Some Bad News

I have some bad news….

I would like if I didn’t get 50 pcs that say “sry for your loss” because you don’t know me and didn’t know him so you shouldn’t say it just to be polite. This is why I made it so there is no commenting on this post.

My great grandpa died :(. He died when he had a stroke this morning. I won’t be on much on Sat other than at night and if I seem to act different on chat then this is why.



Promo Day

Shab: Head was fired and will continue to be fired from acp each time he joins because of the many revolts he has tried to have. He is still trying to have one but like every other time hes been unsuccessful so I’m gonna take him off the ranks. Leaders plz do not add him back even if he asks.

Congrats to all who got promoted!! 😀

Saint: there was a huge recruiting party a couple hours after the promo’s were published. Solraida lead it and it was awesome! I’m not sure if we got any people on the site but i did get some pictures that I’m not going to post. Also I’m almost finished with division updates I’m taking a break at the moment. Thats all for now.

Here are this months promos!!  I really went all out on this one to make up for being late on the last one because of all the computer problems.  I tried to promote everyone who was active, looking through pictures, comments, and whether I have seen you on chat.  Hopefully I got everyone!

If I missed you for some reason (it’s bound to happen with over 1500 soldiers to look over), please tell me in a comment on this post:

  1. Your CP Name (Or the one on the ranks)
  2. Why you believe you deserve a promo
  3. Current Rank

I feel that I also must mention, there was quite a bit of competition for ranks among the Major General and Brigadier General ranks, so not all of those who were active received promotions from that group due their being so many qualified soldiers.  Hopefully you will have a better chance next month.  I tried to limit the number of new mods, but there was a very high number of deserving soldiers who ended up receiving Mod ranks.  Because of this, we will be watching you carefully to make sure you are being a good Mod (check the Rules page to make sure you know what that means).  If a Mod is misbehaving, take a picture and send it to me at

Without further ado, the promos for March are in!

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Spring Break Promos/patrols/divisions page

Shab: My spring break doesnt start till next friday which is Good Friday and then it continues until a week after Easter.

Boomer is probably at school and doesn’t have spring break like some people in ACP do like me. So they will most likelybe out after normal school ends. Be patient they will come.

Already i have noticed people patroling more. Maybe they want to be noticed or maybe they just really want to keep our servers safe. Either or i know now that we have some responsible soldiers.

When the promo’s do come out I was wondering, if any other leader doesn’t want to do it, if I could put the soldiers who have gotten a promo into their correct positions in brigades. Also am i division one’s Field Marshall now? I just want to make sure before i edit that page.

Saint1119 ACP 3rd in Command

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