Shab: The mod page is HERE. There is a revote. Also if you are banned for no reason or you believe you were banned unfairly then submit a ban report (Its on the screen that pops up right when you get banned) so one of the leaders can see it so we can determine who the best mods are. OWNER JEDI!!!

Jedi Edit: Apologizes for my edit, but Boomer can you owner me on chat? I wasn’t there when it got reset. . . Secondly, just a reminder, if you wanna be allies, comment on the nation page. We’ll get to ya soon. 😉

Shab and I had an idea that would allow all armies to advertise on our site.  So, we made an Advertisements page.  Because we had too many banners on our site, I had to make some new rules.

  • You must be a Major army or a really close ally (MCP, CPAF, ST, VCP) to have a banner on the ACP homepage
  • You must put our banner up if you want yours up

If you are not a Major army or a really close ally, we made another option.  An Advertisements page.  You can find it on the list of pages on the right sidebar.  Here are the requirements for advertising on this page:

  1. First put the ACP banner on your website by copying this code into a text widget:  <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Click Here to join the ACP!” /></a>
  2. Make a banner advertising your site and upload it to Photobucket
  3. Comment the Photobucket link and the link to your site (either the homepage or a join page)
  4. I will turn it into a banner to be displayed below
  5. I will choose a banner every week to be displayed on the ACP homepage as the “Army of the Week”

This will be a great way to advertise your army because the ACP site gets more hits than any other army site.  Soldiers, if you are looking for another army to join, check out this page (once we get more banners up).  Maybe you’ll be the next Army of the Week 😉