The Meeting

Edit: Thanks to Kyle, a bunch of people are requesting to be banned forever on RPF chat…including Spacey.  Also, thanks RG.  RPF chat is complete chaos…

Also, how many examples do I need before you listen to me?  Cause I have a bunch…and it’s not just ACP.


We decided at the meeting, that the Nachos, WW, ACP, and UMA will work to keep their soldiers out of RG.  I will be providing them a list of their soldiers that are in RG, and they will handle that themselves.  I can do the same for RPF (IW doesn’t have any in RG) if you would like.

We also discussed the UAA, which is a government that is opposed to RG.  Leaders include Flappy, Amit, Mocar, and Sil Vo.

To start with, Omega declared war on everyone, so I’m not quite sure what we are doing about that yet…So far it sounds like the Nachos and WW may be interested in going to war with them.


In other news, Omega is still an Owner…



Josh and Omega continue to advertise on RPF chat.


Kyle is insulting everyone who is trying to do anything to anything about RG (taken during our meeting).




Kyle, you have criticized me for not standing up and doing anything when there is a conflict.  So here it goes:

Shut the hell up

Kyle has also banned Ziehen and Imperial, two of RPF highest members of Congress, from chat while Commando has been away.  As soon as you ban your army’s law-makers, that’s when I draw the line.  Ziehen has started a petition to get Kyle removed from power (some may say he isn’t in RPF because he doesn’t have a rank, but if he can disrupt things this much, he has far too much power).  I have signed it already, as have many other leaders, however I want ACP’s other leaders to sign as well.  The petition will remove Kyle from power, as well as allow Ziehen to make a new RPF Constitution.  I would urge other army leaders to sign as well.

Also, since Commando wasn’t able to make the meeting, I think I should give him some advice based on what we talked about.  All of the other armies were talking about taking their soldiers out of RG, but for RPF, it’s going to be a little more complicated.  Omega’s new post states that he will be making RG soldiers choose between RG and RPF, and we agreed that unless you do something, you risk losing a good chunk of soldiers.  You need to say something now to make them stay with RPF.  A handful of RPF soldiers have already chosen to stay with RPF, which is a good sign, but you need to make a sincere post to them saying that you need them in RPF.  Talk to them individually if you can, and ask them to come back to RPF.  If you make a sincere post about this, I bet 90% of them will choose RPF.

You need to do this now though.  Omega is purposefully making RPF soldiers choose between you and him.  He thinks RPF is done, that RG is the new brand of rebels.  We are asking you to do this because we don’t want RPF to fall.  We don’t want to lose an ally.


Omega apparently thinks that he is a better leader than you…




Commando, if you ever need help with anything, I will always be here.  Despite the RG problem, the results from the meeting were positive, and you still have everyone’s support.  Hopefully we can pull through this tough time together.


Time for a Meeting

Hey guys, I think it’s time the major army leaders got together and talked about everything that’s been going on.  We haven’t done this for a while, and a lot has happened, and I feel like we aren’t on the same page because it’s hard to talk to each other when we’re all on different chats.  So I think we should have a meeting with just the army leaders and co-leaders.

When: Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Where: ArmyCentral

Who: Major Army Leaders and Co-Leaders (ACP, IW, Nachos, RPF, UMA, WW)

Why: Because we haven’t talked with each other in a while


  • 1 PST
  • 2 MST
  • 3 CST
  • 4 EST
  • 9 U.K.

Guess that’s it, I hope everyone sees this before the meeting.