ACP vs. RG

Boomer’s Edit: Guys, don’t bother joining RG, even if its undercover.  It just makes them mad, and makes them look bigger than they are anyway…

Also, I updated the Join page (sorry for the wait), so go to the New Recruits page to make sure you were added, and then go to the Ranks page to find your rank.

Hello ACP, as you may or may not have heard, the Renegade is a group (they said they weren’t an army :roll:) They’ve been constantly raiding our servers. We’ve been constantly patrolling our servers, and when the ACP and RG meet up, it always ends with the RG running around a room and then switching to another room. Let’s go to war with them to get them out of our way.


Where: Ice Box, Snow Forts

When: Saturday, March 14th 2009 (Pi Day)

Time: 16:00PST (3:00PM)

    Pacific: 16:00 (3:00PM)

    Mountain: 17:00 (4:00PM)

    Central: 18:00 (5:00PM)

    Eastern: 19:00 (6:00PM)

    United Kingdom: 23:00 (11:00PM) Sorry if that’s too late UK.

Why: To get the Renegade out of our faces.


At the meeting, we discussed a plan of compromise between the Nachos and MCP, however MCP has dropped the server and didn’t attend the meeting, so it was decided that the Nachos could have it without conflict.

In other news, I updated the ranks page 😀 .

In other news, SSACP needs recruits.  All ACP soldiers are highly suggested to join.  You will get a higher rank if you are a higher rank here.  Check out the new post at:

So please join!  If you prove you worth, you may even get to be a Top Spy, SSACP’s most prestigious honor, given only to 10 people in it’s history!

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