Retirement of Ennbay, ACP Senator

Jedi: By, Enn (Or Ben), and it was awesome knowing you. You were a great friend, and I’ve made a poll as you wished to figure out who’ll replace you. The candidates are of your choosing. Good bye Ennbay, you were a great friend 😦 I’ll miss you.

It’s been a good ride. You can tell what I’m going to do judging by the title of this post. Yes, It is true. I’m retiring. I’m going to be 13 on May 30, and I believe that it’s time. I am not yet sure about chat, but I am definitely leaving all armies and Club Penguin. I will talk with Benu2 about the Red Raiders. I want to thank some people for my great time (over a year) in Club Penguin. I know, this will make it very long, so I may miss some people. I am sorry if I do. Please don’t hate me if i forget to put you in! :(

Itachi6darkThanks for getting me into Club Penguin armies. None of it would have happened without you!

Kg007- Thank you sooo much for every time on chat. It made my time in Club Penguin special.

Trevor (thoe)- You were one of the funniest people I ever knew.

Pablo(Tosti)- The funniest n00b pokemon ever.

Fort(Lord Phortyness)- Praise the lord O:

Abercrombe29- You rule. Simple as that d:

PurPur5222- You were extremely funny and one of my first friends. Have a great life and I hope you end up leading RR at some point.

Crazyboy86- You are awesome.

Benu2- You are awesome but sometimes a little to serious. But when you chill, you rule.

Jedimaster17(Ankita)- PWNAGE!

Boomer- OWNAGE!

Sean(Meat)- Funny and awesome

Wicket(Ham)- Funny and awesome too

Thebest22(Beef)- Funny and awesomely awesome

Wasabii(wasa)- Funny and awesomely awesome too

Stev712- Funny and awesomely awesome three d:

Rapidy- Funny, awesomely awesome, and pie lover o:

Jojofishy- lol… just lol xD

Spongie555- YOU RULE! I hope u become a future leader of TAFA :D

Ktman- Funny, awesomely awesome, and… AWESOME xD

Foxtails- Rofl… just rofl d:

Mitch- YOU ARE AWESOME w00t O:

Mr Random1- Dude… You rock!

Solraida- Dude… You roll(rule)!

Superhighfly- Dude… You rock and roll d:

Batista1822(Squab)You are so funny and you rule :D


P.S. I might give some of you my xats and powers forever.

St. Patrick’s Day Party!

Note: Stev712 has rebelled from ACP to join the RG, so he has subsequently been fired.

Boomer’s Edit: I was going to do some updates, but since the party has just started, we will be recruiting instead!  Let’s try Mammoth first, and if you can’t get in, then recruit on Snow Fort with others who can’t get in.  I will probably be on Snow Fort, but if you can get in, report to Mammoth.  We will be recruiting in the Gift Shop.  Make the clover as much as possible so people recognize we’re basically celebrating, but don’t forget to say “Search ACP Army of Clubpenguin” so they know how to find us.  Owners, be responsible on chat.  If you’re on, get everyone on CP.  If they aren’t, kick them 😛


If you were just referred here by one of our recruiting sessions, may I be the first to welcome you to the ACP! You can join ACP by clicking on the Join Page. We also have a War tomorrow (Saturday) so be sure to be there!

Hello ACP! This is our month. Yes, our month. Do you know why it is our month? It’s simple. This month is our month is because it is a GREEN month! During this month I expect that we double our recruiting sessions! If you log on and you’re bored get some friends and do some recruiting for the ACP! Now, for the St. Patrick’s Day Party coverage…

Click the Images to Enlarge.


Now, for the member’s only room. Non-members, you aren’t missing much. In total, I rate this party 5/10 Because of the bad member’s only room and because of the bringing back of the Leprechaun hat from 2007. Other than that it was a well balanced party.

Now, a lot of new recruits that were just referred here will be reading this post. So, I will remind you that we have a war tommarrow (Saturday) against the Renegade! If you come to this war, you have a high chance of being ranked during the next promotion day which is at the end of the month.


Where: Ice Box, Snow Forts

When: Saturday, March 14th 2009 (Pi Day)

Time: 15:00PST (3:00PM)

  • Pacific: 15:00 (3:00PM)
  • Mountain: 16:00 (4:00PM)
  • Central: 17:00 (5:00PM)
  • Eastern: 18:00 (6:00PM)
  • United Kingdom: 23:00 (11:00PM) Sorry if that’s too late UK.

Why: To get the Renegade out of our faces.

~Rapidy (ACP 3rd in Command)

The Unsaid Retirement of Headofpolice

Rapidy: So… Many… Retirement… Posts… It’s driving me insane!

I would like to dedicate this post 7 ways. . .

To TomYellow

To Terrking

To Aber

To Fort

To Bp

To Youkayniney

and to you. . .If you have stuck with me to the very end. . .

As i write this retirement post, i would just like to say that i have retired and i have been on chat, and everyone has been coming to me on Private Chat AND on Main Chat asking me if i really retired and that i was still online on the chat. The truth is that i HAVE retired, but i am still on chat. Even though im less offen on chat due to busy with school work.

Alot of people hate me. . . I accept that. But since i retired from ACP in late October ( After retiring for like…the 1000th time ) Alot of people said i have “Lossened Up”. I found that as a compliment. . . I have found that more people have liked me since i retired. I have found that people have started treating me more and more with respect. I have found that people have been backing me up.

I would like to thank EVERYONE who has supported me and have been friends with me and just basically being nicer to me than me being 3rd in command. I was blinded when i was 3rd in command. Alot of my friends have told me that i was becoming more serious and i was just being an idiot. Then i became a Co-Leader and 9/10ths of ACP hated my guts. I now think of all the experience i have had from the last few months that maybe about….1/10 of ACP hate me.

Following onto my power-hungry control of co leader, i realized i had lost most of my friends and my support, i got dumped by Aber and everything in my world was crashing down on me. Their was rebellions against me, their was secret meetings to take me down, and for the people who done those rebelions and secret meetings, I CANNOT BLAME YOU!

So this is good-bye. I hope you will remember me as something good. Maybe the guy who changed after he got fired? Lol 😛 No! Think of what you want of me. I will NOT take affense of any comments saying on this post: “Goodbye Head, We always hated you ” or something. I do not care, because i know myself that your right. I will still be on chat 🙂 and i hope i have got through to people who dont go on chat that im an honestly changed guy

😉 Thank You ACP!


Heh, good luck trying to get me to post YOUR retirement post.