The Elusive White Puffle

A rare breed of puffle has been spotted around Club Penguin.  The discovery is of the long-awaited White Puffle, a rare species lacking color (like an albino puffle 😯 ).  Though the new puffle color was long thought to be Orange, Club Penguin has reported sightings of this rare and formerly undiscovered breed throughout the island.

Ok, enough with the scientist mumbo-jumbo.  Here is what you are really looking for:

*How to Find the Elusive White Puffle of Club Penguin*

The White Puffle has been spotted at two locations on Club Penguin. 

The first location is the Dojo Courtyard.  Rumor has it that this puffle can be spotted every half an hour on the hour and half hour (Ex. 12:00 and 12:30).  The puffle will appear in the bushes to the left of the Dojo door for just a few seconds before it disapears into the brush.  Better be quick!  You will need sharp eyes to spot the white puffle because it matches perfectly with the snow.  Don’t listen to people who say you have to do stupid things for it to come out, because it’s really quite simple.  Just make sure not to talk where the chat bubble covers over the area where the puffle can be spotted.  Here is my picture of the encounter:


The rare white puffle can also be spotted at a more remote and unthought-of location: the Mountain.  This may be your best chance to spot this elusive little guy because less people know about this one.  The same applies for the Mountain puffle as does the Dojo puffle, however the times are slightly different.  This little guy will appear on the half hour, but on the 15 and 45 minute marks (Ex. 12:15 and 12:45).  Because all of the puffle sightings take place 15 minutes apart, you have the chance of seeing it 4 times every hour.  Just make sure you know where it will appear next!  Here is my shot of the sneaky Mountain white puffle:


Remember to keep a sharp eye out, and catch this elusive little critter before the party ends!  Perhaps this will be Club Penguin’s newest house puffle 😕 .

Comment if you have seen this little guy!

As an added bonus, I thought I would tell you about the devilish little snowball warriors at the Snow Forts.  If you go to the Snow Forts, you can see all of the different puffles participating in a snowball fight.  The funny thing is, you can hit them with snowballs 😀 .


Remember kids, an ACP Green puffle is always a happy puffle 😉


Plus they kick ass in snowball fights 😛 .



P.S.~Don’t forget the info HERE!

New Divisions/Another Fun War Option/Practice Battle in Review

The new Divisions are now available!  I would have made them available last weekend had the war not happened, so we’re a bit behind.  The Divisions are the following and will be used for patrolling situations:

  • Nonmember Division – You can join at any time as long as you are a nonmember.
  • European Division – You can join as long as you are from Europe.
  • Oceanic Division – You can join as long as you are from Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, etc.

These Divisions will be based on ranks, so the highest ranked soldier in any of these Divisions will lead at that time.  The Nonmember Division will be used for when we need to patrol one server that is full for Nonmembers.  The Nonmember Division will be given a special assignment to a different server.  The European Division and the Oceanic Division will serve the same purpose as any of our Brigades, but because of the time difference, you will be able to patrol our servers when many of us will not be available to do so.  You will, in essence, be our “night shift” so that we are protected around the clock.

If you would like to register for a new Division, click HERE and fill out the form as you did before, only for the last question, list the Division(s) you would like to be added to.


Next, I have noticed that many other armies are disappointed that there will not be a war, so I thought of another option – Another WWFF (World War For Fun).  We could include all of the major armies in this one (ACP, Nachos, RPF, UMA, WW, IW).  It would be a free-for-all style battle for about an hour.  I don’t think we need any scoring system because this would just be for fun (and good practice), and we wouldn’t really need to pick a winner.

I made a poll to see what you think.  Vote based on which is your main army.

Feel free to comment and tell me what you think about this idea.


 Lastly, I thought I would post what was supposed to be a Practice Battle until “IW” bots kept showing up (Icey I need to talk to you about this…)

We moved about 5 or 6 separate times because of this, and we really lost a lot of soldiers by the end…

 Blue was led by Rapidy, and Red was led by Saint1119.

The first 3 bots show up, which may be the three main ones (Penguin82045681, Penguin82045683, and Penguin82045691)


All of the bots show up… (this happened consistenly for about an hour)


Both sides charge


Blue executes a charge [1-0 Blue]


Red outnumbers Blue [Final: 1-1 Tie]


After this point, we were forced to move around constantly because of the bots, so I just cancelled the rest of it.

Comment if you made it.


P.S.~Final tallies from yesterday:

7,017 Hits (a new record by 750-ish I think)

533 Google Searches (destroyed the record by well over 150)

22 New Recruits (don’t know how that stacks up, but that’s pretty darn good)