ACP vs. UMA @ Snowforts

Two more glorious edits by Boomer: Stay off UMA servers (Mittens, Frozen, etc.). They can invade ours if they want, but we’re going to be the respectable army by not invading them (even though we actually would have a reason after the 3 they already conducted on us).

Also, I just noticed that the Rebel Soldier Bill was my 100th post! 😀

Boomer’s 2nd Edit: UMA put out a list of reason that they are declaring war, which contradicts what Pie said to me, so idk…

  • They think we are to small to fightI never said that, I told Pie that I didn’t want a war because I would prefer to get other things done.  I even gave a list: Practice Sessions, a party, Flag Contest, etc.  If that’s the way it was interpreted, I apologize, that’s not at all what I was trying to say.  Plus, if I thought you guys were too small to fight, why would I even be taking time to correct myself?
  • They have their troops constantly come on our chat saying we suck (thats asking for war)I’ve already received a ton of spam from UMA soldiers on this site, so I’d say we’re even here…
  • Constantly have their troops say we are dyingI’m not telling them to say that, and since you’re so concerned about the “World Police”, why are you the ones trying to restrict someone’s freedom of speech to say that?  You are basically declaring war over freedom of speech?  Talk about hypocritical…  Plus, if it’s not true, then why does it bother you?  We don’t declare war on everyone because they say we are evil, because we know it’s not true, and we respect the fact that they can say what they want.
  • Spam our site, say “ACP, ACP, ACP” or “ACP RULES!!”Like I said, I’ve received well over 10 spam comments so far saying “We’re going to kick your ass”.  You aren’t innocent either…
  • Going on our servers, and stealing future UMA recruitsThat’s not true at all, you were the ones on our servers 😐  That doesn’t make any sense…

I’m not sure whether or not the spamming by ACP soldiers is true, but if it is, then I must say DO NOT spam their site or chat.  To the leaders, in case you haven’t noticed, we have not taken any offensive action against you.  We have never invaded any of your servers, and we have done the least amount of fighting possible when you have invaded ours.  I would hope that you realize that we wish to be allies like we have been for over a year.

Boomer’s Edit: To my knowledge, this was the second invasion by UMA (both of which we fought off), however, shortly after this one, I was told by UMA Leader Lots of Pie that the war had been called off. It seems to me that a few of the leaders, as well as a handful of soldiers, disagree with UMA’s declaration of war. I’m going to let them figure out what they are doing before I make any decisions. I just want to say, ACP and UMA have been allies since I joined ACP well over a year ago, and so far, there has been no reported reason given for UMA’s actions, nor can I think of one. What happened? 😐

Edit: BTW look at the post below about Jedi’s retirement!

Well, tonight was pretty fun and hilarious at the same time.

First, the Uma people who were on ACP chat told me to go to Breeze, because they were there, which i knew different. I mean, why would they be there? So i decided to check snowforts, and there they were, in a north to south line by the clock tower.

My first instinct was to yell on ACP chat that everyone needs to come, which I did, with help of a lot of people like Saint, Amit, Seane, and lots of others who were on!

For the first couple of minutes, we charged, lined, circled, and charged 3 more times, and we got an idea. Like Lady Gaga says, “Just Dance!”

We danced for the remander, and it turned into a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who was there, I am very glad yuu guys were able to come on so fast,. and listened to my comands! Your hard work will be agnowledged.

Great job, ACP!



As you probably already know, UMA declared war on us foolishly. The UMA are trying to “piss us off”, as Saint said. They were recently invading our servers and “hanging out”. Lots Of Pie said he would get them out of there, but they kept coming. Saint told me to make this post, and I listened to her because she is an excellent ACP solider whom everyone should follow her orders.

Her message:

“I would like to thank everyone who patrolled and a special thanks to kpk1rocks for helping.”

~ACP General Sheila