Brigade Updates

Jedi’s edit: Yeah guys, Jedi’s back. Finally. See what occured was: not enough sleep Mon (doing math entry)> fall asleep on Tues, get back up to do work and sleep late again> Get all science fair stuff and make a project on Wednesday> Sleep at 2> Go to science fair at 6:45> have lots of fun but come back at 9> do other work> fall asleep at 11:30> wake up 6:45ish>come back home at 2:45> fall asleep at 3:15> wake up at 9. . .

Yeah, my life is complicated. Anyways sorry for being out, and I’m going to return to my former level of activeness. (is that a word?) either way, congrats Amit and Flappy! 🙂

Boomer’s Edit: FACP, led by Flappy and Amit, successfully disabled all bot programs from Club Penguin, which means no more bot problems for any army! 😀  Thanks a bunch guys!  If you guys figured it out, how come CP never did (and they have the money to pay programmers and everything 😕 )?  You can check out their site HERE.

Don’t forget about Bat’s Final Battle HERE.

I finally got a chance to update all the Brigade ranks (sorry it took me so long).  Brigade leaders, copy and paste your Brigade’s ranks onto your site.  Remember to pay attention to changes in the upper ranks, and be sure to make all General admins, Lt. Generals editor, and Major Generals authors.

If you still need to register for a Brigade, you can do so HERE.  You must register for a regular brigade, but you can also register for as many specialty brigades as apply to you (Non-member, Eurasian, Oceanic).

Here are the Brigade ranks.  As you can see, we have almost 350 active soldiers registered in Brigades, however there are plenty more who are not yet registered.  So make sure you do that, and I’ll make sure to update it more often (sorry 😐 ).


**ACP** – 342

Supreme Commander: Boomer 20

Field Commanders: Jedimaster17, Shaboomboom


*Division I* – 169

Field Marshal: Abercrombe29


Alpha Brigade – 56

  • General: Manjensen, Saint1119
  • Lt. General: Baloon451
  • Major General: Ctar, Dr Nono Jr, Talyor455
  • Brigadier General: Djgtjvgyhxgy, Jmmr88, Racegirl2142
  • Colonel: Dryvit, Lucario564, Znozeberry
  • Lt. Colonel: Biokid0, Csdfbgdhgg, Jordybarker, Leoblue33, Motor20
  • Major: Mr Gooff, Mrchatterbox, Safer123, The Flapjack, Zehroy
  • Captain: Bp98, Calgocubs21, Chimpman106, Dannywsa1998, Happybelly4, Rex5556, Rkjcbo, Us Army34, Yanksrule14
  • Lieutenant: A Dawg4, Crossman5, Darwin Huxly, Emperer Josh, Foleyethan, Genus1, Goofyh2obird, Goomba121, Monstercjr, Spongie555, Stevebobal, Xbd1
  • Warrant Officer: Anonymous, Emperor P3ng, Franco888, Late Me, Neojet, Pengui25, Rhino25, Superbird 09
  • Sergeant: Bobby3459, Organa11
  • Corporal: Joeyl11, Mjanetsky, Zeekyzeek


Delta Brigade – 56

  • General: Fugu Ninja
  • Lt. General: Lucario98765, Nate950000, Tomtwelve
  • Major General: Dragon 720, Wicket1235
  • Brigadier General: Borja, Corvette 360, Foxtails, Kpkrocks1, Magic077, Person535, Purpur5222
  • Colonel: Gator58031
  • Lt. Colonel: Ganondorf787, Unicow Rules
  • Major: Anikan53, Axevolution, Bloobloo1, Davy629, Meeaska, Micewindo, Mr Icefin
  • Captain: 3liocon, Crazyboy86, Fallingtail, Gligar117, Golie Phil, Gopackgo8, Obi Wan 4321, The Jokerman, Tiny Finn, Xdog52
  • Lieutenant: 12345 Marine, As334, Coleblacker, Dhfd, Han Solo6789, Ickeee, Rocknroll63, Zark56, Zerozzzz2
  • Warrant Officer: Adav01, Drew79, Fluffball921, Nothinbut, Outdoorsman8, Tomsa7
  • Sergeant: 4mickeyto101, Acp Pengiun, Bolwdog 1245, Great Akoo, Ronniegaucho, Tracer1295
  • Corporal: Greenfootbal, Hedwidowl12


Echo Brigade – 56

  • General: Clintos007
  • Lt. General: Chapa23
  • Major General: Coolguy12348, Matthewmsh1
  • Brigadier General: Coleslaw7175, Jcapp64, Jcd484, Rallan
  • Colonel: Dddd99410, Seancastle, Starlorb3
  • Lt. Colonel: Dommo3, Poliwinkle, Starwars5467, Wasabiix
  • Major: 11jb22, Ashes1627, Feephill, Han Solo12, Klug1234, Shadows549
  • Captain: Bighead2496, Daiuf, Doohicky23, Hasanb123, Igdogjr916, Love4life5, Ninja4778, Noseycjr, Pimplego2287, Vetsd, Wildnavy99
  • Lieutenant: 1run, 4444fluffy, 44gdog44, Coollove152, Devandsean, Djmarvin, Hamie111, Lucky 888, Packer1 Nfl, Thunder562, Timmy79918, Warriorii
  • Warrant Officer: Hsw98, Mega Pikle1, Redrarehound, Spacersdude, Terimea345, Trinakat600
  • Sergeant: 1wildwind3, Beaverflute, Hedgehog32
  • Corporal: Anchor Lad, Ron547, Waterboyz228


*Division II* – 170

Field Marshal: Rapidy


Gamma Brigade – 57

  • General: Hattrick, Ktman
  • Lt. General: Blue Speed 7
  • Major General: Ironkid2894, Mr Random1, Mrnooner
  • Brigadier General: Divotoo, Js Thgrourhg, Waddlebox123
  • Colonel: Jlm435
  • Lt. Colonel: Bomber Man20, Chaos345, Peterpenquin, Sgt Jor, Sheepman, Tom Yellow
  • Major: Blupichu, Fresca39, Historylover, Naruto 824, Tigers Class, Wolves25
  • Captain: Captain Key6, Guszzz1, Hawkey16, Hidude45, Jdietle, Jennings7, Jimmy325jr, Phipy, Shakybadger, Trooper7890, Wmb98
  • Lieutenant: Band Guy1, Big Al 56, Clockyjj, Dj Pingu 2, Kidvalar1, Kooolmonster, Maxi96203, Mimy67, Pipempoleon, Ss3333
  • Warrant Officer: Baconzone1, Batintrenche, Bluesockwa2, Crystal19999, Shadowhero99, Tush, Xavle 45, Zx1996
  • Sergeant: Chimper4, Crop Circle, Dueree
  • Corporal: Littlebob63, Penguin Pen, Takashiemiko


Kappa Brigade – 56

  • General: Nodear, Sheila Gally
  • Lt. General: Bigpeng92, Orcacam07
  • Major General:
  • Brigadier General: Bfan212, Black Icer, Jediseth, Thomas0270, Totaln00b
  • Colonel: Jingle Jay, Khalgar1, Pete852, Tex9m, Tommer651
  • Lt. Colonel: Austin8310, Gtracer, Hi Yellow Hi, Jjdj235, Small Troubl
  • Major: Amitc87, Icefactorx, Johny 4, Pman Elite, Rugrat93, Sonic The 1
  • Captain: Andrewf2, Apedwards, Astropilot1, Exblade315, Frostbeetle8, Kuro Wolf, Magoo98, Saphiira845, Wambo871, Wojanna2
  • Lieutenant: Daneswan36, Elifb123, Jason Mcg, Jojo48545, Maxsue, Nattrick, Shuffle360, Wolvetone
  • Warrant Officer: Axxeor, Cab8, Edge126, Hi Hi Byebye, Rockinator1, Sillysparkie, Silver2253, Super Bat Bo
  • Sergeant: Espeon Rox, Lil Dude52, Meyers1313
  • Corporal: Nacho892, Yankees1398


Sigma Brigade – 56

  • General: Jojofishy
  • Lt. General: Noka 11, Solraida
  • Major General: Npeppersn
  • Brigadier General: Speedyjason9, Tylov5, Zdoger
  • Colonel: Braves Z, Woton
  • Lt. Colonel: Alpha 315, Astrowby, Cccbbbnnn, Robotizer1
  • Major: Aberacer, Dopefacedbro, Rice Caramel, Slosh12223, Wtg2000
  • Captain: 24keyser, Abolerz243, Bart1879, Candycloud19, Gougarglider, Halo Friek, Icee Ellie, Keano 73, Kj Bulldogs1, Soccer793, Youg3
  • Lieutenant: 77 Row, Adioboard, Bob17467, Chief145, Christiano50, Freepro, Garda10, Guymed, Kjacques, Lunar Lilo 6, Sarster123, Tntclay
  • Warrant Officer: Ali 5926, Bobby66276, Eettuuyy, Fireblast47, Mustang422, Pengeyz6, Rolllikero, Starwarstrek
  • Sergeant: Camore 12345, Mombol 23, Polly Happy1,  Rock71, Shinydeoxys
  • Corporal: Cowboysfan13, Wandgfan22


Specialty Divisions:


Nonmember Division – 19

  • General: Clintos007, Ktman
  • Lt. General: Baloon451, Tomtwelve
  • Major General:
  • Brigadier General: Rallan
  • Colonel:
  • Lt. Colonel: Dommo3
  • Major: Han Solo12, Mrchatterbox
  • Captain: Bart1879
  • Lieutenant: Coollove152, Freepro, Warriorii
  • Warrant Officer: Adav01, Neojet, Redrarehound, Rhino25, Superbird 09, Zx1996
  • Sergeant: Dueree
  • Corporal:


Eurasian Division – 21

  • General:
  • Lt. General: Blue Speed 7
  • Major General: Mrnooner
  • Brigadier General: Person535, Rallan, Totaln00b
  • Colonel:
  • Lt. Colonel:
  • Major: Ashes1627, Axevolution, Meeaska, Rice Caramel, Wtg2000
  • Captain: Hasanb123, Jennings7, Obi Wan 4321
  • Lieutenant: Chief145, Dhfd, Jason Mcg
  • Warrant Officer: Anonymous, Nothinbut, Rhino25
  • Sergeant: Dueree
  • Corporal: Wandgfan22


Oceanic Division – 8

  • General:
  • Lt. General:
  • Major General:
  • Brigadier General: Jmmr88
  • Colonel:
  • Lt. Colonel:
  • Major:
  • Captain: Dannywsa1998, Rex5556, Youg3
  • Lieutenant: Goomba121, Lunar Lilo 6, Spongie555
  • Warrant Officer: Eettuuyy
  • Sergeant:
  • Corporal:

Don’t forget to keep checking your Brigade’s site!  A lot of them have important updates from the last few days, so make sure you get used to checking them regularly.  I have provided the links here, but you can also find them on the right sidebar in the ACP Brigades Blogroll, or at the bottom of the left sidebar, which is even more useful because it shows the three most recent posts from your Brigade’s  site.


P.S.~Feel free to join IW.  They are currently working on rebuilding their army, and since ACP will be helping them, I thought if some of you joined, it could help them out.  Just make sure it does not interfere with you being loyal and active in ACP.  Here is the link:

Bat’s Final Battle

Batista1822 is retiring, so he’s hosting one last battle.  Bat started out his army career in ACP, so let’s give him a good showing to send him off.  We’ll miss you buddy.

When: Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where: Mittens, All over the server

Teams: UMA, Nachos, IW vs. ACP, RPF, WW


12:00 PST

1:00 MST

2:00 CST

3:00 EST

8:00 U.K.

Comment if you can make it!


P.S.~I promoted everyone under Warrant Officer who wanted a promo and didn’t get one (unless I missed you).