Complaints/Advertising/Cool Site/Raps thing that he shouldn’t have posted over my thing to post


Rapidy’s Edit: If chats are not working, use my website. It contains all the Club Penguin Army chats as well.

The Clash of the Unforgiven Forum is Open to new users!
Visit and Register!

Jedi’s edit: my email again is for complaints about promotions /demotions

People have been Pcing me that they didnt get promoted. Well if you read the post below it says to email Jedi or Aber.


Since there are so many banners on the sidebar I will make a page with any banners. There will be a “Site of the Week” and “Army of the Week” or maybe more than just one a week. The site(s) and army(s) will get their banner on the sidebar for 1 week.  Any other banners will be on the banner page. If Boomer can admin me for a few days I can transfer the banners. I will also be putting up an ultimate blogroll under the banners. This has not been finished yet so do not ask anyone about putting your banner or site up until you see a post telling you to do so.

To have your banner featured/ Site on the blogroll:
1. Have the Acp Banner on your site and the link on your blogroll
2. ? Idk….If someone has any ideas they can put it here


Check out this site:

Its a really cool site that you can do stuff on while there is nothing going on with armies. There are missions and points for completing the missions. People can get bots or coins with the points from the mission. Check it out 😀
Also vote for Rallan:



Hello Soldiers!

I’m here to announce the opening of the Clash of the Unforgiven Forum V0.1! This forum will be used to help prepare for the battles we will be having every Saturday for the Clash of the Unforgiven! The forum also includes a useful webpage containing all of the Club Penguin Army Chats! Plus, the chats are twice as big as normal! The forum includes the ACP, IW, Nachos, RPF, UMA, WW, and a special section for the Small armies. Battle times and results will be posted on the forum, and you can post with your friends using the General Chat forums, or privately with our Private Message feature.

If you would like to register, please CLICK HERE. If you would like to browse the forum, please CLICK HERE.

Major updates for the Forum will be posted on the ACP Website.


I’m asking all the Army leaders please post this message to all of your soldiers.