Jungle here is why you were demoted…


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That is a copy of the Alpha site, which you were supposed to run, and for good reason, because you have given a lot to ACP.  But you did nothing with this site, and you are never on.  What is the last battle you attended?  I have no idea.  Maybe during the summer…

You think you mean a lot to this army, and you do…when you are around.  You are far less active than you were when I said that you were the top leader candidate during the summer.  I cannot respect someone who will not admit his faults and instead points fingers at those who have done nothing wrong.

You can make your own decision about whether you want to stay or not, but you need to understand that being a General is not just a name to show what you have achieved, but a position of responsibility.  You have failed your Brigade and your army by being negligent to your responsibilities.  Because of this, I justify your demotion.  And don’t you dare come on here and criticize people for your own faults again.  If you realize your mistake, I will welcome you back as a Lt. General, but you will need to prove that you can be responsible in order to be promoted back to General.

By the way, you may be correct that you never retired, but you have been fired for…uh, oh yeah…not being promoted 🙄

Look familiar?  This isn’t the first time you freaked out at someone for no reason…

Fort promoted Tiger over you for good reason, and you flipped at Ankita for trying to defend them.








Just out of curiosity…

Jungle, I am completely fed up with this kind of crap from you, because you are not mature enough to admit when you are wrong, and this just shows how selfish you can be.  I suggest you start changing your behavior now before it damages your relationships with others in the future.  If you make some changes in your behavior, I will gladly welcome you back to ACP, because really have done a lot for ACP, and you mean quite a bit to this army.  I sincerely hope that this is enough to make you realize that you need to change.  Regardless of whether you choose to stay, I think it would mean a lot to all of us if you would apologize.


Let Me Rephrase This…

Aber: Well to get the story straight, you’ve been inactive, so don’t go blaming me and Shab. Rap hasn’t done anything ina  long time, so idk what your talking about. Maybe that’s b/c ur inactive. Also, don’t blame oagal who only also tried helping this army, and b/c of ur inactiveness you never got to me and shab’s rank. And I was not going out with Fort when I became a high rank. And this post, just increased everyone else’s thinking of you being selfish and self-centered. Ohh, and Shab has helped alot and you know why you don’t know it.

Shab: Hmm you sound exactly like head lol. He says he did almost that whole list too. Everyone knows you were a brown noser so don’t try to lie about it. Also I know Boomer isn’t on much but he still does everything he has to to keep acp running. I asked the ppl on chat and they don’t see u on a lot either. Aber did not get her rank cause of fort. I think she got an okay mod rank as leader of uma and then kg promoted her when she retired. It was ME who gave her the rank of 3rd in command when I was leader so don’t say Aber hasn’t worked for it.

I’m not taking back what I said before cuase it is all true. You USED to be a good soldier, now your not so its best if you do retire or you become the person you used to be.

What I meant by that is that I personally haven’t seen you on a lot or seen you do anything for ACP, and I believe Aber was a mid-08 recruit that got a high rank because Fort is her boyfriend. I didn’t mention Rap because I know he’s been in ACP for a long time and I know that he has worked hard.

Anyway, that was just my personal opinion. Also, Shab, the fact that I almost never see YOU on makes me think that we are just on at different times. And last time I was going to retire, it was just an idea. I never ACTUALLY retired. I just thought I might because it was too stressful, but instead I decided to only give up my site. Anyway, my friends were what kept me here and only one of my good friends comes on anymore… so… ya.

Next point. I was under the impression you did the ranks. Guess I was wrong there, but how can Boomer know how active I am if he hasn’t been on chat in like 2 months :S.

I never even spoke to Oagal until he did the ranks. I got to where I was because when I signed up for the Brigades in Jan 08, Oagal liked my record and gave me General. Even after that, he wasn’t very active on chat and I only spoke to him in wars. And remember you and I hated eachother even when you were like 3 ranks below me.

OK responding to Aber’s list of stuff, I have…

  • Helped end 2 RPF wars
  • Maintained an alliance with the Nachos when things were falling apart
  • Made up a plan (that worked out in the end) to help save ACP when it was in it’s dark period around the time of those civil war thingies.
  • Made an ACP HQ.
  • Had an ACP website which got us 400+ recruits and 73,000 hits.
  • A whole lot of other stuff over the summer of 08 that I sort of forgot because I remember I had like 10 ACP projects going on at the time.
  • Also, I would have done all the stuff Aber is doing if it weren’t for a certain person who’s name starts with O and ends with agalthorp who made me a contributor so I can’t get my posts out.

Anyway I’m trying not to be arrogant but I’m just really pissed off at a number of things right now, not just ACP.

So, yes, I am retiring, that’s my final decision. I hope this post clears things up, and shows you what I was trying to say. My real retirement post will come out next weekend.

March On!

-The Jungle N

PS: I know someone out there is going to say that I’m retiring  just because I’m a cry baby because I got demoted. Once again, I’m gonna have to tell you that you’re wrong. That demotion just made me wake up and smell the flowers, that’s all. It was that one last penguin that walked onto the iceberg to make it tip.