ACPTV Meeting Results

Flappy’s Edit: LOL Shab, ASCP is not a new noob army. I mean it 😀

Note: ASCP would like me to say that they are NOT a noob army.

Also Golds has been rapidly expanding with merges and such. If you would like to become a squad inside of it talk to Shab on either golds chat or acp chat. Also acp members are always welcome to join golds. 😀

Fox News Logo:

The meeting went great! Here are some things that are coming out soon:

  1. New name! ACP Penguin Television Studios™ (for short we call it ACP Studios)
  2. New series called ACP: On the Inside™
  3. Working at ACP Studios now can improve your ACP rank!
  4. ACP Studios is not only a TV Show, ACP Studios owns ACPTV.
  5. HD coming to ACPTV on May 16th.
  6. For those who don’t know what your rank does, go to the Glossary and check out your rank.
  7. Fox News™ is going to be the official ACP news station. Here is the xat chat.


50 Responses

  1. i like it 🙂

  2. Sweet ok Flappy you are kind of over posting the important post I would stop. 😯

  3. 3rd

  4. 4th Sweet!!! How do you become staff member of ACP Studios and where is the site?

  5. Nevermind.

  6. about the last question.

  7. Ohh and may you keep advertising the ACPTR so we can keep the cadets coming.

    **Stay Strong ACP** -Hawkboy16 Warrant Officer of ACP Co-leader of ACPTR

  8. Ooh, I wanna have a TV show 😮 Yeah, me and Flarry Jerry and maybe Person… we could call it “Fox News” xD

  9. Any TV show with Flarry, Person, and me in it would be rated like, R.

  10. I was at the meeting !!!!!!!!! 🙂

  11. 13th and w00t i was there!!!

  12. Fox News lol

  13. I think Fox News is a great idea!

  14. Great job flappy!

  15. ROFL Fox! so true on rating…. anyway, im an actor! (lol, FOX news)

  16. llol fox news

  17. FOX news, wow. kewlyo.i want ot be teh guy in the background doing the stuff behind teh camera dat would be uber kewlyo and stuff. waffles. noseh out!!!

  18. fox I WANNA BE IN IT!! then it wouldnt be allowed to be aired on anything whatsoever do to sexual content!!!

  19. i would be on fox news! wed only talk about….eh…. “batin” stuff to not be a sicko

  20. MAN I MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!!1 My family had to get Popeyes. Louisiana, FAST!

  21. Thanks for hiring me as the stripper 😀

  22. Those are some awesome ideas! Wish i coulda been there, and FOX gets her own news show? All she’s gonna talk about is edwadu’s man boobs (chat moment!)

  23. Lol Flapjack.

  24. Mehhh! Will I be a mod on your chat Fox?

  25. *sits boredly, waiting for someone else to comment.*

  26. C-c-c-crank it up!


  28. O.o I just put on floatie things on CP server Mammoth. I’m at the pool now. GO, IF WOO READ DIS, GO!


  30. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! this is cool guys! I really like it 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Rock acp!

  31. With, not against. I’m hyper!

  32. Lol fox rofl

  33. MEHer. maybe i should comment on patrols page to not spammeh up this page OH HI FARSIGHT!

  34. I’m really sorry I couldn’t come. I had to eat dinner and I was busy after that.

    I’ll help as much as I can try to.

    -ACP Gen Sheila

  35. RELLOW FLAPPY RELLOW SHEILA! I’m randomly fighting the stupid NINJAS OF MAMMOTH because I have nothing better to do and now buddies are on. The Ninjas of Mammoth always want war and can never accept that we won. YES, ik they’re n00bs, but I wanted a war ok?

  36. Flappy, heres the screen link you wanted me to give you:

    Basically you would use this when the TV isn’t in use, kind of like commercials.

    ~Sheila ACP Gen

  37. FOX News? More like, Faux News…

  38. *20th century fox music starts playing* cool logo!

  39. 45th

  40. Whoa My birthday Is May 16th 😯

  41. fox wasnt the news show my idea O.o

  42. He’s right ASCP is not a N00b army!!!!! We shall never fall to the Golds.

    Long Live Army Strong!!!! ~Love4life5

  43. Now THAT’S a logo.

  44. ASCP might be merging with IW Shab and were goin to destroy the golds

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