1,000th Post!

Boomer’s Edit: The ACP Saga now has a permanent home (CLICK HERE).  Oagal, if you are reading this, please finish it 🙂

First, if you haven’t checked the new Governors post, do that HERE, or check out Rap’s post HERE, or Ankita’s HERE.

If you’re in SSACP, click HERE.  If you’re not, I highly suggest you join 😉 .

Otherwise, as you can see from the title, this is the ACP site’s 1,000 post!  I thought it would be cool to show the Top 5 Most Viewed Posts in the site’s history (and maybe some others if I get around to it).  Note: The spam filters on this site weren’t set to block most language…

  1. REAL ROCKHOPPER TRACKER! – 2,903 views – Note: The link in the post won’t give you a virus 😕
  2. Join the ACP… – 2,665 views
  3. Lots of News – 2,487 views
  4. Comment Contest – 2,304 views
  5. I Saw Rockhopper: Now and Then – 2,219 views

Here are some of my personal favorites:

The First Post – “A Letter to the Soldiers” – 2/18/07 – Early timeline in the 2nd comment

War with UMA – “ACP ATTACK!” – 7/6/07

The Start of ANTA – “Change of Policy…” – 11/20/07

Watex Wars – “Treaty” – 11/23/07

Oagal’s Last Battle – “One, Final Battle” – 3/18/08

Oagal’s Retirement Speech – “*Salute*” – 4/1/08 – Probably the best I’ve ever read

VLA vs ACP – “VLA or ACP?” – 5/31/08 – Fort quit ACP for his new army, VLA, because Oagal wouldn’t leave him alone.  He used VLA to plan an attack on ACP, but Luc, his Co-Leader, quit VLA to stick with ACP.

End of ACP? – “End of ACP” – 6/1/08 – Heh, too bad we still beat WW, Nachos, RPF, UMA, Golds, and VLA 😐

Deleting the ACP Site? – “Should I Delete the ACP Website?” – 8/12/08 – The shortest, yet most powerful post I have ever read.  Check out my comment 4 down.  Maybe I was on to something, eh? 😉

ACP Site Lives On – “. . .” – 8/13/08 – The site came within 1 vote of being deleted (LOL Kyle, you lost by 1 😉 )

ACP Begins to Crumble – “. . .” – 11/16/08

Chaos/Civil War? – “Well . . .” – 11/16/08

One of My Favorite Posts That I Wrote – “We Need a Solution” – 11/16/08 – Busy day 😕

A New Era – “The Dawn of a New Era” – 11/21/08 – This was my first post as leader.  Although the government plan was shifted around a bit because it was kinda complicated, I still really like my paragraph at the bottom.  It was my way of trying to pull everyone who had quit back together again.  I think it still rings true today.

Hope you liked this trip through history!


47 Responses

  1. First Comment! 😛

    Boomer: Nice teddy 😛

  2. why does it say the tracker link can give you a virus? it links to CPHQ.

    Boomer: Yeah idk, cause it doesn’t, or my computer would be dead 😆

  3. i have to go to school too.NOOOO!!!!!

  4. cool!

  5. Those posts were really cool!

  6. i wasnt around when pinkmalfis was here but ive heard of him and sounds like he is a real good hacker

  7. hurray 1000th
    obi for snow forts

  8. the tracker tracked me!
    Penguin Name: Obi Wan 4321
    Head Item: Winged Helmet
    Face Item: Ninja Mask
    Neck Item: No item
    Body Item: Squire Outfit
    Hand Item: No item
    Feet Item: Brown Pirate Boots
    Color: Dark Green
    Pin: Treasure Chest
    Background: Rockhopper Background
    Room Name: Coffee Shop
    Server Name: Summit
    Time: 10:02am Mar 1, 2009

  9. 10th comment w00t

  10. Vote Obi Wan 4321 for the governer of snow fort
    and you get free ice cream JK
    but you will not be disappointed
    vote for me!

  11. JOIN CPEQ Clubpenguin Earth Quackers join now!!!!!!!!!! and vote for me on the home page if you what.

  12. wowza. 1,000,000 people and 1k posts. 😛 we rock!

  13. Sweet. One thousandth post. We ought to have a party.

  14. my fave post is.. Aber and Head’s marriage post. No, I have never read it. But the idea is just hilarious. No offense, Fort 😛

  15. I am a bounty hunter give my someone to kill,I wont fail im on every three days. tell me who u want dead i will kill them and then u pay me got it! later

  16. please vote for me here for a senate spot:
    Also, dont forget to vote for me in the Marshmallow Governor election. a vote for me is a key to victory!

  17. COOL! I get comment on the 1,000 post!

  18. Nice teddy Rap.

  19. stop advertising your army

  20. Oagals retirement speach was very good, I would have commented on it but the comments were closed 😦 .

    Boomer: They will be open again, I just closed them for right now so the posts aren’t flooded with pointless comments. Check back some other time.

  21. My other favorite is “Right that is it!!!” because it cusses out Oagal and it’s pretty 😆 *stares at post* preetty col-ors…

  22. testing… just testing…


  24. Please vote for me in the MRW senater elections so that I can prevent MRW from making bad decisions, bring justice to their nation, and improve their entire army. Vote for me here. http://www.clubpenguinwcparmy.wordpress.com. Remember, “A vote for Gopackgo8 is a vote for improvement.” And please visit my campaign website. http://www.voteforGopackgo8.wordpress.com.

  25. Number 17 Jedi!

  26. ACP ATTACK= best week of my ACP career!!!

    what a great time. plus, we pwned UMA.

  27. Ok, I don’t really get the story…WAIT, NOW I GET IT!! but i don’t really care about what happens next.

  28. this would be a good time for my Chronicles of the ACP story, but sadly, I’m still not done. It may be long, but the story of the ACP has definitely not been told.

  29. Im not in chapter 1 :o, oh well so much for that ,it sounds interesting though, cant wait to read more.

  30. lol im gonna be in the 2nd chapter *one step closer to total world domination!* mwahaaaaa

  31. Is it Number 421 Ankita?

  32. Is it # 17?
    Cause it in your cp name…

    A Warrant Officer,

  33. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  34. the first chapter is awesome! I think number…….47. PS My penguin name is 3liocon, im a captain in ACP, and I want to hear the rest of the story sooooooo badly!

  35. same really good jedi cuz ive heard some really bad stories about acp lol!!

  36. #17?

    Warrant Off.,
    Idk wat happened where it says “epwsoldier67” (glitch maybe) (I hope it doesn’t happen this time, lol)

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  38. Cool the comments will be opened again 😀

  39. i’m not so sure about the accuracy of fort using VLA to attack ACP. he told us a plan of some sort once, and he said he intended VLA to be the next superpower in an alliance. But then he came back to ACP.

  40. I read Oagal’s final post alot, simply because it is one of the best things I have ever seen written in this game we play.

  41. Reporting active!

  42. […] The 1,000 Posts Post (with cool links to old stuff) […]

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