Congress Meeting

I wanted to plan a congress meeting soon to discuss the following topics:

  • Server Reduction I want the plan approved and sent to Boomer this meeting
  • New Elections
  • And an open forum at the end of the meeting

The meeting will be on Thursday, April 9th.

Time: PM

8:00 Eastern

7:00 Central

6:00 Mountain

5:00 Pacific


If you have forgotten, I’m posting who is on the Congress members:

  • Supreme Commander: Boomer 20
  • Co-leader/ President : Shaboomboom
  • Vice President: Abercrombe29
  • Consulates: Jojofishy(Consulate Leader Appointee), Seanehawk and Wicket, Ktman2 (SIC),  The Jungle N , Hattrick, and Trickster.
  • Senators: Saint1119 (Senate Leader),Sheila Gally (SIC), Nate95000, Unicow Rules, Ennbay, Blue Speed 7, Ironkid2834, Foxtails0, Thomas720.
  • Name = Retired/not in ACP anymore

    I hope to see everyone there. Note: if you live in the UK I’m sorry for the time difference I will appoint someone to tell the UK Congress members about the meeting.

    -Saint1119 ACP 3rd in Command

    Ssacp site

    I was going to make a post on the ssacp site and noticed that im not on the site anymore. Boomer are u still on the site?


    Boomer: No, I think Maz removed everyone again 😐