Bat’s Final Battle

Batista1822 is retiring, so he’s hosting one last battle.  Bat started out his army career in ACP, so let’s give him a good showing to send him off.  We’ll miss you buddy.

When: Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where: Mittens, All over the server

Teams: UMA, Nachos, IW vs. ACP, RPF, WW


12:00 PST

1:00 MST

2:00 CST

3:00 EST

8:00 U.K.

Comment if you can make it!


P.S.~I promoted everyone under Warrant Officer who wanted a promo and didn’t get one (unless I missed you).

90 Responses

  1. I will be there its 8:00 for UK W0000000000000000T!!!

  2. what about sled racing

  3. the minor fall and the major lift

  4. i will most deffintaly be there boomer

  5. I will be there, but do we have to team up wit RPF. Ugh, this should be very interesting.

  6. I’ll try. Darn it, 12AM and there’s school the next day! Yes, Sunday is school for Middle Eastern Schools though I’m not from the Middle East…

    Join now,

    Bye Batista. You did great in the ACP, UMA, and in the CP Army World.


  7. I’ll be there for the fun but not to honour Bat. He has been a jerk to me on chat recently.

  8. MRW/WCP However, will be fighting, But ACP or UMA’s?

  9. I will be there.

  10. I can make it.

  11. 😦 i go by eastern time, and im at school at 3:00

  12. ya i bet i can but what about the sled contest



  15. yea its saturday + im eastern but mine ends at 3:30

  16. I am soooo going but since i got soccer tryouts ill be abou10-15 minutes late.

  17. cant make it. my army has a war against CPRA .~Candyboy8


  19. i will will be there.

  20. I should be there, boomer. 🙂

  21. i can make it

  22. gaaaa i CANT make it soo srry boomer

  23. I Should be there aswell

  24. sorry i cant be at the battle. im saving a baby owl from certain death.

    lol jk credit to the jungle

    im actually vacationing and unless u have something late at night in san diego or early in the morning i cant go on…. sorry. thats even if we have a comp

  25. nice i will try to be there but i might have to leave a little early

  26. Is it A.M. or P.M.

  27. @Penguin Pen

  28. i will

  29. kk thisll be my last acp comment until im back on the 29th of march cya ppl ill miss ya


  31. I can make it.

  32. Im definitaley gonna make it!

    Bat, I remember when we were like best friends back when we both started out. Im gonna miss you. You were a great friend and soldier. Peace,


  33. I will be reporting for duty at 2:00 on mittens, sir. It will be my first battle.

  34. Im will be there.


  36. I think I can make it as long as my brother doesn’t start crying on getting on the comp.

  37. this is going to be goood

  38. Should do…

  39. I’ll try my best to make it. We’re moving tomorrow, but there’s a slight chance I can make it. Don’t count on it though. Just know, that I’ll try my hardest.

  40. I’ll try to come, but a bunch of army stuff happens tomorrow for me, such as IFA vs USCP rematch to get into the finals of a tourney, and I don’t wanna miss that.

  41. i might be able to be there but im not sure 😐

  42. ya ill probablly make it!

  43. There’s three tiny armies with the ACP, RPF, and WW. It’s sereously miny. They are the SSCP (Secret Splinter Cell Penguins), CPARC (Club Penguin Anti-Renegade Corps) and CPWH (CP Winghats). The Leader of CPARC and Co-Leader of the other two is Maxthepen, a Colonel in you army. And I also think that the RG Conspiracy isn’t RPF, it was just a bunch of noobs trying to go against Max (the leader of the actual Renegades). They came to the site saying that they were the renegades and we found out that you were gonna kick their sorry butts, so we changed the name. Just a little info.

    Over and Out,

  44. ill come

  45. illllll try and come

  46. 54 and ill probably make it


  47. thank you so much for my promo, boomer, sir! u wont be disappointed!

  48. ugh school on saturday

  49. thats horenduos

  50. UMA, Nachos, IW vs. ACP, RPF, WW

  51. since when do people have school on saturday…? yes I will be able to make it. sorry i was inactive this last week, I had a bad virus and couldnt do much. : /

  52. I just got on Spring Break, so I’ll try to make it.

  53. Boomer, I also suggest you take the UPA banner off the site. MCP, Nachos, IW and 2 other smaller armies are at war with them for pointlessly declaring war on the Ice Warriors.

  54. woot yeah ill be there

  55. i will be there

  56. Hey,i might make it.I might not because i have my friends coming to party on Saturday,but I might make it because it is 3:00pm (Eastern Time)My friends come maybe 4:30 -5:30,so i might make it 🙂

    P.S I saw the Nachos Of Mammoth Yesterday.(Thursday,March 20,09)

    P.S.S:i met a few ACP soilders yesterday.(Ice Boy 60 & muddyducky on Frozen)

  57. Ice Warriors & UMA & Nachos V.S ACP & RPF & WW

    P.S:Whats WW?( i know IW is Ice Warriors and UMA is Underground…something but what’s WW?- _ –

  58. Um u missed me.

  59. ill be there 😉

  60. i will try to be there

  61. ww is watex warriors,
    ninja shadow

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  63. thanks gougarglider!

  64. I will be there

  65. aww 😦 we’ll miss you Batty!

    But anyway, let’s give ‘im a show he’ll never forget 😛

  66. let’s give Bat a show!

  67. I can make it!!! Hope to see you there!!! GO ACP! 🙂

  68. i am boofgall1 and i am corporal so please promote me

  69. im coming boomer at 10 A.M

  70. or at 12 11 my bro going to be on

  71. i will be on

  72. I will be on and the nachos will be in the snow forts around 30 or 45 minutes before the war. I think i remember seeing this on the nacho website if you wat to be sure. im going to check now. just for you all to know.

  73. i will try to make it as possible,(I will be there:74%wont be there:26%)Sorry,if i keep saying this,but im so excited!

  74. ok im not sure if its true but i honestly think i saw it. send in spys. i will be there. i will spy on them and find war plans. i will report imeditly bye

  75. I’ll be there with pride for bat

  76. is it am or pm for east if its pm ill be there

  77. the war will start 2 hrs from now and im in cp i think im bit early

  78. i am in cp 2 hrs before battle and meet two soilders im so intrested in tis war im a warrent officer i wish i get promo

  79. all of them went im only one there
    and first s come the war will start in a hour

  80. I’ll be there with an army called P.I.B. (penguins in black) see ya there

  81. i will be there!!!!!!!!!

  82. […] and everything )?  You can check out their site HERE. Don’t forget about Bat’s Final Battle HERE. I finally got a chance to update all the Brigade ranks (sorry it took me so long).  Brigade […]

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