Brigade Stuff/Message for Commando

Boomer’s Edit: New poll at the bottom…

Shab: I have a huge research paper that I’m working on along with 3 other projects. This is why I haven’t been on chat since sunday  and I don’t know when I’m going to be back to normal with chat and stuff. The ssacp site is put on hold till I come back too :(.

Jedi: Apologizes for editing your post, but I’m just going to say, I have science fair the entire night so I won’t really be on. Secondly good job Brigade Leaders, the meeting on Friday’s is still scheduled.  Lastly, its hardly cloaked, even in RPF, the dislike of ACP from both officers and not. I’m speaking as one from RPF and ACP, and many of my collegues do dislike ACP, its a rather open secret. I suggest to Commando, that he try and talk to his soldiers regarding this subject.

I’ll start by saying the Brigade sites look much better.  I think we’ve balanced the active soldiers among the 6 brigades better now.  This is not to say that we can’t improve them, because they still need some work, but things look promising.  I am worried about Kappa Brigade, however.  Sheila, I noticed you are trying to get your Brigade running, but Nodear, let this be your warning, if you don’t keep up with your Brigade, I will do Sheila a favor by giving her a Co-leader that will contribute more to their Brigade.

Just a reminder, Generals are Admins, Lt. Generals are Editors, and Major Generals are Authors.  Also, please try to schedule a couple patrols per week.  It doesn’t matter whether the leader can make it or not, the highest rank available should lead.  You can patrol with another Brigade as well.

Keep track of when you do patrols, and you can make a page for that.

I will be updating Brigade ranks today or tomorrow.

To make it easier on everyone, you can see your Brigade sites, as well as the most recent three posts, in the RSS feed on the bottom of the left widget.  Get used to checking your Brigade’s site daily.



Here are some pics for Boomer:

1. Omega compares RG with Jesus 🙄 

Rn pic 1

2. Commando shows support for RG. Pay attention to spacey’s point:

Spacey is right against commando 1

spacey is right against commando 2

Boomer’s Edit: Commando, doesn’t it prove we have a problem when the RG is arguing about this on RPF chat?  If they are so separate, why are they all Owners and Mods on your chat, using your chat to promote themselves?  All I’m looking for is something, because they soldiers in the RG are almost all high ranking RPF soldiers…

Your’re only hurting yourself, because it seems like a good chunk of RPF that isn’t in RG is opposed to this whole thing…

rpf-opinion-of-rgNext, Commando, I just want to say something…

I know I’ve talked to you about this before, and you seem sincere about helping, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous.  I know that RG isn’t part of RPF, but the majority of it’s soldiers are (I was bored, so I made a little bar graph).

As you can see, 69% of the soldiers in RG are from RPF, well ahead of any other army.  If you exclude the 7 recruits, 86% of the soldiers with army experience are from RPF.  Doesn’t that seem a little out of balance?


This graph shows what percentage of RG comes from which armies (based on their Ranks page). Armies with only one soldier represented were excluded from the graph, but included in the total number of soldiers used for the percentages.

The reason I am asking, Commando, is that I have talked with you in person about it, and you seem sincere to help us.  However, all of your posts recently have included some mention of RG fighting us as comedy.  When we ignore RG, you say stuff like:

“The real news is that The Renegade is actually causing them problems. Which I find funny as hell personally because this is THE ACP were talking about. And what makes it funnier, because I have an opinion, most of ACP thinks its RPF doing this! The Renegade is giving us a pretty bad ass name Id say. We get to sit around and eat snacks while they kill ACP and we get credit for it apparently. [picture] Showing The Renegade actually out numbering ACP.”

Ok, so you made fun of us for ignoring them by saying they were beating us.  Then when we actually show them that we are the bigger army, you say:

“ACP is really flocking to do something about Omega’s little rebellion going on against them. Really, I find this quite funny. Like if its such a little problem, then how come their doing everything in their will to stop it?”

I haven’t said anything about this yet, and it wouldn’t bother me if it was coming from RG, but it’s coming from you, an ally.  I’m pretty sure that a good ally wouldn’t make fun of it’s ally’s problems, instead it would try to help them.  In addition to that, it’s your army that makes up the vast majority of an enemy army that is trying to destroy an ally.

I am asking you, because you are about the only person who can help with this.  Please do something to prevent your soldiers from joining an army whose only purpose is to destroy one of your closest allies since WWIII.  If you chose not to, then I understand.  But you could then also understand my decision to pursue alliances with armies that will support us rather than point and laugh.


“what i was saying was, take the hint rpf doesnt like acp. they made a whole anti-acp army to show there hatred for acp. ya they let other ppl join just so they can get bigger. im sorry but no “compromising” with commando is going to stop rpf’s rg”

~Potatoes4 (UMA) – More than just ACP thinks RPF is responsible…