Patrolling Idea/Congress

Edit: Look at Chapa’s post below!

Hey everyone!

Well, I got a extremely GREAT Idea from Solraida, who pced me about it.

He thinks we should sign up for the certain patrols of servers. To have less confusion and organization. I agree that this is a wonderful idea! And we can check up on them better.

All I need to do, is create a sign up post pretty soon, for yuu all to sign up. I would like to have either 1-3 high ranks to lead. And I think we should stick with the same people on the same servers, too.

I would like to hear from everyone on this idea, and maybe to get started as soon as possible!

Also, I would like to have a Congress Meeting pretty soon. I’ll be sure to notify everyone shortly!



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EDIT: Guess what kind of band tomorrow’s song will be from! Here’s a abreviation: AAR