Wanna talk about some things and more vids

Yo its me Chapa. Before i show the ids i wanan take to you about some things. First the UMA and ACP incident. Basically if UMA leaders are the ones that started the war or doesn’t care about their soldiers attacking ACP, then I suggest UMA gets 3 new leaders. And Here’s a message to UMA that I hope will send a powerful end to this: If you think ACP is evil well we arent. (my next sentence will be softly sorta) Just because some treats you like your evil or a loser or a nerd, or just a piece of garbage people pick on, doesn’t mean you are one. What is important is what you think of yourself. Sorta like in Shrek The Third.  That’s one of the biggest lessons if someone thinks your like a piece of garbage.

And now the 2nd thing read the posts below xD.

The third is I have like an idea for a ACP activity.

Making a music video. I’ll make a poll soon and you the ACP people vote for what song.

Now the best part xD. The Answer is All American Rejects! The 3 songs for the vids are Move Along, Gives You Hell, and Night Drive.

 That’s all!

                                                                          King of The Lions(Chapa23)

New Idea

Aber: Please stop asking me or Shab who the next 3ic is. We don’t know!

I like the general idea of what RPF is doing with ST. This is based on that.

Acp should offer protection of smaller armies’ servers. Acp would help defend the server(s) in an invasion. The smaller army would still own the server and be able to do whatever with it. In return the smaller army would have to agree to help Acp as an ally if they needed help in a war or during an invasion of either our servers or another army’s servers.

I would like the leaders to all edit this post and put what they think about it.


Rapidy: Sounds great! Except us helping allies in a war… It’s not that great because we have a lot of allies… and one of our allies can end up going to war with another one of our allies.


Aber: I wanted to say thank yuu to everyone and Boomer! And for the UMA, last night, they split up and got their allies (RG and ST) to go to Breeze and Snow Forts at the same time. So I commanded for ACP to go after RG, there were about 2 so didnt take long. But, I think this is getting hard, acp soldiers are a little edgy on having to hold fire when being fired at. I think we need to establish a new idea upon this.

First thing is that UMA has called off the war temporarily, however they have continued to invade our servers (up to at least 3 so far).  Here are some pictures from the first and third raids:

Invasion 1:

UMA invades Ice Berg, but doesn’t attack.  I would still consider that an invasion since an invasion is defined as “an act or instance of invading or entering as an enemy, especially by an army”.  Since UMA has put us on the enemies list, I would consider that to be an invasion whether you attack or not.


UMA actually does attack.


ACP finally gets on the server.


ST arrives for some practice.


UMA makes a line, but ACP covers them up.


UMA begins to leave.


Invasion 3 (No pics from Invasion 2)

Only about 4 UMA came, so we just played sit on Pie until he got annoyed and realized, “Hey wait, I don’t have to be here”. 😐  It was fun while it lasted though…



In other news, I officially name Abercrombe29 the new ACP Vice President and Co-Leader.  Congrats Aber.  We will also need a new 3rd in Command to take her place.  I think I will talk to the other leaders about my current top choice just to make sure we are on the same page.

There will be a Brigade practice battle this Saturday, and I will be making a more informative post dedicated specifically to that, so clear out your schedules.

Also, the Rebel Soldier Bill is still available to be signed if you have not already signed it.

Lastly, I finally got back up to date with the emails (I had 170 waiting for me 😯 ).  Most of them were irrelevant by the time I saw them, but if it was something like adding you as an ally, I have saved it and will deal with it shortly.  If there is something you wanted to say that has not yet been addressed, you can email me HERE.  I’ll try to keep up with it better…


P.S.~Don’t forget the posts below.