Give Some Respect

Edit: If you need another army to join but will still keep Acp as ur FIRST army then join WW   REMEMBER: In your join comment put “Shaboomboom recruited me” or something like that so I get credit :D.

I’ve heard so many ppl say bad things about Aber. She has done a lot for this army and is currently on chat the most out of the rest of the leaders yet all I hear is that she doesn’t deserve her position and that she should be demoted

Anyone who says that is a moron. Aber did not get her rank because of Fort. I gave her that rank when I was leader because she showed that she was a great leader when she led UMA and she keeps showing it battles for acp.

If I retired right now I think I’d pick aber to replace me cuase she would do the best job. If your gonna talk bad about her then show me what you’ve done thats so much better than what shes done. Until then I concider all you people morons who think that shes not a good leader. I admit she does more than prob all of the leaders.


War Info

*Make sure to check this post before the battle starts in case there is any last minute info*

What: WAR! ACP vs. RG

Where: Ice Box Snow Forts

When: Saturday, March 14th 2009 (Pi Day)

Times: Come a half hour before the time listed here for recruiting purposes

  • 3:00 PM Pacific
  • 4:00PM Mountain
  • 5:00PM Central
  • 6:00PM Eastern
  • 11:00PM U.K.

Why: To get the Renegade out of our faces.

 We need everyone we can get at this battle, so please do your best to make it.  Coming to the battle increases your chances of being promoted on promo day, so it’s worth your while to come.  Believe it or not, this is a war, and this battle isn’t going to end our problems with them, but let’s make a good showing and prove that no one can beat us.  Although I would prefer just working to make ACP the best army it can be, the Renegade thinks that we don’t deserve to be here for whatever reason.  Something about Oagal maybe a year ago 😐 .  Guess we have no choice though, the Renegade doesn’t believe in Club Penguin being fun, they have to ruin someone else’s fun 😦 , which means I guess we need to have our fun at this battle.

Remember, I want everyone there (Ice Box Snow Forts) 30 minutes earlier so we can recruit.  It’s gonna be a sea of green 8) .

Comment if you’re ready to kick some butt 😛