Saint: This is a little story my math teacher told me:

This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.


A cease fire is now in effect for the rest of tonight (thursday). This was agreed upon by Shab and Flarry. Great job today Acp!! Get ready for more fighting tomorrow.


After talking to lotsofpie, he decided that UMA is switching  sides and is now our ally in the war. DO NOT ATTACK THEM or they might decide to switch back. 😀

IW are now NEUTRAL. If you see them recruiting just leave them alone.

WW are neutral I believe….Wii supports nachos, Spacey supports Acp. Saint: Uhmm Shab, Spacey was spying on us yesterday. So I don’t think she is on ACP’s side. I guested her and she said “took ya long enough to find out didnt it” so yeah.

BB are allies with acp 😀

Golds are neutral now because I said so.



ACP Party/Invasion

We are currently enjoying ourselves on Shadow’s Rock at the Fjord Cove.  Why don’t you come join us xD


Muchas gracias for the picture [insert name here]…you know who you are… 😆


The Real Deal/Anniversary

Edit: We are counter attacking on White House at the Plaza!!  We need everyone there pronto!  Check the top right sidebar for our location, or if it says that it is not updated, check the newest comments.  This means soldiers at the battle need to comment saying where we are!

War.  That one word means a lot to an army.  Well soldiers, for the first time in probably well over a year, we have ourselves a real war.  The real deal.  It is something Club Penguin armies have been craving, for lack of anything better to do.  This conflict escalated fast, and I’m still not positive why it was started, but it’s time to get in there and actually have some fun for once.

War is complex, yet simple at the same time.  For the soldiers, it is all about loyalty, and dedication to your army.  For a leader, it is a chance to show the world the strength of his army.  We have had quite a few practice battles recently, and it is time to show what we are made of.  The Nachos called this war, so let’s do Club Penguin armies a favor and not back down from this one.

War is a chance for soldiers to be trained.  You will never learn quicker about what it takes to be a soldier, than you will in a true war.  Maybe that’s why there are so many so-called “n00bs” around nowadays.  It’s because even the highest ranked soldiers often have next to no war experience.

War is all about loyalty.  The army that wins, is the army that will not quit.  The army that will fight for hours on end, and never give in.

War is about the veterans, and the recruits.  It is about teamwork, working together for a common purpose.  For the Generals, this is your time to shine.  In war, future leaders are created.  Because war has no time outs, no intermission, no breaks, the leader will not always be around.  The success of the army is dependent upon the dedication and skill of the Generals, who will lead the army more often than ever before.  War is also about the recruits, the new soldiers, who enter their first battle with their army, and fight courageously, marching their army to victory.

Well guys, this is what we have been waiting for, what we have been training for, and it is time to stand up and fight.  This is not about opinions or politics or allies, it is about saving Club Penguin armies from the Dark Ages, and having some fun while we’re at it.

As a last note, it is important in war to know where you army is.  For this purpose, we will do two things:

  1. In the top right sidebar, there will be an “ACP Locator”, which will be updated by me every time we switch locations.
  2. In the event that I am not online during a battle, I will be counting on the soldiers.  Every time we switch locations on Club Penguin, leave a comment on the newest post saying where we are.  Soldiers can then check at the bottom of the comments for where we are currently located.

In other news, today is Fox and my 1 month anniversary 😀

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Welcome new recruits. If you see this then you have found the official site of the Army of Club Penguin.

Our Chat is:

The chat is where you will find all of our soldiers and leaders. You can talk to them on there and make some friends.

Orders during battle will also be given on chat.

Our leader is Boomer 20 Check the ranks page for all of our soldiers.



UPDATE: Person and I have called a cease fire for today (after 4 hours lol).  Great job everyone, and I will be recapping the action later (or tomorrow if I can’t get on again).  To put it simply, lots of fighting, Nachos invaded Breeze, we fought them off, they invaded Snow Globe, we fought them off, we invaded White House, they fought us off.  Then we were tired lol…


Whenever you see this post, the Nachos are invading us!  We need your help, so come whenever you can!  This improves your chance of getting promoted quite a bit on Thursday as well!

ACP’s current location: Snow Globe Snow Forts


Things to do

    Hey everyone, sorry about my recent inactivity in the ACP work.I couldn’t focus on it due to some life problems and the chat problem. I apologize to anyone I may have offended during the whole chat thing. Anyway back to business, I’m going to set up that soldier idea session project really soon but I need to talk to boomer about that so talk to me when you can. I’m still going to need approval from the other leaders to launch that server legislature project so leaders please edit the post if you agree or PC me about it. When these two things are done I can focus on some of the more minor things.


Check out mel’s site. Hes a good friend of mine with an awsome site. 😀 He sponsors Acp with not just 1 banner but 2!!! banners on his site. Check it out for cheats and cool site based on club penguin.



New ACP Nonmember Uniforms

I figured we would look more professional if we had a more specific uniform, so I changed them up a bit so that the items for the uniform are more recent.  Don’t worry if you can’t match these exactly, just wear green and do the best you can.


I tried to make it look cooler by adding a border…

You can wear whichever one you like, and remember, it doesn’t need to match exactly.  We will hopefully be making a new ACP Member Uniform shortly, because the old one, while it will still be used (if you happen to have the items), uses items that aren’t available anymore (at least not yet).  We’ll see what we can do to make an interesting Member Uniform for our newer soldiers.


Practice Battle, Drilling, THE WINNER IS PURPLE!

Wow today was long! Well we started a little early for the first practice battle (my bad). I had to lead the blue team (totalled out to about 8 ) and Wicket1235 lead red (totalled out to about 20+). Red team whooped us xD but we did use our small size to our advantage. Then I asked the ACP to vote for either another practice battle or go for drilling. They voted for Drilling. During the drilling i told them that the pizza emote meant charge. So we practiced that and it was a great success! Awhile after that we decided to have ANOTHER practice battle! The second battle was really close with Foxtails leading blue and Divotoo leading red. They battled it out hard after blue would charge red, red would come right back and charge them and vise verse. So it turned out that our winner was for the second battle…


Yup it was a tie. Red and Blue make Purple! If you didn’t know that already. Here are some pictures from the battles/drilling:

Here the Blue team spreads out (runs in a circle) to confuse Red team.


Here Blue team tries to charge a little group of Red


Red charges Blue


We turn green for drilling and make a circle at the Ice Rink


Charge to the middle: the key charge was when i told the troops that the Pizza Emote = a Charge to the middle. It was very successful.


The second practice battle starts and Red and Blue have an emote contest 😛


Blue charges red


Red charges blue


Yah it was fun! Here is some tips for our future leaders:

Don’t crowd around one person – Make sure u spread out

Prepare oders – Tell your team what you are doing before u exicute them

I think today was a success. I’m not sure about yesterday (i was in a lion costume at U of I).

Comment here if you made it!

-Saint1119 ACP 3rd in Command

Practice Battle Reminder [Time Change?]

Saint: Heyy I’m back, sorry i was at state in a lion costume 😛 . I’ll be able to make any time today so whatever is good for you!

Boomer: Flappy could you move back the FoxX News auditions, that’s the only way I think this might work.  I’m really sorry about that…

Don’t forget the other practice battle today!  I was hoping to change the time a bit because I don’t think any leaders attended last time, and at the current time, I won’t be able to make it either.

I am suggesting the time be made 1:00 pm PST unless Saint or someone can attend at the current time and not the new one, in which case you can change it back.

When: Sunday, April 26, 2009

Server: Snow Day

Room: Snow Forts


Red Division (Division 1): Wicket1235
Blue Division (Division 2): Foxtails

Times: [Updated]

1:00 pm PST

2:00 pm MST

3:00 pm CST

4:00 pm EST

9:00 pm U.K.


Practice Battle Details 

As you may know, there are two teams, Red and Blue.  Each Division will represent a color.  Division I (Alpha, Delta, and Echo), led by Saint1119, represents the Red Team.  Division II (Gamma, Kappa, and Sigma), led by Solraida, represents the Blue Team.  Please arrive at the battle in appropriate colors. 



If you do not have a Division yet, if your Club Penguin name starts with the letters A-M, you will be Red.  If your name starts with the letters N-Z, you will be Blue.

Here are the uniforms.  They can be adjusted based on what clothing items you have, but you must be the color you are assigned.  If you are a nonmember, just make sure to wear the appropriate color, and anything else will be fine.


Final Notes: Make sure you know who is leading for your team, which you can find above (Saturday: Red – Dryvit, Blue – Matthewmsh1 / Sunday: Red – Wicket1235, Blue – Foxtails).  You need to watch this person extra closely during the battle so you know when to carry out charges, etc.  Make sure you spread out at all times, and stay QUIET so that you can see the commands.  The only time you should say anything is when you are charging, or if your leader gives a command, for example “regroup”.  In order to help them out so that everyone knows, when you see your leader say “regroup”, you say it too so that more people will know.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, so someone else is going to need to take the pictures this time.

Also, if you want this to be a contest where we go by points, you get a point each time you:

  • Have a successful charge (the majority of your side charges and covers up the opponent)
  • Avoiding a charge (moving out of the way before you are covered up)
  • Being the larger side for 5 minutes (whoever is supervising the battle (perhaps Saint), should check the clock every 5 minutes, and see which side has more people)

Have fun guys, and comment if you can make it!  Now that we are getting closer to the April 30th Promo Day, it will give you a much better chance of being promoted if you attend these next few battles.