Cooltiger413’s Retirement

Off-Topic Edit: I have been noticing that our comments started to contain bold, italics, strikethroughs, etc. It was originally made by Oagalthorp a rule not to have these codes in your comments because of people impersonating the leaders. If I catch 1 person impersonating a leader, then I will make it a rule not to use the HTML codes in your comments.
Friends, I have been in the ACP for a very long time now, I have seen many great wars, many fights, and I’ve had a great time. However it is time for me to leave. A lot is happening in my life right now and I have to drop something. And ACP seems to be my only choice. But don’t worry, I will be back, I will be back when club penguin is back to the way it was (full of war and not practice battles and politics) and the way it should be. I will be back as soon as I get a chance to become leader so I can bring club penguin back to the way it should be, the way pretty much everyone (except some of the stubborn leaders of certain armies) wants it! I would like to thank a few people,

Mazachaster: We had the best times, we both know what it was like back in the honest times of war, back when Oagal would war people for no reason.

Corvette: You where one of the other SSACP originals, we all know everything to know, you are one of the best there is.

Oagalthorp: When you where leader of ACP, times where great, there was war everywhere, and it was fun!

Shaboomboom: You are great, back in the old days of SSACP you where our top spy. But if there’s one thing I would suggest, is using your ACP leader power to bring it back to the way it was.

Rapidy: Good ol’ Rapidy, you are a great guy, you where one of the originals and know everything, I am sorry when I tried to get you kicked out of leader, I now relies that you would have bought back the war and maybe I wouldn’t be retiring right now.

Members of RG: You suck

That’s all for now,


Fight On!

Tiger, I remember you from wayy back during the Watex War in 2007. You’re a great soldier, and I hope to see you back soon.


72 Responses

  1. 3

  2. and adios!!!!

  3. good bye cooltiger

  4. 4rth

  5. Good bye and good luck.

  6. bye sir plz come back soon and dont forget me i was in acp sence may 26 07 but officaly joined feb of 08

  7. Bye Cooltiger.

  8. Bye, Cooltiger! Please come back soon, you were a great leader. I wish you were still here, I miss you already :cry:.

  9. BYE :cry:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. hey cool tiger ive never seen your penguin but ive seen you on chat im alfallfia 28 becuse i said so. ive always wondered what the good old days was like. well good bye soldier

  11. He was a Good Solder.

  12. Bye Tiger. All I remembered about you is kneeing me where it hurts on chat xD. I’ll miss you, Tiger.

    -Thomas0270, ACP Brig. General

  13. goodbye Colitiger… don’t do drugs…. you know what they do to you. Also as for RG I am gonna nuter Omega and take his pride away and see if he wants to continue 😈 mwahahahahahahaha

  14. good bye, sir. i didn’t get to know you, but since u achieved such a high rank, then you must have had a great war perspective. good luck in your life problems.

    -Sgt. Packer1 Nfl



  17. I’ve been missing you since i saw the post title. Thank you for all the fun times on ACP chat. I hope you come back some day.

  18. Boomer can you put EPW on ACP allies plzzzzzzzzz

  19. join the anti renegades!!! ignore th name of the link!!!

  20. bye tiger

  21. OMG! So many great soldiers quitting…


  22. Goodbye Tiger. You will be honored and remember; you were an excellent solider and a worthy person that I will be proud to call my friend.

    Stop using italics and bolds. Thats an order, lower ranks. It’s reserved for Owners and up.

  23. Wonton is right, all the great soldiers are quitting

  24. plz join EPW

  25. Is everyone retiring? I guess it’s all because there’s no war anymore. The Clash Of The Unforgiven failed, so I think we should host an all army war just like The Clash Of The Unforgiven every Saturday. Anyway, I know you never knew me Cooltiger, but I grew to respect you. I can’t wait till the day you return to ACP. That’ll be a day that calls for a par-tay. Good-bye Cooltiger and we’ll miss you.

  26. It won’t let me comment on one of the posts, so I’m commenting here. This is a comment for News/Ranks. That’s good that the ranks are being updated.


  28. Farewell Cooltiger413! 🙂

  29. Bye cooltiger! (Even though this is my only time knowing you.) Lol!

  30. I remember Tiger. I fought alongside u, and Corvette in the Watex War. Seems like yesterday. U grew to be one of the most respected soldiers in ACP. Thanx for the memories. Good luck


  31. Another one bites the dust 😐

  32. goodbye tiger I’ll always remember you for how dedicated as a soldier you are. I’ve known you since the first wars so it’s hard to see you go. Maybe you could come back sometime without people like you we might fall apart.
    P.S. I’ll kick the Renegade where it hurts o.k. 🙂 😦

  33. go’s thru wierd 70’s memory slide show, single tear rolls down face, salutes.

  34. I wish you guys would pay attention to my post 🙄 But what im saying is this.If you’re patroling a server and you came across the RG it didn’t take 2 seconds to beat them.You guys are acting well overconfident.Seriously just cause you outnumber them doesn’t meant they will leave quickly.Cause if you did the server raids would of been done within 15 seconds of the battle.So i’m very possitive that you will win but they are stiff and like I said before 🙄 I only joined RG because im trying to get army experience and also if you notice i’ve never raided you’re servers and i’ll probibly retire from RG since im in like 6 armies but please read this post.
    Oh and happy retirment Cooltiger hope you return.

  35. bye cooltiger!!! wish you luck!!!

  36. see you cooltiger hope you rejoin soon

  37. bye mate!!
    who will take over delta?

  38. It’s sad to see you go Cooltiger. I’ve seen you in the ACP for as long as I’ve been here. As these original members go, new ones will take their place. But it would never be the same… Originals are always the best. Original ACP soldiers.

    Recruiting for the United Nations Space Command of Club Penguin at Get a good rank if you join THIS week. Yes, it is based on the Halo video game but we’ve brought the UNSC to Club Penguin now. Cool uniforms and divisions. Join now!

    Goodluck with your life Cooltiger. There’s many more obstacles to come but never forget that to overcome those obstacles, you need your friends. And you can just find a friend everywhere. But you can find a handful of ’em here in the ACP and in the Club Penguin World. See you soon.


  39. Sorry Sheila

    -Thomas0280, ACP Brig. General

  40. Bye Cooltiger 😦

  41. Guys, Sheila said no italics or bolds! It’s an order, and I agree.

    -Thomas0270, ACP Brig. General

  42. Chapa!

  43. Why everyone is retiring is because there’s no CP war. The alliances and governments are ruining it. Where’s the fun in CP War now?

  44. NO DON’T LEAVE! THIS SUCKS! SO MANY PEOPLE LEAVING! Well Cool you’re really awesome and I’m sad to see you go. Do good in whatever you do, CP or not.

  45. dont go!!!!!!!!!! stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. look up club penguin earth quackers!!!! and join to day!!!!!!

  47. Sorry to see you go.


  48. Blues, you haven’t seen real war. It’s pointless without good reason…I suggest you keep quiet.

  49. @obi wan
    I will take over Delta
    Yes he has seen real war. He does know what he’s talking about.

  50. @blueswill
    Good comment. Very good comment.

  51. Why did cooltiger have to go!? He was a good and great soldier to all of us! He helped us in the good and bad times!

  52. On CP wars the leaders have to like make up a reason to go to war for the full strength of their soldiers… Hey, why don’t we do that instead? :O

  53. lol yea thatd b fun

  54. Bye Tiger, I’ll always remember the old SSACP days. You were a great friend, and I wish you the best.

    Your friend,

  55. but cooltiger 😥

  56. hm… my brigade under control of meat?? yeah, i don’t know about that.

  57. @tomtwelve
    I’m the new leader now since cool retired, and saint was moved to a different brigade and i’m the only remaining general in Delta.

  58. It’s not HTML, its like BBCode, you use tags and wordpress replaces it with html, except BBCODES are for forums.

    Rapidy: Don’t get smart with me Rallan. XP

  59. woooooooo go boomerrrrrrrr



    Tiger I’m very sorry you had to leave, when I was depressed and trying to think of people who liked (friend-like xP) you were first on my list 😥 come back soon.

    To Boomer: GET MORE WAR SO TIGER’LL BE BACK! *kicks*

  61. wow… this post has more tears than Hattie’s retirement post. O_O

  62. how is this impersonating the leaders and u cant stop us because u can comment any thing u like


  63. why is everyone retiring first J ungle Ns redeculous retirement now you and wats gonna happen to da ssacp

  64. It’s the first time I commented here and I should say you share us genuine, and quality information for other bloggers! Great job.
    p.s. You have a very good template for your blog. Where have you got it from?

  65. Ok that is IT. We’re losing too many soldiers. Boomeh, you gotta do somethin about this!

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