Cooltiger413’s Retirement

Off-Topic Edit: I have been noticing that our comments started to contain bold, italics, strikethroughs, etc. It was originally made by Oagalthorp a rule not to have these codes in your comments because of people impersonating the leaders. If I catch 1 person impersonating a leader, then I will make it a rule not to use the HTML codes in your comments.
Friends, I have been in the ACP for a very long time now, I have seen many great wars, many fights, and I’ve had a great time. However it is time for me to leave. A lot is happening in my life right now and I have to drop something. And ACP seems to be my only choice. But don’t worry, I will be back, I will be back when club penguin is back to the way it was (full of war and not practice battles and politics) and the way it should be. I will be back as soon as I get a chance to become leader so I can bring club penguin back to the way it should be, the way pretty much everyone (except some of the stubborn leaders of certain armies) wants it! I would like to thank a few people,

Mazachaster: We had the best times, we both know what it was like back in the honest times of war, back when Oagal would war people for no reason.

Corvette: You where one of the other SSACP originals, we all know everything to know, you are one of the best there is.

Oagalthorp: When you where leader of ACP, times where great, there was war everywhere, and it was fun!

Shaboomboom: You are great, back in the old days of SSACP you where our top spy. But if there’s one thing I would suggest, is using your ACP leader power to bring it back to the way it was.

Rapidy: Good ol’ Rapidy, you are a great guy, you where one of the originals and know everything, I am sorry when I tried to get you kicked out of leader, I now relies that you would have bought back the war and maybe I wouldn’t be retiring right now.

Members of RG: You suck

That’s all for now,


Fight On!

Tiger, I remember you from wayy back during the Watex War in 2007. You’re a great soldier, and I hope to see you back soon.