Just Dance (CD)

Ok, now right now we were just having a party on ACP chat. . .

It was however not all too fun, so I’m proposing an all army party. . .All Army Dance

All Army Dance>>>>>>>>>

Friday- 7 EST (Postpone meeting)
           -6 CT

          -5 MT

         -4 PST

Dress attire: 

It’s a black tie affair, so everyone should wear a tux or something.  ..

We could have a special chat for it, so just age appropriate people are allowed.



30 Responses

  1. […] First, if you haven’t checked the new Governors post, do that HERE, or check out Rap’s post HERE, or Ankita’s HERE. […]

  2. Second!

  3. Woooohooooo. I got the second comment. That’s awesome. I can’t come to the party.

  4. And third and now fourth. This is my day.

  5. Whats the age? Im 12, I can come right?

  6. Just dance! Gonna be ok. do DO DO just dance! Gonna be ok, DO DO do just dance! xD

    thx 4 ur time

  7. im 10 can i come?

  8. 8

  9. 11, can i come?

  10. Can I come jedI?

  11. 12th. But I’m a non-member, so no tux! What can I wear?

  12. what do you mean by age appropriate like, macheaty or age and if are what age

  13. I will get my best tux

  14. Wait. R we gonna have the party on Club Penguin or on chat?
    It sounded like it was gonna be on Club Penguin but i wanna be sure.

    ~ Ticket22

  15. I’m gonna have to not come . . . lmao You know I can get on Friday nights, that chat will be rated R XD

  16. The age is because well. . certain people like *cough Person get horny, and although its fun, its not for everyone.

  17. uh how old do you gotta be?
    If i can go i can wear a tux im a member

  18. Where is it?
    AM or PM!

  19. Where on CP?

  20. I’ll come. I can moderate the chat for it :mrgreen:

  21. If you want me to

  22. BTW guys, “Just Age appropiate people are allowed” does NOT mean an age limit. It means only mature an responsible people can come so the party doesn’t become a perverted party.

  23. person this means u XD

  24. 13 ill come , oh wait its midnight for UK 😦

  25. i will come.

  26. wait,do you mean on CP or ACP chat?

  27. If it is on ACP chat i will not be able to come.

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