WWFF News/Division Updates

Jedi’s edit: Thats awesome about the WWF. I’m going to be really busy lately, so I may not be on as much. 😦

The updated news for the WWFF will start with the new names (cause it needs a better one), so I picked the top three I saw.  Commando can pick his top three and our winners can duke it out for naming rights 😀

Also, I really think we need to move this up a bit for the people in Europe.  I think we should make it around 1 PST, so the times would be:

  • 1:00 PST
  • 2:00 MST
  • 3:00 CST
  • 4:00 EST
  • 9:00 U.K.

Does this work better for everyone?

Here are the other rooms that small armies can claim (one per small army, two per medium army [check with me], but more than one can be in one place).  Comment if you want one.

  • Boiler Room – USCP, MTCP
  • Cave – USCP, IFA, IMAF
  • Dojo – MCP
  • Dojo Courtyard – MCP, CPP
  • Iceberg – PACP, EPFS, Kingsofclubpenguin
  • Mine – UACP
  • Mine Shack – Brown Banditos, Chowchamps
  • Ninja Hideout – SACP


  • ACP
  • IW
  • Nachos
  • RPF
  • UMA
  • WW
  • Available for other armies


Commando’s Map 8)


Now the question is, what do we do with the smaller armies? :|

Let me know what you think about that one in a comment cause I’m stuck here.

While you ponder that, here is the rest of the info:

Date: February 28th, 2009


4:00 PST

5:00 MST

6:00 CST

7:00 EST

Location: Summit, USRPF Territory, Everywhere

Sides: Anybody who shows up Vs. Anybody who shows up

Reason: To Have A War

Invited: Everybody, Every Army

Hosted Chat: http://xat.com/armycentral (We’re going to use a chat, so then people who show up can either verbally fight if wished and so leaders who show up can figure out who they want as allies to make up sides- if they want) – I want ACP to focus on commands given on CP 


The new Divisions are ready!  They will be used for patrolling mostly, because we will be able to recruit around the clock of we take advantage of our time differences.  The highest rank in each Division will lead.  When you are on chat and your Brigade isn’t there, find the people in your time zone and go patrol.

Remember, this does not replace your other Brigade.

If you want to register for a Specialty Division, click HERE.

Here are the Divisions as of today:

Specialty Divisions:


Nonmember Division – 13

  • General: Meggis1234
  • Lt. General: Ktman
  • Major General: Baloon451
  • Brigadier General:
  • Colonel:
  • Lt. Colonel:
  • Major: Dommo3
  • Captain: Han Solo12
  • Lieutenant:
  • Warrant Officer: Adav01, Bart1879, Mrchatterbox, Neojet
  • Sergeant: Freepro, Warriorii
  • Corporal: Coollove152, Zx1996


European Division – 11

  • General:
  • Lt. General: Blue Speed 7
  • Major General:
  • Brigadier General: Cyrtd10, Rallan
  • Colonel:
  • Lt. Colonel: Person535
  • Major: Meeaska
  • Captain: Ashes1627
  • Lieutenant: Axevolution, Hasanb123, Jennings7
  • Warrant Officer:
  • Sergeant: Anonymous
  • Corporal: Wandgfan22


Oceanic Division – 3

  • General:
  • Lt. General:
  • Major General:
  • Brigadier General: Jmmr88
  • Colonel:
  • Lt. Colonel:
  • Major:
  • Captain:
  • Lieutenant: Dannywsa1998, Youg3
  • Warrant Officer:
  • Sergeant:
  • Corporal: