Battle Review

“Commando, I resign. I would rather attack ACP than kiss their f***ing [censored] asses.”

~Emperer [Josh]

Jedi: Sorry I missed the battle. I was at science olympiad from 8 to 4. I came 3rd out of 21 schools :). Anyways, sorry about missing it again, and I need to talk to you Boomah on chat.

Boomer: Uhh, no comment…

Rapidy: Boomer Commando needs to talk to you.

Sorry if my summary seems insufficient, it took me until more than halfway through the battle to get into the server.  Many of our nonmembers never got in at all.  In addition to that, there was a fair amount who were on the wrong server (read the posts please 😐 ).  Despite that, we managed to persevere through the first 35 minutes of the battle with no definitive leader (Jojo led until his internet crashed, after that we had no one leading…).  All in all, I think the battle was far from what I was looking for, but we did okay.

ACP started with maybe 50 soldiers, but because of constant moving without a real leader, we lost a lot of soldiers along the way.  Picture a kid on Halloween with a pillow case full of candy.  He drags it along the ground, which rips the pillow case, leaving a trail of candy behind.  That’s pretty much what happened with us.  By the time I got on, we were somewhere around 40, but they were split between 3 rooms.  I regrouped us at the Dock, and we were back up around 40-50.  By the end of the battle, we had moved to the Beach, where we appeared to have in the area of 60.  This is a good example of how the larger army doesn’t always win.  Staying together is crucial for an army’s success.

As for the other armies, IW looked impressive, wielding 20-30 soldiers at one point.  UMA had in the area of 15-20, and the Nachos were up around 50 for most of the battle.  RPF may have showed for a brief period, but without their leader, they only had maybe 10-15 tops.  WW decided not to participate.

Based on the fact that we fought pretty much single-handedly, I’d say we did pretty well, but I’ll give the win to Bat’s team since it was his battle.

This is a good learning experience.  There were a lot of things we need to work on based on what I saw, so I’ll run through them:

Follow the leader – It sounds funny, but it’s very important.  The fact that we didn’t really have one hurt us quite a bit in the beginning.

Only the leader gives orders – Once again, not having a leader made this an issue, but if you aren’t a high rank, you shouldn’t be giving orders.  This was part of the reason we had soldiers all over the server, because everyone was giving orders.  The midset was still there even when I arrived, but I think we can get past this one.

Pay attention – By the end of the battle, many of you stopped paying attention to commands and were basically running around and spamming, making it really hard for me to get you grouped together.  When I give commands, I need everyone to carry them out, especially when we make room changes, because there were soldiers who were unresponsive on CP, and remained in one place even after we changed rooms.

Stay quiet – I understand you want to be loud and there’s a time and place for that.  Charging is about the only time I want to see you shouting.  After that, I need you to be quiet so we can regroup.  Same goes for room changes, you need to be quiet so you can see my commands.  I was being drowned out by the constant spamming most of the battle.

Spread out – It was tough this time because of the party and all the random objects, but make sure you’re not standing on top of each other.

Here are the pics I took:

ACP executes a successful charge against IW at the Dock.


All the armies attempt to take over the Town.


ACP circles and charges, forcing the other armies out.


ACP makes a beastly clover line (I wanted to spread it out over a couple rooms, but everyone was content with this cluster line…).  This was probably the biggest we were at any time during the battle (60-70).


Not a bad effort, but I know we’ll do better next time.

Comment if you made it.



Shab Edit 2: Emperor Josh, SIC of RG is running for SIC of RPF now. Hes gotten 3 promos in the last 2 months according to Dragon aka Mat. That will cause Rpf to be corrupted by anti-acp ideas while they continue to claim that they are not supportive of Rg.


Shab Edit:  Well Commando lied, omega is still owner and I have a pic to prove it: [Boomer: Kyle re-Ownered him]

 Omega is still owner


I look at the rpf site and I see the title “Clearing things up” but all I read about is Commando making the problem of what shadow said worse. I also see that all Commando doing is making fun of Acp the whole time. We are suppose to be allies with RPF, these kind of posts don’t come from allies. If RPF does not cut out the propaganda against acp then I want them lowered to the neutral status. Neutral means that we each don’t attack each other but also do not help each other. Also leaders are not modded on each others chat. Seems like the present day situation already so whats to change? Acp is getting unmodded by Omega and Commando and RPF is constantly saying things against Acp and does not even step forward to support or help them.

I see almost all the major armies supporting ACP against RG except RPF. Commando is constantly saying Anti-ACP stuff but he keeps saying that he is not supportive of RG. Well nice Bull commando but some of us can see through you. Rg uses all the resources that Rpf has including the soldiers, the hackers, and even just the support. I also have some pics that even show how commando supports RG. Since commmando supports RG that means that RPF supports RG. The leader’s views are also the views of the soldiers in that army if the leader does not give the soldiers a choice. You might say that the poll is giving the soldiers a choice. That poll is just as bias as the last poll commando had against Acp. There had to be like 5 NO option, 1 okay YES option, and 1 option against Shadow. Shadow was right in his post, you have to get over it. I don’t see the maturity that you say you have in going as far as putting a option for him in a poll.

Rpf, make a new poll with these options:

1. Support Acp
2. Support Rg
3. Stay Neutral

If you do not make a fair poll it is just further proving that Rpf is really Rg and that you do not deserve to be an ally. “I support Acp but do not want to get Rpf involved” Come on Commando, how dumb is that. As an ally if we ask for help you must say yes if you are fighting someone that you are not allies with already. I don’t know how its gonna hurt Rpf by fighting Rg. Maybe your worried that the soldiers in Rg that are from Rpf will desert Rpf. If they are smart they will have realized that they have lost so they will stay with Rpf.

Your new post has a picture of acp and the title is “Gay pride Parade” You have no excuse for that blatant show of anti-acp. This time your excuse better be good or you better just ask to be name neutral instead of allies before you embarrass yourself more with another excuse that I will shoot down next post. Think of this as my new, self appointed, job……..Ridding the armies of Commando’s Propaganda and Bull.




Note: I prob won’t be able to make the battle :(. I’m still gonna be inactive for a little longer.

Battle Reminder

Don’t forget about the battle!

Note: Rap’s Competition has been moved to Sunday because both Rap and I can’t make it at the current time on Saturday, plus it will cut into Bat’s Battle.  I figured we could do it at the same times on Sunday, so that we can do both.

Batista1822 is retiring, so he’s hosting one last battle.  Bat started out his army career in ACP, so let’s give him a good showing to send him off.  We’ll miss you buddy.

When: Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where: Mittens, All over the server

Teams: UMA, Nachos, IW vs. ACP, RPF, WW


12:00 PST

1:00 MST

2:00 CST

3:00 EST

8:00 U.K.

Battle Strategy:

I want all ACP at the Snow Forts at least half an hour early for recruiting purposes.  If the room is full, pick a nearby room (preferably the Plaza).  Always remember to stay quiet in order to see and hear the commands.  Be ready for charging and regrouping.  **SPREAD OUT**  I can’t stress that enough.  You aren’t helping anyone by standing on top of each other, and grouping around me only makes it harder for me to give commands.  I need my space too.  If you see an open area, move there.  We want to look big and take up as much space as possible.  When we spread out, we can fill an entire room.  Make sure you know which armies we will be fighting against and which we will be fighting with (see above).

Just to let you know, I might be a bit late to the recruiting beforehand, but I should be on time for the battle.  I want to see a sea of green when I get there 😉 .  Don’t forget that attending battles is the best way to get promoted on Promo Day (March 31st)!

Comment if you can make it!


P.S.~Person, are you responsible for this? 😕