Midterm Promos

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For those of you who have been working so hard recruiting, I hope I was able to pay you back with a promo.  If you didn’t get one, and think you deserved one, please comment on this post saying why you think you deserved a promo.  I was going strictly on pictures I’ve taken, so there is a good chance that I missed you.  Feel free to comment, but keep in mind that there is another Promo Day on the 31st.  On to the Promos!  Is Boomer going to keep me waiting in suspense?

*We’ll find out after this incredibly annoyingly placed commercial break (or page break in this case) – Don’t ya just hate them? 😛

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Never Look Back

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You know, for those of you who know me, I haven’t made one of my speeches recently. . .

Never look back

This was just in celebration of the post, so I decided to post the 1st chapter of something I’m writing.


Sometimes the logical thing to do isn’t the right thing to do. Sometimes what you may have believed in for the core of your life, may have been false. Sometimes things are an illusion, and sometimes they aren’t.  How can you tell?

Really? Is there even a way?

Ankita stood upon the sidewalk, her gaze fixed on the strange looking package. 

She sighed, with just a trace of sadness. Since she had quit ACP and all other armies, in pursuit of other goals, she’d been feeling rather lonely over Spring Break. 

‘Ugh, everyone is on break. Maybe I should pop into chat briefly, see how things are going? She considered for a few minutes, and decided ‘If I’m still bored a day from now, I’ll see then’. She hadn’t intended on coming back. She wanted a clean break.

A phone began to ring in the background. Ankita turned, and saw it was hers. She quickly opened it up, seeing that it was her mom.

“Ankita, I’ve got exams all this week, and won’t be back till 9 so, remember to study, and eat proper food. I’ve got to go. Love you, Bye”, Ankita’s mom rushed.

Other places, a rather peculiar incident had just occurred. Invitations had been sent out to all ACP members, inviting them to an exclusive resort in Ontario, Canada, with families and all. Of course, considering that the invitations were personal,  the members of ACP had neglected to mention all but the fact that they were going on vacation. 

All invitations had been written in such manner:

I’m pleased to inform you that in recognition of your great work, __________ (insert place of work), would like to treat you to a weeks vacation at Kai Land resort.

~R.I. Chan

(Tickets are attached)


Not surprisingly, everyone accepted, seeing that the letter seemed legititamate. No questions were asked, and people soon began to pack.

Soon, at the Kai Land resort, the lobby was flooded with new arrivals.

Kg stood in awe, looking at the giant display of Marian Barber, with a sign saying: “Even Barber goes to the Bars here”.

“Wow, Barber came here? Awesome.”, Kg said.

Fort yawned,”Packers own Kg, and you should learn to live with it. Remember what happened to your “cowgirls”, I mean cowboys against the Eagles?”, he said as he smirked.

“I remember pretty well ,thanks”, responded Kg.

Across the room, Dragonninja aka Gir was enjoying rattling some money mans rocker.

He had just picked up a newspaper with Obama’s face on it.

“Gee, its Obama Rama over here. I’m sick of looking at his ugly mug.”, he said contemptusly.

“Show some respect boy, he’s your president.”, some dark haired man in an Armani suit reprimanded.

“He’s your president, not mine”, Dragon said, as he sidled off smirking.

After some time, everyone was escorted to their rooms.

A rather calm voice broke through the intercom system. “I’m hoping you’ve enjoyed your stay thus far. We’ll be giving tours to adults, and children separately. That way we can avoid any complications, such as adults getting a concussion by tripping over the wii, and the kids falling out of the window in the ‘Scenery Room’.  Please get to room 421 if you wish to participate. Thanks.”

Wicket opened his eyes slowly.  Wii, he thought? I’m there.   “I’m going to the tour thing”, he called as he left his room.

Around 50 or so kids had assembled in room 421, eagerly awaiting the tour. Room 421 was beautifully decorated, and everyone was cheered at the thought of more fun than ever.

“Good evening children. I’ll be taking you on a tour of the Resort. Please follow instructions, as we don’t want any casualties”, the man said wanely.

‘Is it just me, or did sound like a threat?’, Nate95000 thought. ‘Probably just me. Lots of sugar does that sometimes’.

“Here everyone, do come through this door. This is the way to our, gaming room.”

Everyone tentatively stepped through the arched doorway, peering into the white room.

“Where are the games?” Seanehawk asked. 

“You’ll see”, the man replied.  He then quickly crossed the room, and flicked a switch.

 All the people standing there simultaneously shivered, as a blast of cold hit them. White flashes of light began to appear, forcing everyone to shut their eyes.

“Well son, you asked for the game. You are the game, and in the game.”, he said jeeringly, his voice broadcasted by an intercom. “We’ve placed you into the best game possible. One, just like Halo, Call of Duty and all those other things you like. Sorry girls, we hadn’t expected this many of you to be in a Club Penguin army, but hey, go with the flow. This game has all the violence, pain, and fear , parts of all video games. Remember clicking buttons to kill some prey or enemy. Well, children, you get to do the same, just in another game. Only one difference, the pain is real, the hate is real, the fear is real. You are trapped in an alternative reality. The only way out is to win, which I daresay is rather difficult, or be released. Do mark my words though, release is only  possible when our demands are met. It’d be a great tragedy if you, and your parents would all perish. Around 300 civillians, tourists, all dead. Killed by some militant group, causing world war 3. Now, that, would be fun would it not? Anyways, enjoy.”, the sinster voice said. “Do, enjoy”

_________End of Chapter 1_________

If someone can figure out which number I’m going to use a lot, they can help me write my next chapter.



Just Dance (CD)

Ok, now right now we were just having a party on ACP chat. . .

It was however not all too fun, so I’m proposing an all army party. . .All Army Dance

All Army Dance>>>>>>>>>

Friday- 7 EST (Postpone meeting)
           -6 CT

          -5 MT

         -4 PST

Dress attire: 

It’s a black tie affair, so everyone should wear a tux or something.  ..

We could have a special chat for it, so just age appropriate people are allowed.



(Insert Winning Game Here) Competition!!!

Boomer’s Edit: I think we should move this to Sunday so that we can go to Bat’s battle.  It will be the same times, just Sunday…

Hellooo, you all voted, and by a whopping 8 votes (big number right?) we will be playing Sled Racing this Saturday!

Server: Snow Fort

Date: Saturday, March 21st Sunday, March 22nd

Time: 11:00am PST

  • 11:ooam Pacific
  • 12:00pm Mountain
  • 01:oopm Central
  • 02:oopm Eastern
  • 07:oopm United Kingdom

I might not be there because I’m going to Chicago on Thursday, and I won’t be back until Saturday. I’m not planning on bringing my laptop, so, yeah.


1,000th Post!

Boomer’s Edit: The ACP Saga now has a permanent home (CLICK HERE).  Oagal, if you are reading this, please finish it 🙂

First, if you haven’t checked the new Governors post, do that HERE, or check out Rap’s post HERE, or Ankita’s HERE.

If you’re in SSACP, click HERE.  If you’re not, I highly suggest you join 😉 .

Otherwise, as you can see from the title, this is the ACP site’s 1,000 post!  I thought it would be cool to show the Top 5 Most Viewed Posts in the site’s history (and maybe some others if I get around to it).  Note: The spam filters on this site weren’t set to block most language…

  1. REAL ROCKHOPPER TRACKER! – 2,903 views – Note: The link in the post won’t give you a virus 😕
  2. Join the ACP… – 2,665 views
  3. Lots of News – 2,487 views
  4. Comment Contest – 2,304 views
  5. I Saw Rockhopper: Now and Then – 2,219 views

Here are some of my personal favorites:

The First Post – “A Letter to the Soldiers” – 2/18/07 – Early timeline in the 2nd comment

War with UMA – “ACP ATTACK!” – 7/6/07

The Start of ANTA – “Change of Policy…” – 11/20/07

Watex Wars – “Treaty” – 11/23/07

Oagal’s Last Battle – “One, Final Battle” – 3/18/08

Oagal’s Retirement Speech – “*Salute*” – 4/1/08 – Probably the best I’ve ever read

VLA vs ACP – “VLA or ACP?” – 5/31/08 – Fort quit ACP for his new army, VLA, because Oagal wouldn’t leave him alone.  He used VLA to plan an attack on ACP, but Luc, his Co-Leader, quit VLA to stick with ACP.

End of ACP? – “End of ACP” – 6/1/08 – Heh, too bad we still beat WW, Nachos, RPF, UMA, Golds, and VLA 😐

Deleting the ACP Site? – “Should I Delete the ACP Website?” – 8/12/08 – The shortest, yet most powerful post I have ever read.  Check out my comment 4 down.  Maybe I was on to something, eh? 😉

ACP Site Lives On – “. . .” – 8/13/08 – The site came within 1 vote of being deleted (LOL Kyle, you lost by 1 😉 )

ACP Begins to Crumble – “. . .” – 11/16/08

Chaos/Civil War? – “Well . . .” – 11/16/08

One of My Favorite Posts That I Wrote – “We Need a Solution” – 11/16/08 – Busy day 😕

A New Era – “The Dawn of a New Era” – 11/21/08 – This was my first post as leader.  Although the government plan was shifted around a bit because it was kinda complicated, I still really like my paragraph at the bottom.  It was my way of trying to pull everyone who had quit back together again.  I think it still rings true today.

Hope you liked this trip through history!