Practice Battle TODAY 4/4/09

Boomer’s Edit: Yes, the Invisible Children is a great organization that a club I am in at my school has been raising money for.  For the practice battle, make sure you come in the correct colors (someone needs to post about which Division is usually which color, I don’t remember).  Make sure you listen for the commands from Saint and Aber and anyone else that may lead if they can’t make it.

I made the division leaders the color’s of what side they lead – Saint

Aber: I didn’t want to post over saint’s practice war post, but iwanted to inform yuu guys that i made a new video. I am part of an organization called Invisible Children which is about rescuing children in uganda from being child soldiers, here is the link to the site, and to my video.


Yeah sorry it’s a little late to post this so some of you probably wont see it until tomorrow. But anyways we are having a PRACTICE BATTLE!!!! Yeah maybe I’m a little to excited, but hey it will be fun right?


Anyways it will be Red against Blue.

Server: Snow Fort

Room(s): Dojo Courtyard or Dojo

Division 1 Leader: Saint1119

Alpha, Delta, and Echo


Division 2 Leader: Abercrombe29

Kappa, Gamma, and Sigma



11:30 Pacific

12:30 Mountain

1:30 Central

2:30 Eastern

7:30 UK


I want EVERYONE to be there! Of course this is a friendly battle, but i want you to battle like your life depended on it! Ha I think I’m too excited… Well anyways im going to cut it short because i think they need me on CP. CYA!

Be sure you stay quiet and listen for commands on Club Penguin.

You can wear anything that is your division’s color.

-Saint1119 ACP 3rd in Command

Progress Check

Edit: If you asked for a promo, I pretty much gave you one with the exception of the ranks just below/above the mod rank just because there were so many new mods this month.

Also, Flappy figured out how to broadcast live webcams on his site, and he has and will be airing LIVE footage of CP battles, parties, etc.  It’s really awesome!  Go check it out!

Now that the month of March is over, I thought it was a good time to see how we are doing.

The ACP site this past month, received more hits than it ever has.  We finished with a total of 118,811 hits this month, our second straight with over 100,000 (we almost had three, but we fell less than 300 hits short in January).

In addition to that, we have had more soldiers joining than ever before (regularly over 80 per week, sometimes over 100).  That can be easily recognized in our battles.  We usually get around 60 soldiers for practice battles (you talkin’ ’bout practice?), yeah why would people come to a practicebattle…uhh maybe because it’s important… 😛 .  Practice battles are a great way for young soldiers to get used to fighting in an organized army, and a great time for experienced soldiers to practice leadership and to show the young soldiers a thing or two (something I would like to see more of).

At realbattles, you can tell that ACP has more soldiers than attend the practice battles.  At the Clash of the Unforgiven, the biggest battle in CP armies probably ever, ACP had 110 soldiers on the server despite the fact that it was at night, and too late for all of our U.K. soldiers.  For battles with RG or other armies, we have gotten anywhere from 70-90 soldiers.

Our chat is always buzzing with soldiers, as many as 40 at any given time, and well over 50 during battles.  We make regular appearances in Xat’s Top 10 most popular chats, and have even reached as high as 3rd.

To put this in perspective, I have a copy of ACP’s hits by month, and you can see just how much stronger we’ve become in the recent months.

Pretty sweet, huh?  Impressive considering the previous record was during ACP’s peak back in August of 2007.  The other high point was August 2008 during the summer when everyone is home most of the time, as compared to now when everyone has school most of the time.  As you can see, we have pretty much destroyed the previous totals to the point where we have nearly doubled them.  As for those “lows”, they are still 45,000+ hits, which is higher than all army sites other than the Nachos and RPF recently, so it’s not like we are beating low hits totals.


We have consistently improved each month so far since I took over as leader, however I will be surprised if we can beat March’s hits total right away.  March is ACP’s month because of the St. Patrick’s Day party, so beating that is going to be tough, but I think we can do it if everyone works their butts off.  We just need to make a conscious effort to just get on Club Penguin every day, do some recruiting, and keep spreading ACP’s name.  If everyone pitches in, I can guarantee we will keep getting better.  At this point in my army career, I would like to thank all of you for your never-ending desire to keep working to make ACP the best army it can be.  I’ll keep working too.  This group of soldiers we have right now is perhaps the most loyal, active, and hardworking bunch I’ve ever seen.  Rather than just the top soldiers working hard like in the past, I can honestly say we are at the point where everyone is working hard for the common good of ACP and Club Penguin alike.  Together, we will make ACP the best army it can be.

This is also a period of reflection for me.  I feel like I have done a pretty good job as leader so far, but I really feel like I can do so much more to help this army and Club Penguin armies in general.  I am glad to have the support of so many allies and army leaders, something that probably makes things a bit easier for me than it was for Oagal.  For that, I thank you.  If I can just make ACP accepted among all armies, then I will have succeeded as a leader.  Until then, I promise my allies and enemies alike, I am here to help you guys out whenever you may need it.  I will welcome all those who would like to be allies with us, and I am here to give not just ACP soldiers, but everyone, the most fun Club Penguin experience possible.

Please answer this poll based on which army you consider to be your primary army.

I would also appreciate it if you can help me out on this one:

If you have any suggestions of ways I can improve as a leader, please feel free to comment.