“War”/Green Revolution

BENU’S RETIREMENT POST: http://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/2009/03/16/retiring-from-all-armies-except-uma-and-rr/

Shab: ICEY DID NOT RETIRE!!! Plus join WW at: http://wwarmy.com/  and in your join comment include at the bottom “Shaboomboom recruited me”

Boomer’s 2nd Edit: About all that recruiting we’ve been doing, I just want to congratulate all of you for your hard work.  Here are the number of recruits we’ve gotten each day since this party started:

  • Friday: 27
  • Saturday: 23
  • Sunday: 22
  • Monday: 12
  • Tuesday: 10 and counting

That’s 65 (with today not yet over) recruits in 3 days!!  Great job guys, but it’s not over yet.  The party will be around until Tuesday night, so we’re gonna get out there and recruit like crazy!

Boomer’s Edit: First, let me clarify that yes, the RG fought well despite a low number of troops.  I have to give you credit for being loyal to the cause, whether I agree with it or not.  Also, please stop spamming the RG site.  They have the right to say what they want, be it true or not, and there’s not a lot we can do about it.  Take the high road. 

New rule: Don’t even comment on their site, it’s not worth your time.

The “war” with RG was kinda funny, because we basically won before it started.  We had over 100 soldiers on the server, and RG started out with 2 or 3 😐

Here are the pics I took:

As you can see from the clock, we had around 70 soldiers at the Snow Forts, and another 15-20 in the Town who couldn’t get in a full half hour beforehand.


Everyone was bored from waiting, so we made a circle (70 soldiers in the Snow Forts at this point).


RG couldn’t even get into the Snow Forts to fight us, so we charged the Town, but there were only 2 and we couldn’t even see them 😐


RG moves to the now open Snow Forts, and most of ACP follows.  The room fills up after about 70 ACP enter, but another 20 are in the Town with another 15 having gone to the Dance Club.


The soldiers who moved to the Dance Club return, giving ACP well over 100 soldiers on the server (70 in the Snow Forts and 40 in the Town).


RG retreats to the Ice Rink and is quickly followed by ACP.


A lone RG soldier in the bleachers surrenders after Omega and the other RG retreat from the server.


ACP tracks down Omega as he runs around helplessly while other ACP soldiers chase him (I really wish I had a video of that 😛 ).


The RG gives up on Ice Box and retreats to Klondike, only to be met by a still much stronger ACP force.


RG retreats to yet another server, this time Iceland, and are still no match for the 30-40 ACP soldiers who pursued them.


RG retreats to the Mine Shack and is still outnumbered about 10 to 1 despite all the server and room changes.


ACP makes fun of Omega for spending the whole battle running 😆


RG seems to be gone here, but later on, they returned and ACP kept fighting until they had left completely.


After this, I had to leave, but ACP chased the remaining RG around until they retreated to the Ice Berg and then left the server.  Not a lot of point to the battle’s last 2+ hours.  The RG maxed out at around 8 soldiers thanks to Omega’s recruiting on RPF chat (Commando we need to talk).  Overall, it was great practice for us, a massive recruiting session, and a lot of wasted time for RG.

Speaking of the recruiting, we got over 5,000 hits yesterday, as well as 504 Google searches (which may be a record)!  I think we need to schedule more battles with RG 😛 .  In other news, Person has said that the Nachos will support ACP agains the RG, so thank you very much Person, you rock.

Remember, we need to take advantage of this party, so I want everyone on CP at all times recruiting.  I will be on when I can, but I’m sick, so I’m not sure how much my parents will let me on 😦 .

Great job ACP!  You fought for around 3 hours!  That shows the kind of perserverence that ACP has.  Never give up, never back down.

RG, can I get a good explanation for why you want to destroy us? 😕  Club Penguin is supposed to be fun, and you’re being kinda the anti-fun right now (unless you count our battle, which was actually quite fun).

Comment if you made it!


Army News!

Heylo, Sheila here. And since my computer is lagging today, no colors. I’m posting this on QUICKPRESS.

The Armies Of CP have done a good job this week. Let’s start out with ACP News.

ACP- The ACP is doing very well overall. We defeated a bunch of n00bs called the “Renegade”, & we got a bunch of new recruits from the St. Patricks Day party. Remember, if a n00b asks you if they can join the green team, tell them it’s ACP. 😉

Nachos- Well, I went to Taco Bell the other day and ate some Nachos and was naming them off in my head as I ate them ((Terrking, Person, Linkin, etc. XD)). In the REAL News, the Nachos stormed Fjord, claiming it as theirs. Look out for flying cattanks. Check it out at nachoarmy.com .

RPF- RPF is decent, and they recently poked fun at ACP in a post. But I have to say, it’s pretty funny. Check it out at rebelpenguinfederation.com

WW- The Watex Warriors are smoothing out the confusion of their long domain name by purchasing a domain, wwarmy.com, so their adress wasn’t so long. They had a recruiting drive, and Wii was being racist on chat. Pretty amusing.

UMA- Apparently Bat retired and left somewhat chaos behind him. New recruits are checking the site and UMA is reducing their allies. Good activity. Check it out athttp://undergroundmafiasarmyuma.wordpress.com/ .

Hey, that’s all for today. Check next week for more Army News.

~Sheila, ACP General