A Real Retirement…

Shab: I thought the mod page was to determine the bad mods yet everyone is remodded again.  I want a revote on the mod page and then those ppl can be unmodded. The newly promoted ppl can be modded for 1 week and evaluated and at the end of the week the good ones can stay mod and the bad ones can be unmodded. Comment if you agree. The mod page is HERE.

Superhighfly is retiring, so here is his retirement post 😦

Hey guys. It’s Superhighfly, or my chat name *¤♪‡♫♦♫♣▓▒*ѕυρiiянιgнƒℓу▒▓♣♫♦♫‡♪¤*. Some of you may like me and some of you may hate me. If you hate me, get a life. Well I have been in ACP for a while. My favorite army. Well I’m retiring today. I’m turning 13 soon so I think I’m a little old for Club Penguin. I will still be on chat though. I’m not gonna do a whole big thing where I’m crying and that crap cause that’s stupid. Some people on here did that. *cough* oagal *cough* Well keep fighting hard! HUZZAH! [credit to Saint for that xD]
Now for me to thank the people. Don’t get mad if you’re not on here I probably just forgot.
1.) Fort57. You are probably the most awesome, cool and normal person on chat. I probably wouldn’t have stayed in ACP if it wasn’t for you. BUT I AM THE TRUE POKEMON MASTER =P
2.) Abercrombie29. I think it’s 29 .. idk. Oh well you are basically the same as Fort.. except I probably would be in a lot of trouble if you weren’t there to help me out.
3.) Kg. I will still give you cookies. Thanks for being there for me.
4.) Mitchee. You are so funny! Thanks for my Mitchified name : SuPaHiiPHLyy
5.) Shnseymour. Uhm you don’t go on anymore but you were my best friend in Club Penguin.
6.) Marineman2. Good soldier. YOU DON’T GO ON EITHER!
7.) Enn :O When did that guy curse?
8.) Pablo. Lol Pokemon can have sex. HOW DO YOU THINK THEY GET INTO THE NURSERY?
Well See Yah Guys.

Note: Ranks are finally updated (sorry for the extremely long wait 😐 ).

Edit: Sorry I meant I added all the new recruits to the join page…I’ll have the fully updated ranks with promos included shortly.

The Retirement of Rapidy River

Heyy, I hope that title caught your attention. Well ignore the title, I’m not retired.

It seems every army is using a title trick. 😆

Anyway, the Clash of the Unforgiven Forum has been a failure so far. Maybe I need to make the link bigger. Let’s try that.


Let’s hope that works. We need more registered users, 15 just isn’t enough for me. Especially when this is for all armies.