(Insert Winning Game Here) Competition!!!

Boomer’s Edit: I think we should move this to Sunday so that we can go to Bat’s battle.  It will be the same times, just Sunday…

Hellooo, you all voted, and by a whopping 8 votes (big number right?) we will be playing Sled Racing this Saturday!

Server: Snow Fort

Date: Saturday, March 21st Sunday, March 22nd

Time: 11:00am PST

  • 11:ooam Pacific
  • 12:00pm Mountain
  • 01:oopm Central
  • 02:oopm Eastern
  • 07:oopm United Kingdom

I might not be there because I’m going to Chicago on Thursday, and I won’t be back until Saturday. I’m not planning on bringing my laptop, so, yeah.


32 Responses

  1. I might be a bit late…

  2. D: Rap-teddy’s not gonna be there? Ah well, I’ll win 😀 Big time 😀

  3. 2nd comment

  4. I am there

  5. I will Rock the mountain

  6. No I’ll win fox 🙄

  7. el pollo en muy importante!!

  8. [the chicken is very important!!!]

  9. I wont be there… ploopy

  10. listen we are pinned down on mammoth. there are to many ninjas

  11. i cant be there 😦

  12. when is teh patrols page going to be completed?

  13. […] just commented something? person535 on (Insert Winning Game Here)…ashes1627 on Governor and Premier Midterm…person535 on (Insert Winning Game […]

  14. HopefullyI’ll make it. Why does that one thousandth post keep commenting on every post? It’s annoying. I didn’t even get to vote. Oh well.

  15. ILL OWN U ALL JK! hey plz vote 4 me on the facp website! just vote gougarglider at http://federalagencyofcp.wordpress.com its the 2nd post from the top!

  16. I will probably be there.

    In other news: Vote yanksrule14 governor of snow globe!

    http://yanksrule14.wordpress.com/ its the first post, with all information, including my speech B) VOTE YANKSRULE14 GOVERNOR OF SNOW GLOBE!!!!!

  17. darn i wanted find 4 i would have owned

  18. Hey! lets play all games at that time so we can choose and rotate to diffrent games

  19. ill be there i’d rather play hockey though
    rap, thanks for making it earlier for UK

  20. яαρι∂у

  21. how late boomer

  22. i cant go!! oh no!! i got soccer tryouts ALL DAY! i will be back around 2;00-3;00 pst cause well my tryouts are 2 hours and i have 2 tryouts in one day. i’ll try to pop in when i can. ACP FOREVER!!!!!!!!

  23. I will be there.(sorry i was gone so long,the site was blocked)

  24. oh and RG thinks they can ambush us at the party. xD how sad is that?

  25. Idiot The War Is 1 hour after!!!!!!

  26. Hey guys,
    I am getting on acp chat a lot less.My parents are still a little freaked out from that one incident.I will get on just to see where everyone is,like at battles or things like that.
    Oh, I think I can make the party, rap!

  27. lol You guys I’m gonna win (maybe) lol see you there!:d

    Rock on acp!

  28. aww i wanted hockey

  29. WOO HOO! hockey is way to unorganizd to win :p

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