Shab is selling these powers:

Nofollow: 75 xats
Light/Dark: 125 xats
Mirror: 75 xats

Pc him to buy them

Boomer: Can you delete this when your done?  It seems fairly pointless lol…

Rapidy: While we are on the subject of pointless stuff, I made this website with Chats that are.. well.. huge! And they have all of the Club Penguin Army chats on them.


I moved the edits to the bottom because you had to read for a while before you actually saw the post.  So please check the bottom as well…

First, credit for the name “Clash of the Unforgiven” goes to Ctar.  Great choice! 8)

That was the most fun I have had in a long time!  ACP was the biggest I have ever seen.  We had around 90 soldiers on Summit at the start of the battle.  The Beach was full for the entire 25 minutes I tried to get in, so assuming there were some citizens there as well, there’s 70, plus the other 20 at the Dock with me.  Without further ado, here are the pics I took:

Before the first battle was supposed to happen, we had almost 70 soldiers there an entire hour beforehand!  That was why I was so reluctant to move it back…


Me waiting with the other 20-25 soldiers who couldn’t get into the Beach because it was full.


ACP and RPF attempt to charge the Snow Forts simultaneously, but only about half of RPF and a quarter of ACP got in.


ACP instead invades the Nachos’ other territory, the Ice Rink, with almost no resistance.


ACP blockades the Town in case of a Nacho invasion (since we couldn’t get into the Snow Forts because everyone else was there 😛 ).


ACP tries to invade the Snow Forts, but only a quarter of the army gets in.


ACP again returns to the town and builds up the blockade.


ACP continues to grow in size.


ACP snuffs out a handful of invading Nachos with one of the most powerful clover bombs I’ve ever seen.  That’s when I was just like, wow, we’re really freakin’ huge.


I get tired of not doing anything, so I decided to make a risky maneuver and go underground, leaving the Town completely vulnerable.


ACP sneaks underground, and climbs to the Plaza, which is instantly conquered.


ACP marches straight through WW territory en route to the Cove.


ACP overtakes a small group of WW to conquer the Cove.


ACP snuffs out the last of the WW soldiers at the Cove.


My computer crashes yet again (it did right before the battle, so my xat had reset and no one believed that I was me, plus I had no buddies so I couldn’t communicate with Commando or Icey until 15 minutes into the battle).  This is interesting because almost all of the servers are empty except Summit (we packed that thing pretty good).  It took me 15 minutes to get back in.


ACP once again occupies Nacho territory.


The battle ends, and I tried to get all the armies together to make a huge line from the Beach to the Plaza, but only ACP and some RPF listened.  The first half of the ACP line was more like a squiggly blob…


The second half of the line was awesome though! 8)


69 viewers at once right before the battle was supposed to be originally, a new site record by 10!  Let’s see if this post beats it 😛


Overall, ACP did tremendously considering we were too large to have our entire army in one room at once, which made moving from room to room nearly impossible.  I would have loved to have a face off between ACP and the Nachos, but one thing we proved is that both of us are too large to occupy the same room at once 😛 .  If I had to say who one, I would say the team of ACP, RPF, and IW without question.  While the Nachos were larger than possibly RPF and IW put together, they spent most of the battle defending the Snow Forts as ACP occupied their other territory, the Ice Rink, for most of the battle, as well as RPF invading the Plaza, Forest, and Cove (which ACP repeated again later in the battle).  WW, to my knowledge, was the only army from the Nachos, UMA, and WW team to conquer any land, when they took the Ski Village from IW.  Overall, it was a great battle by all, as both the IW and WW had much better turnout than at some recent battles.  Like I said, I was tremendously impressed with ACP’s size (90 soldiers 😯 ) ❗ ❗  RPF did a great job against the Nachos, who were easily the largest army other than ACP.  I’m exactly sure if UMA was there or where they were 😕 .  Anyway, great job everyone!  Thank you to everyone who came!  It was awesome! 😀

Make sure you comment if you made either the first semi-battle or the second, real battle.  This will help me out a lot for promos tomorrow…


Lastly, I would like ALL ACP soldiers to send Club Penguin a very nice and thoughtful email for allowing the term “ACP” to be used in CP.  Please let them know how much it means to you, and how much fun Club Penguin is.

You can click HERE to send an email from your personal email address, or if you prefer the regular CP page that just lets you type your message in, click HERE.

I wonder if they listened to my email that I sent as soon as I found out on Monday (well before most of the others were sent).  I sent about two hours on it 😛 , but whether or not it was mine, I’m glad they listened.  I have an idea that I was going to check with them about that would be of great help to them should they accept.  Even if they don’t, it may still be worthwhile, so we’ll see.


P.S.~Over 200 comments on the previous post! 😯  Record? 😕


  • 5,414 views today
  • 104,678 hits this month – New Record! 😀
  • 517 Google searches – New Record! 😀
  • 69 viewers at once – New Record! 😀
Jedi: We owned! I was on a college library computer, so it kept crashing. I got on for a minute I think though.
I’d like to commend
Saint1119, and Jojofishy for their excellent actions. You guys lead ACP Elite, and deserve a promotion. Your actions were remarkable.  Also, good job soldiers! You, the core of us, helped us own.

I’d also like to commend a fellow leader,
Abercrombe29, for leading in Boomer’s absence.
Good Job Boomah too, good job ACP!
We showed, that ACP still owns. . . more then ever.

Shab: Sry I wasn’t there. My Great Grandpa might have had a stroke so I went to visit him. I hope he didn’t have one and sry again about missing the battle. GREAT JOB ACP 😀

Aber: Well, I wanted to say that everyone did great and everyone won! It was fun. I wanted to especially say that all the credit goes to you guys who attended the battle. We couldn’t do anything without each and every one of you. Also, Jojo and Saint, you deserve to have a lot of the attention tonight. You kicked butt! They led the Elite Group to help IW defend the Ski Village and kicked everyones butt there. Thank you both so much, and you both deserve a great promo! Once again, everyone did perfect, and we could never have a better army!

Rapidy: I obviously didn’t make it, my family had a card game that I went to, so at least I had fun and everyone else did too. 😀