War is Off

Oagal: I know you’re disappointed, soldiers, but your leaders have spoken for you. You don’t actually want a war. 😀

Anyway, I still the the RPF should be forced to pay retribution for their crimes against the DRACP (and, ya know, the whole hacking thing). So I think we should have a strictly ACP vs. RPF practice battle next Saturday, on the same day we would have won the real battle. 🙂


Jedimaster17: Nice! This ends a really retarded and useless war. *Claps*

ACP, RPF, and allies met on chat at 1 PST today shortly after declaring a cease fire for the meeting.  It was decided that the war wasn’t really worth fighting because half of the armies didn’t really understand why it was going on.  It has also been decided that because of disagreement over who is more trustworthy, we cannot declare Commando guilty.  I would like to apologize to him for any disagreements we had.  The ultimate decision is that the war is officially off.  We also decided not to pursue the Alliance for right now because it only complicates matters.  We can all agree that the war was fun while it lasted, but there’s not a lot of sense in tearing Club Penguin apart for something we’re not even sure happened.  We will still be allies, but we don’t need anything official to prove it.  Maybe we can schedule a party 🙂

War really brings in the hits and recruits like crazy though!  We got 373 Google searches yesterday (a record), and we already have 474 today (new record)!  We got 4,878 hits yesterday, the highest since January 31, and we already have 6,310 today (also a record)!  We also tied our record with 59 viewers at once last night!  As for recruits, we got an impressive 18 yesterday, as well as another 15 (already) today.


96 Responses

  1. 1st ok Can I be un banned now

  2. just when things got good i will have to wait again why cant we just have something good for once that at lest lasts for 1 week

  3. aww that war was fun


  5. Boomer i have a complain cuz this mod just said a bad word on chat and then he banned for no reason.I couldnt go to on chat cuz im banned from that mod man im so mad with that mod

  6. I started it. (Really I did)

  7. If u need information the name of the mod is shaddy somethin

  8. And phew thank the lord the battle was about to be on my army’s server

  9. Oh btw we were going to help you guys. I even commented about it twice

  10. 😦 I wanted war.

  11. ugh, this war was extremely fun.

  12. i know what happend


  14. Well I’m half happy becuase we do not have to worry about RPF, but it would have been nice for war since i have never been to a real war

  15. Im warning you ucp is still your enimy!!!

  16. Well, just great. This was the first war we’ve had in a long time. IT WAS FUN TOO. and it gets called off, AND commando is back in power. Great, just great (sarcasm) Now we can wait another four months to have a war that gets called off in two days.

  17. :o! No war?! Darn….Well, can we have a PRACTICE world war?! lol

  18. I feel ok not having the war. It was fun while it lasted. Although we really should have a one week battle!

  19. It was fun, also does how active you were during effect your chances in getting a promo?
    Some of my friends were there the whole time i wasnt because of time zone differences but I was just wondering.

  20. Hey Boomer, if we can’t have war and the soldiers don’t look satisfied with the pratice battles, why we shouldn’t make another World War For Fun (WWFF) ??

  21. Yeah, i agree with astrowby, except what about a tournament? Anyway, hurrayh for evading a really ****ing stupid war!

  22. Totally uncalled for. . .We were having fun!

  23. Awww man i missed another one

  24. @astrowby
    WWFF is pretty much a practice battle
    I completely agree, it was the most fun i’ve had in CP armies for a very long time

  25. What a joke. Come on, war is fun and you guys just call it off. What even happened to Club Penguin. Its getting lamer because war is decreasing.

  26. Looks like ACP soldiers are becoming War Hawks 😕
    PS: Join the Nachos, we’re always at war ❗ lol..

  27. It was kind of fun. I mean I wanted war, but I didnt want a outnumbered war, but thank goodness its over.

  28. Oh COME ON!!!! I wanted a war!

  29. NO WAR? Pfff. I feel like QUITING ACP, and going to the nachoz. War is fun! And YOU LET COMMANDO BE LEADER AGAIN???? Boomer, you are a LAME leader.

  30. That was a fast 2 day war

  31. come on boomer the war was sooo much fun I might join nachos so i can actually fight in a war NOT a practice battle

  32. oh and boomer did you see how oagal and commando just kept on trash talking pretty funny

    p.s. commando made a poll that said ”who sucks the most”

    the options were 3 acp

  33. Awsome the war is off ! That means the end of a pintless dicusion!But we will prepare for the next one!
    Allways be on your guard!

    ~Johny 4 (Leader of PACP)

  34. Im PRETTY SURE this doesnt count as a world war anymore. But that was better than usual for sure.

  35. AWWWWWWWWWWWW i was gonna try one of the stratagies i got from the ACP saga sabotage i had dirt on commando and i was gonna get him band for ever 😯 but now i cant 😥 yay!!! we no longer have war and this was a retarded ending but yay shab realized he was being a moron

  36. can we still have the war? I mean, can’t we declare war for how they always insult us?

  37. 😀

  38. tylo your a moron now nobody wants ANOTHER world war especially for a dumb reason 🙄

  39. Do we still keep the servers.

  40. okay if you guys are being atognists i geuss we might have WWFF asin LONG LASTING WWFF because thats like a war except its not taking anything

  41. Ugh, I wanted to get at Commando for beating me up on Chat, 😦 well I wanted the war, Seanehawk is right, we never have wars, and this war was fun! But well I hope the other one isn’t cancelled, cause we really need to do a war, last real war was probaly 6 months ago, thnx

    -Thomas0270, ACP Colonel

  42. So I guess that means no Penguin World War IIII. We were ready. But is there is no war what are we getting these practice battles for? If the person above me says there hasn’t been a real war since August then when is the year 09 coming for ACP. If ALL the wars end in handshakes why do we even consider a war? We’ll probably never get a real war till sometime in time. Guys let’s not even consider war until we got a war.

  43. dayyyyyyyyymn. today was a GOOD DAY! but boomer, btw, i have seen pics that someone posted here a few weeks ago of 64 ppl at once. so thats now a record :(. i wish that counter thing just told you what your record number was. anyway, also for those of u who dont know, the war was a tie, and it wasnt a WW OR a MWW. (Mini World Wars need 1 major army on each side but have to be fought for a week or more…. and since this was only a day… XD) and it was a tie because we won the Battle of Ice Box today and the Allies won yesterdays battle.

  44. **NOT a record, not now a record

  45. dang i sure missed alot while i was javelina hunting in arizona


  47. That war was fun , oh well.

  48. hey boomer jungle n just hacked seanehawks computer he did it on chat he deleted every thing
    his pics his file every thing im not kidding i swear

  49. starlorb, a BUNCH of people wanted war. And Jungle, I was at the Battle of Ice Box, intense stuff. But I don’t know if we won…

  50. That was fast

  51. Hey ACP,
    Just a heads up, The army of dark shadows will be a new (small) army coming soon. we wont be doing anything big like declare war or anything but we will help out in wars. we will just wear our own uniform.
    Sk8er29165,Snuffy101010,Dannyjr77,and Bluebelly

  52. Hey how about we continue it just for fun but whever won would not gain anything and whoever lost would not lose anything.

  53. im HAPPY war was called off. we would have been killed, we would fall apart, and be crushed. rpf, ww, uma, bb, and many others would have killed us. too bad, acp i have news. everyone hates us.

  54. wait no i said killed too many times. “annihilated” anyone?

  55. Well the war was fun….also, Breeze was attacked at the dock, and before that, I was recruiting at Mammoth…..And somehow, I managed to get like 40 or something ACP to go to breeze!All new pretty much!The war was fun….but kinda pointless cause from what the RPF were using to take Breeze, it was kinda pathetic, one person even used bots to make civillians try not to join, but that always results as a good thing for us 🙂 (No offence RPF)

  56. rpf uses bots they are just a larger form of facp

  57. I don’t know how popular you are after this boomer an army isn’t made up of a great leader just doing everything by himself it’s about the solders and what the solders want if acp solders want a war let them have one for once and don’t try to be all scared it’s cp ppl

  58. oh, yeah… can i be re-added as a member on the acp chat? shab guested me and never reversed that move so please…

  59. P.S I have never been in a battle! And I really want to! Try to make a war!

  60. Hello, this is the ninjas leader patchy99. I have some bad news, the NACP is in a civil war, you are probably happy we are in a civil war because we are usualy on mammoth attacking acp and claiming mammoth, but this is bad. The enemy NACP is attacking small groups of acp on mammoth, and I have seen this. So will you help out us our site is http://ninjaarmyofclubpenguinnacp.wordpress.com/
    So could you side with us in this battle, please!!!

  61. noobs. try to “make war” ??? ok yeah its fun on cp. but realize acp would be bleh if we went to war with rpf, bj, ww, uma, bb, etc. maybe a war we could win, yeah.

  62. Whats stupid is not having war. If we dont have war then why are we here.

    I am bored, lets go invade someone because we can and we are bigger. 😉 we wont always be the best so why not enjoy it well we can.




    Kind Regards,

  65. grrr i want war!!!!!

  66. hey guys, from all my experience ACP is to protect club penguin, not to try to destroy it with wars.

  67. Oagal go rot in a ditch, ROT IN A DITCH!

  68. lol

  69. Honestly, it does get boring, but Gator, I think Boomer is the best Leader. You’ll NEVER be as good as him, just Boomer could maybe start to schedule practice Wars with other big armies, maybe WW,UMA,Nachos,RPF(We’ll kick your butt Commando),ETC thnx,

    -Thomas0270,ACP Colonel

  70. Well the war was fun, most fun I’ve had in a long time with CP Armies. I just don’t get it. Whenever there’s a war between major armies, how come it keeps getting called off? Its because of the CP Polictics and the crappy alliances which were started by Commando717. (I hate Commando717 now)

  71. Way to protect CP ACP!

  72. . . .If you guys are calling us cowards, then #$%^ off.

  73. Wow, Jim. Just because you aren’t ACP worthy and suck like a little kid with a lollipop doesn’t give you the right to tell Oagal to go rot in a ditch. Oagal is one of the people you should look up to, and Austin, don’t call Boomer a lame leader. He’s worked hard for his position and he was appointed it in a time of ACP crisis. We could have kicked RPF’s butt and we will if we have a PB. Why don’t YOU go rot in a ditch Jim with all your RPF friends?

  74. OUI! Double comment again.

  75. i think we should have practice wars and everyone has to report commando if he comes cause hes a retarted cow

  76. 💡 that reminds me, what were the results for the last practice battle?

  77. Hey i started a new army check it out at http://www.greencloverscp.wordpress.com


  78. Wow no war. Practice would be nice. But shame no actual war.

  79. ugh! cant beleve the war is off! and dont say “oh but theres a practice war” cuz PRACTICE is all we do, we never fight, almost all the newer soldiers and low ranks have never seen a real war!

  80. i agree with clintos except i am fairly new and ive seen loads of action

  81. I completely agree with Oagal and his opening sarcasm.

  82. What the heck? It the first dang war we’ve had in a long time! It might have actually been FUN and now Commando’s back in power! Did everyone have a crazy stroke or something?!?!?!!!!!

  83. I wanted war… we never have wars… politics is ruling club penguin. Were club penguin armies, were supposed to have wars. Now commando is just going to go back to what he was doing, hacking us… PRACTICE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! We never have wars…. only the nachos have wars… we need to bring back the old way of having wars, because it was FUN!!

  84. KLug Wats the uniform

  85. IM NEW HERE I WANT A WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    klug wats the uniform

  86. oagal wow another bad edit

  87. why should we have prractice battles if we never have any REAL battles I mean with oagal and commando trash talking it up i thought we might have a war

  88. U should see the nachos they have at least 80 people on a page!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Mr GoOfF, either the Nacho site has a glitch or something else weird, because once there was 1,347 people or something.

  90. WOW! We need a war. Practice is well…. PRACTICE!

  91. Commando should be charged guilty. Everything points to him. He just happens to join ACP and start causing trouble randomly. Yah right. He caused trouble on purpose. RPF should surender their website to us and they should be forced to make a new one. On the website, they can post what the new website will be called. Then, after about a month, it should be deleted or banned forever. Sounds like a good punishment.

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