraphim2, Shining Dark, Shinypink712, Silentfart11, Sillysparkie, Sinxii, Sjdu, Skater Blui, Skater2, Skyburst, Slider199, Slippymon, Sloppyjoe, Slushy357935, Snapper101, Snowdrop5278, Snowhum, Snowy Pirate, Soccerfan26, Sofia, Soxpitcher, Spanner5, Sparky Joe 1, Stamthedance, Stan Butler1, Stargirl357, Stepaway0626, Stinko I, Super Manj6, Supemankid, Superdog106, Sushilie, Swimmie614, Swordfight99, Takashiemiko, Team Black16, Teambb, The Yatter, Thehood117, Thelaw485, Timc1999, Timegirl4468, Tipidono23, Tj13153, Token 29, Tomtom8366, Tonybrad1, Tota Girl, Tracer1295, Trssxgtrjfy, Tylor K1, Tyraone, Ukikii, Ukuka, Usa501, Waddlepal68, Waddlingster, Wandgfan22, Waterlord141, Webbles8, Whatruup2, Why Mason, Williambarry, Willsmith103, Wizzfizz1, Wjack10, Wofu3, Worker Man97, Wolvetone, X0tqmx0, Xboy001, Xd 12345, Xx Vic Xx, Yello132, Yellowb56, Yesguy, Yoe101, Zach, Zackray1, Zacktheman24, Zappacozmo, Zeppen5, Zippy2001


59 Responses

  1. um boomer meggis is not sigma leader no more cuz he got baned and said he was going to quit so i am um sigma leader now

  2. I might be able to make it, no guarantees.

  3. I can make it to the practice battle.

  4. i can make it i think. o wouldnt it be funny if there was a person that was a corporol in bold cuz he got promoted? XD 🙄 :opps:

  5. srry i have NO idea wat pps: means

  6. Im gonna make it to both

  7. i will be there for the practice battle

  8. we cant make it because we have to go to our uncles weeding 😦 and 😀

  9. i can make it, but can i switch my brigade to echo?

  10. I can make it.


  12. Yes I make it to the practice battle and thank you for the rank.

  13. Hey Boomer! Would it be possible for a captain to get a promo? If not, congrats to everyone who did and I’m gonna try hard to make it to the PB. (Peanut butter, practice battle, what’s the difference XD!)

  14. Whoops! Sorry, warrant officer and under. Never mind about promo thing in last comment.

  15. Yess! i can make it this time!! :mrgreen:

  16. plz promote me you told me you would on chat

  17. Join the Elite Penguin Soldiers!


  18. i can make it. thanks 4 the promo!

  19. i can make it

  20. I’ll be there!

  21. I can make both and Thanx for the promo!!

  22. Boomer Snowfort is full right now i can make it but if the servers full in est time i will keep refreshing till its not full Mrchatterbox~~~

  23. Snow Firts is not loading for me or wicket so idk whats wrong with it.

  24. I should be able to make it. I’m not 100% sure though. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to the other thing.

  25. i can make it, but im a corpral

  26. ~bugsbruno

  27. Hey Boomer, i might be able to make the practice battle, but no guarantees. Anyway, would it be possible for a captain to get promoted on midterm promos? Because this is the first time i didnt get a promo and i think ive done a lot to deserve one. Just wondering…

  28. […] The Official Army of Club Penguin Website wrote an interesting post today on Practice Battle/Midterm PromosHere’s a quick excerptOagal : In the words of Kyle Cease (the comedian, not the CP guy) . . . “Here’s something you’ll never hear — ‘Hey, let’s go to Alabama . . . again!’” xD Aber: I feel so bad right now. My family planned a trip to Alabama for today which was suppose to be for tomorrow. So I won’t be able to come Please please PLEASE be there either clintos, jungle, or tiger (ono). I’m so sorry again and wish I could be there. Practice Battle!  Finally! Here is the current info: […]

  29. oh whoops its for warrant officer and under lol i didnt read it fully the 1st time nvm then…


  31. Oh noez! Something has come up last minute and I’m not sure if I can make it. I’ll comment back if I can, but thanks for understanding.

  32. Whoops, that last comment was from me. I just was on a non-cp blog and didn’t wanna leave my real name or CP name.

  33. Whoops, that last comment was from me. I just was on a non-cp blog and didn’t wanna leave my real name or CP name.

  34. AND EH, SORRY FOR DOUBLE COMMENT. I’m messing up today.

  35. Congrats to evryone who got promos.

  36. I can’t go to the practice battle! the server is full! that’ll teach me to come earlier.. anyway i’m sorry 😦

  37. Well maybe I can if the server isn’t full. I’m a non-member so it will be harder to get in. Maybe I cab come

  38. Well maybe I can if the server isn’t full. I’m a non-member so it will be harder to get in. Maybe I can come

  39. boomer ur kinda late every one is fighting on where u r so please come right now please…


  40. ill be able to make

  41. ono i cant get on snow fort. its full 😐

  42. I can be there!

  43. I can’t go the world is full 😦 and I waited until 9:00A.M

  44. I just got in but nobody is there

  45. Boomer if i give u the code can u put our banner on the web?

  46. The Mid-term Promos make me miss being a Warrant Officer. 😦

  47. i was at the battle promote me!!!!!

  48. plz

  49. obi wan 4321, stop beging.

  50. your gonna get demoted like that!

  51. sorry i meant “begging”

  52. I finally got in. But finally when I got in my computer crashed and made me restart it. When I turned the computer back on only a few people were there so I assumed the practice was over…I was so mad!! I’m so sorry I couldn’t stay for the whole time. Maybe I will get a new laptop by the time there is another practice.

  53. when is the next battle? im have everything on club penguin tell me when it is what sever what place and time day and year! tell me back

  54. cant make it and aww i didnt get a promo

  55. Yes I got o promotion! Sorry I havent gone on in a while Im distraced by a new game I got!

  56. I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  57. Hi this website is pretty cool i am a girl penguin i wish i could meet you on club penguin. Thanks for the info……. 😀

  58. XD I remember those old days when I was a n00b.

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