ACP Red Alert!

Boomer’s Edit: Everyone calm down.  I already emailed CP about this a couple of days ago, so please do not spam them with tons of emails.  They will probably respect us more if it is taken care of with one person.  Please do not send them emails right now.  Also, the email from the parent was never sent (I believe), so do not worry about that either.  I will let you know when I get my email back, and we will go from there.  Until then, just use “A C P”

ACP, Code Red! Code Red! (unless Boomer calls it off or changes it to Code Yellow .)

Code red is issues when we are involved in an active battle on CP OR if there is immediate danger to our army. In this case, it is the latter (the 2nd one).

Recently (within the last 3 days), Club Penguin has filtered the word “ACP”. As you may have noticed, this sucks. For us AND other armies. This happened to WW and for a little while RPF, and now it’s happening to us. So I want all you ACP soldiers to email Club Penguin with something like this:

Dear Club Penguin Team,

I am currently in a group in Club Penguin called the ACP, or Army of Club Penguin. There are around 300 people signed up to be in this group. We even have our own website! We have a lot of fun chatting and having snowball fights with other “armies”. Anyway, recently, Club Penguin has blocked the word “ACP”. As you may imagine, this isn’t very good for our group, or the groups we fight with. We can’t even say our own name on the game we play! This really upsets all of us. Can you please help us?!

-ACP Soldier _________(insert name here)


You can email Club Penguin at .

Boomer, Ankita, Shab, EVERYONE edit this post. I want to see how many edits I can get here (XD).

March On!

-The Jungle N

Rapidy’s Edit: A little while ago we had a small incident with a retired leader and a loyal soldier, it ended up with the loyal soldier’s father coming on ACP and stating that he would be e-mailing Boomer and Club Penguin Support. Appearently, Club Penguin thinks we are evil right now, so they don’t want any other incident like that to happen again. So, Club Penguin has its reasons to put ACP into their filters, another reason is because ACP is a popular firearm. But to the bright side of things, as long as I can wear green and throw snowballs, the ACP is sure to be alive.
Jedi’s edit: This is rather grave. However, I’m confident that CP will listen to us, and it will work out. I’m going to be really busy lately, so I may not be on as much

WWFF Needs a Better Name (Plus Updates)/Mod Situation

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The consensus is that we should do “Nations”, as well as teams.  Which means, we will be using the map below.  Commando also made an awesome version right below it 😀


  • ACP
  • IW
  • Nachos
  • RPF
  • UMA
  • WW
  • Available for other armies


Commando’s Map 8)


Here are the other rooms that small armies can claim (one per small army, two per medium army [check with me], but more than one can be in one place).  Comment if you want one.

  • Boiler Room – USCP, MTCP
  • Cave – USCP, IFA
  • Dojo – MCP
  • Dojo Courtyard – MCP, CPP
  • Iceberg – PACP, Kingsofclubpenguin
  • Mine – UACP
  • Mine Shack – Chowchamps
  • Ninja Hideout – SACP

It was also voted that we use teams, so I thought of a way that I think will work nicely.

First I ranked the armies by size to make fair teams:

  1. ACP
  2. Nachos
  3. RPF/UMA (Couldn’t Decide)
  4. IW/WW (Couldn’t Decide)

I split ACP and the Nachos up to be “captains” so that the two strongest armies aren’t on the same side.  After that, I just said RPF and UMA are about equal, and IW and WW are about equal, so from looking at the map, we have ACP, RPF, and IW on the left side and the Nachos, UMA, and WW on the right side.  I think it will be easier if the teams are starting around the same area (now it’s like two huge continents).  Plus, I like that we are mixing up the teams a bit since the last one was ACP, UMA, and WW vs. Nachos, RPF, and IW.  Now the question is, what do we do with the smaller armies? 😐

Let me know what you think about that one in a comment.

While you ponder that, here is the rest of the info:

Date: February 28th, 2009


4:00 PST

5:00 MST

6:00 CST

7:00 EST

Location: Summit, USRPF Territory, Everywhere

Sides: Anybody who shows up Vs. Anybody who shows up

Reason: To Have A War

Invited: Everybody, Every Army

Hosted Chat: (We’re going to use a chat, so then people who show up can either verbally fight if wished and so leaders who show up can figure out who they want as allies to make up sides- if they want) – I want ACP to focus on commands given on CP 


Ok, now Commando and I both agree we need a better (according to Commando, more metal) name for this, because World War for Fun sounds too happy 😈 lol.

Comment if you have a good one, and Commando and I can combine our suggestions.


Lastly, I made a list of the mods we currently have, and the leaders and I will pick who we think deserves to be a mod (or not).  Leaders, click HERE to view it.  Follow the rules, mods.  It may be your last chance…


P.S.~Vote for Shab for Grizzly HERE!