The retirement of ACP Legend: Thebest22

Boomer:  It was great to actually get to know you the past few months.  It’s interesting how I had been doing research into who among the ACP soldiers before me deserved to be in the ACP Hall of Fame, and I wasn’t sure whether or not to add you because your rank was lower than most of those in the Hall.  I decided to keep you in, and that same day, you searched your name and was linked to that page.  I’m glad I left you in there!  You have been a great asset to this army, as well as a great friend, and I wish you the best of luck with you life.

Shab: Didn’t really get to know you personaly but you were a great active soldier. Have fun in the real world 😉

Aber: Best, you were a great friend, and thank you for being great!

Jedimaster17: I’m sorry I hadn’t got to know you better. I know you were a great soldier, leader, and overall person. It was a pleasure meeting you. Hence forth, Thebest22 will be known as ACP Legend, officially. Farewell, sir.

Attention all ACP and Club penguin thebest22 is officially retiring.  These last months were wonderful hanging out with you guys and I want to thank some people.

Boomer 20-Thank you for the leading the ACP, you are a hell of a dude,

Yanksrule14: he is the greatest of all best friends a friend can have. we are lol machines.

Seanehawk:we’ve had some fights a=but overall you are a cool guy.

Aber: you are a hell of a person maybe you will become leader.

Ennbay-you are the funniest human-being in the ACP thank you for the laughs!

-we’ve had some laughs and some tears, some overcomings and some fears.




Update: I thought of something that everyone may like…

*Please no arguing on this post*

Save it for the meeting…

I would like to schedule a meeting to work this out, something I tried to with the UMA/SSACP thing that never happened…

The meeting will be tomorrow (Wednesday), and all major armies (ACP, Nachos, RPF, UMA, IW, WW) and MCP are invited to help us work through this.  Why?

Because ACP has pledged “If any of our allies are at war, we will do our best to help them, depending on the circumstances. If the war is between two allies, we will try to stop the conflict with diplomacy.”  Key word – diplomacy.





10 U.K. – only leaders permitted

As a last note, I am tired of people thinking that we are going to war over every little thing…

I’ll make it clear now, ACP WILL NOT be fighting in this war.  Everyone is already making plans to stop us from invading the Nachos or something ridiculous.  The Nachos are our allies!  Why would we fight them?  Over something that doesn’t concern us at all.  All I am doing is playing the role of the United Nations when Russia invaded Georgia.  The difference is, that was an international crisis, and the same principle idea is at play here, yet it doesn’t seem to matter because no one wants to do anything about it.  We may not have the Alliance, but that doesn’t mean we can be civilized about all this.

We will not be fighting, but that’s not to say we won’t do what is right by trying to work things out…