Dubbulyew Tee Eff *IMPORTANT*

Shab: Don’t listen to this bull cause most if not all of its not true. I’ll tell you whats true and what Jungle screwed up.

1. I don’t do the ranks, Boomer does, so don’t blame me cause you did not get promoted. I will suggest a promo or two but unless Boomer asks, I let him pick who he thinks should be promoted.

2. Your never on, when you are on you present yourself as an arrogant ass who is better than everyone here. You only became your rank cause you were a brown noser to oagal and you don’t like me cause I didn’t let you be a brown noser.

3. I became leader, now co-leader, because I was active and helped Fort when he was leader to get into the higher ranks. I then became co-leader under Kg and basically did the whole join comments and everything that everyone saw because Kg did the behind the scenes stuff that was needed to maintain Acp while my stuff was to keep the troops happy and do the “grunt” work. If you didn’t notice, Dr Nono wasn’t on most of the time so I had to do his work too.

I was voted leader and did pretty good, the only person who actually wanted me gone cuase they hated me and didn’t just want ankita to replace me was Oagal. Seems like you lost badly on that poll……

4. Aber was made 3rd in Co because she has helped Acp countless times, even replacing Rpf ally wise when Rpf fell. She now checks up on servers, helps with promos, manages chat, writes important posts that the other leaders don’t, and answers questions that the other leaders can’t/don’t.

I wonder why Rap wasnt mentioned…..maybe you secretly have a crush on him XD. No offence Rap.

Rapidy: None taken, I already know I’m irresistible. 😆

5. This is the SECOND time you said your retiring. Last time you said it you made a big deal and you said you were gonna write a 3 page retirement post that you wanted me to post on the Acp site…..funny how you came back.

So retire, I won’t care and I don’t think most of the higher ranks that actually know you will care either. You don’t exactly do much for Acp anymore and if your gonna try to use blasphamy to get attention so ppl will actually care about your retirement now. You used to be a good soldier but now your just like Headofpolice, you want fame but you don’t deserve it now. If it was up to me, you’d be taken out of the legends page for a post like this.

I have served in the ACP for more than 18 months. Somehow, someway, I only got to General. Shab, who, in my opinion, did nothing for ACP, somehow got to 2nd in Command. Abercrombie to third. Same thing.

Anyway, my point is that I am never going to get any further in ACP. Obviously there is something everyone has against me, probably something stupid like a banfest from a year ago or something. While all these people surpass me in ranks while I work my ass off trying to get where they are, the only thing that keeps me going is that there is a possibility of me one day becoming leader.

I have been quite active, actually. The only time I wasn’t was when I was in Mexico for 9 days. Shab says he didn’t know about that, but I think he’s lying since I made 2 posts about it here. It’s really not my fault that real life prevents me from coming to a few practice wars.

Anyway, I thought that working on the ACP site would get me somewhere, but someone (I’m thinking Oagal since the other admin, Boomer, said I could be author) made me contributor. I never get my posts out.

Really what made this happen were strokes of ridiclously bad luck. First I go to Mexico. Then my normal comp breaks and it won’t let me log on to WordPress on any other of my computers. Then I miss the WWFF because of a dinner reservation. Then an overnight school field trip. That, added together with the fact that the person who does the ranks (Shab) and I never happen to be on at the same time, made me get demoted.

And now I think, WTF? If I’m never gonna get any further in ACP, why am I still here? Which brings me to the point of this post.

I think, after 556 days of active service, that it’s time for me to retire.

The thing is, I bet most of you are rejoicing about that right now, probably, again, because of some little crappy thing I did to you a year ago when I was first made a mod. For those of you who aren’t, thanks. Anyway, I’m gonna try not to sound so conceited. I just think that it’s time for me to go. I will still be on chat sometimes, and rarely you’ll see me on CP fighting for you, but formally, I think I would like to retire.

This isn’t my official retirement post becuase I’m only 90% sure about this right now, but if I do decide to retire, you’ll see my post within a week.

I won’t be coming back to acparmy.wordpress.com, but I’ll make my official post there, too.

March On!

-The Jungle N

Practice Reminder/Party

Don’t forget the Practice Session!

When: Saturday, March 7, 2009

Server: Snow Fort

Room: Snow Forts

Tactic: Grouping, Charging, Following Orders


1:00 pm Pacific

2:00 pm Mountain

3:00 pm Central

4:00 pm Eastern

9:00 pm U.K.

For this one, just come in ACP Green.  We will be starting at the Snow Forts to practice the command, and when I think we have succeeded in what I wanted to accomplish, we will move around the server and try it in a few other locations.  We will also be following it up with a recruiting session.


Hope to see you there!  Comment if you can make it.

I especially want to see Generals and up so that you know the tactics if you need to lead a battle in the future.


Don’t forget FACP’s Party!

The FACP is hosting a party!

Date: March 7, 2009

Time: 7-8 PM PST (Figure the rest of the times on your own)

Location: Mammoth!

If you wanna go, it’s late at night(10-11pm EST Time) and is an all army party.

Visit their site for more info: http://web.me.com/theagency/Federal_Agency_of_Club_Penguin/Under_Contruction_3.html

Also, I would like to thank Saint and Jojo, who will be switching to help out Alpha and Sigma Brigades respectively.  This means that Saint, I will be talking to you about making a site shortly, and Jojo, you need to ask Meggis to make you an Admin on the Sigma site.  Thanks again, it’s a big help.


 P.S.~Click HERE to see the updated promos.