Governor Elections

I know I’m retired, but I’ve been getting pc’s about Governor and Premier Elections. I’ve already planned them out, so expect the post shortly. I want to tie up the loose ends so there isn’t a huge mess.    

Aber, if its ok with you, could I still attend a few of the C. meetings?  I need to talk to everyone in it.

Thanks guys>>>>
(I’m back from Washington!!!!! It was AWESOME! Unfortunately my school trip picture was taken next to some person that terrifies me, but ahh life isn’t perfect.)
~Jedimaster17 (Retired of now)

Read the post below/ANTA/Music video poll

Ok First read Boomer’s post below this one. Second is I got the Music video poll set up.

Pick your favorite song! And third is about ANTA. I was thinking of bringing ANTA. If people says its impossible. so? if tony can do it, anyone else can. And usually The ANTA had forgotten about the small armies in ANTA. My Plan is for a new and improved ANTA, every army medium major or small working together to start the ANTA. All the armies taking the same road in the same car as 1 Powerful Army Nation.  Comment if you agree.


Brigade Practice Battle

Boomer’s Edit: Chapa has been removed from the site for now because it seems that other people are also interested in his position, so the only fair thing to do is to have a contest, coming soon.

Also, if you are in SSACP, there is a new post (finally), so make sure you check it out.

Saint came up with an idea for a Brigade practice battle so we can practice fighting in separate units.  Being able to split yourselves up and still fight equally well would give us a big advantage over other armies because we could easily fight in two places at once.  Here is the info:

When: Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where: Snow Fort, Snow Forts

Teams: Alpha, Delta, and Sigma (Color: Black) vs. Echo, Gamma, and Kappa (Color: Yellow)


10:30 am PST

11:30 am MST

12:30 pm CST

1:30 pm EST

6:30 pm U.K.

Tactics: Remember to stay quiet for commands (extra important since I won’t be the one leading), watch for regrouping after charges, and make sure to SPREAD OUT.  Make your side look bigger than the other one.


Make sure you know your Brigade.  Check HERE to make sure you know what Brigade you will be fighting for, and check above to see which team that means you will be on.  If you don’t have a Brigade, register for one HERE.

I hope to see everyone there, especially Brigade leaders (yeah that’s kind of important).  However many Brigade leaders attend is who will lead each team.  If for some reason none of the Brigade leaders on a team can make it, the Lt. Generals will lead.  Make sure you know that I’m not leading this, so please listen to the commands given by your Brigade/Team leaders.  If you don’t know who they are, look at the Divisions page.  Good luck to both sides, and I hope to see everyone there!  This could be a deciding battle in whether or not you get promoted on the 31st!

Comment if you can make it!