Promo Day/Rank Updates/Practice Reminder

*Please read all of this before you read the promos* 😐

Here are the updated promos.  If you did not get a promo and you think you deserved one, please comment on this post saying why you feel you deserved a promo, or send me an email at (recommended).   For those of you who did receive promos, congratulations and keep up the great work!

I would like to let Hattrick and Manjensen know that they need to be more active both with ACP and with their brigades if they want to keep their position as General and brigade leader.  The Jungle N has already lost his for having not done anything with his site.  Because Manjensen was Co-Leader of Alpha Brigade with The Jungle N, he is now in charge.  Also, please update your brigade sites according to the rank changes (Generals are Admins, Lt. Generals are Editors, Major Generals are Authors).

Jungle, you need to add the people to your site since you are apparently incapable of leading your brigade alone…

Solraida is now in charge of Sigma Brigade because of Meggis’s retirement, and Noka will be his co-leader.  The site should now be the following: Solraida is an Admin (check with Meggis), Noka is an Editor, and Trickster is an Author.

Alpha Brigade and Sigma Brigade are running short-handed, so I will need two people from the following Brigades to switch to help them out:

  • One out of Seanehawk, Saint, and Nate
  • One out of Jojo and Chapa

Let me know if any of you would be willing to do this.

About the ranks, because we added too many mods this last promo day, I chose the top five most active of the new mods to be Trainee Mods.  Sorry those who lost their modship for this, but maybe next time…

Now for the Promos…

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Practice Session/New Tactic

Edit: I figured out the problem with the ACP banner code.  Go HERE and read the red text at the top.

I thought of a new tactic based on something that we ended up doing during the Clash of the Unforgiven.  I don’t want to give to much away because I think it will be cooler if you don’t know what it is until we try it at the practice.  I want to emphasize the fact that during a battle, you won’t always know everything that is happening, and you need to stay alert and follow orders in order to have success.  Here is when we will be practicing it:

When: Saturday, March 7, 2009

Server: Snow Fort

Room: Snow Forts

Tactic: Grouping, Charging, Following Orders


1:00 pm Pacific

2:00 pm Mountain

3:00 pm Central

4:00 pm Eastern

9:00 pm U.K.

For this one, just come in ACP Green.  We will be starting at the Snow Forts to practice the command, and when I think we have succeeded in what I wanted to acomplish, we will move around the server and try it in a few other locations.  We will also be following it up with a recruiting session.

Hope to see you there!  Comment if you can make it.


P.S.~I’m working on the Promos and rank updates from the original promos, so please be patient (and sorry it’s taking so long).