Top 10 Armies/The Hacker/Promos to Come (for Some) – Yay Rhymes

I was bored, so I looked at the major (and larger medium) army sites and compared their number of viewers over the past few weeks.  If they didn’t have that widget, I compared comments.  From it, I have determined the Top 10 armies as of right now. 

  1. ACP (Army of Club Penguin)
  2. Nachos
  3. RPF (Rebel Penguin Federation)
  4. WW (Watex Warriors)
  5. UMA (Underground Mafias Army)
  6. UPA (United Penguin Army)
  7. FRW (Fire Roman Warriors)
  8. IW (Ice Warriors)
  9. USCP (United Servers of Club Penguin)
  10. ST (Shadow Troops)

Remember: This list is based on views and comments, so they may not be perfectly accurate.  IW, for example, has never gotten a lot of hits, but has always had loyal troops, so in battles, they would be higher.  Likewise for ST, they would probably be higher.  If your army seems high on this list, but does not field many soldiers for battles, there is a good chance that you have some soldiers who are being kinda lazy…


Next, someone did a little research into who has been hacking our polls and who hacked the one on Paintboy’s site.  By matching IP addresses, we were able to determine that one or two of our polls were hacked by Sergie, not Mat.  We were also able to determine that neither were responsible for the hacking of the poll on Paintboy’s site, so we are investigating whether “Weegee” could have done it.  More on that as we find out…


Lastly, I will be doing Midterm Promos today, so if you are a Warrant Officer or under, you can comment saying you deserve a promo.  That way I have a record that you are active.  Please don’t ask me too many questions or pc me on chat because I probably won’t be watching for them.  Thanks in advance.


94 Responses

  1. 2nd Oh yeah!

  2. Ok pretty cool boomer you have like the best ideas lol thanks being leader boomer. 🙂 pretty cool guys lets keep going! 3rd!

    Rock on acp!

  3. the ssacp site is down

    ps 4th!

  4. This is metsfan673, i am under warrant officer, i am just on his computer

  5. I am icem3n, i deserve a promo i am always active in acp please promo me!! thanks

  6. oh and i am a captain in acp

  7. im 8th comment!

  8. i hope i get promo

  9. The USCP made the list! 😮 😀

  10. well im captain but i havent been promoted in 3 1/2 months

  11. awww i am lt but i want a promo

  12. lier IMAF is a medem army

  13. Compare my IP adress with the hacker on the second poll. They won’t match.

    Also whoever changed the poll to “IM WEEGEE AND I HACK POLLS” needs to be identified.

  14. 15th


  16. I deserve a Promo. I am a Sergeant and I always check the site for updates. I also haven’t been ranked for 7 months. I would really like a Promo. Thanks!

    -Cjuniour, Army Leader of the Golden Ghosts and ACP Sergeant.

  17. I’m a Warrant Officer and passed the ACPTR test and was so good got a promo to Drill team leader and then my activeness there got me a promo to Co-leader along with Packer1NFL

  18. I have to disagree USCP never heard of them and my army beat UPA.

  19. Boomer I deserve a promo because I spend all my time on Club Penguin fighting for ACP and against the ninjas of Mammoth I also post many comments so I should go up a few ranks.

  20. 20th

  21. 20th

  22. I deserve to be promoted because I am kind friendly and loyal and the last one to surrender. So PLZ PLZ PLZ promote me.

  23. it copied ma comment

  24. when are the OTHER promos?

  25. Hi Boomer. I am a seargant and I desrve a promo. I go on the site almost every day and try to go for battles but I sometimes get mixed up with the times ‘cos they’re not listed for my time zone andI’m really active at the moment.
    Thanks Boomer. Rock on!

  26. End of the month

  27. hi i am john16126 i think i deserve a promo. I go on the chat 2 hours each day! I go to every battle and practice battle. I think it would not be a mistake giving me a promo!

    p.s. I have been trying so hard!!!!! please consider me for a promo!!!!!!

  28. p.s.s. i am a corporal

  29. Yes consider me too

  30. where da hell did meh comment go..

  31. oh yeah promos for all of us are comin up 😀

  32. Guys! I help lead a small army called the EACP, or Elite Army of CLub Penguin, and this Weegee person has been threatening to hack our site “if certain things happen”. So far, we handed out promotions, and he says if we give out another, he’ll delete the entire site. This Weegee also tried to invite all Major Armies to a Tournament, which he would have tried to claim it as a World War, started by him. Leaders of the ACP, as one of your soldiers and as a fellow Army Leader, I ask you to help me find out who this Weegee is, so we can take him down for good!

    – Brigadier General/EACP Co-Leader TotalN00B

  33. when are the real promos comeing out?

  34. i desver i promo i go on cp and this website everyday.

  35. Everywhere I go, my comments get put under moderation o_o

  36. oh and i am a sergeant

  37. I am a Warrent Officer. Thanks for givng me a promotion.
    I have been active everyday all day. I am studying so I
    can pass the ACPTR. Anyways Good Luck with everything! 😀

  38. I am a Sergent. Thanks for the promotion! 😀

  39. and total report him to whatever your site is useing like wordpress and he cant do it anyway case you dident do anything but you should go to wordpress or whatever your site is useing and report him and read the terms of servise

  40. Its Roman Fire Warriors not Fire Roman Warriors

  41. im under warrent officer

  42. It’s “Roman Fire Warriors (RFW)”, and I think we are bigger than UPA… 😐 Just my opinion.

    ~Pringle, RFW Leader

  43. Hey Boomer I share the same problem. My army currently has spies in their ranks. the spies were issued by Weegee. Please help/

  44. no offense, but opinions don’t matter. 🙄

  45. 😦 i just pasted warrent officer!

  46. Im gernyman and I deserve a promo

  47. I deserve a promo cause i was at all the wars/invasions and im loyal. Plz and thk you.

  48. i really need to be a rank up or so plz!! dont u think im kinda useful!? ineed a promo cause i work hard and never give up+i go to evety battle!!:l

  49. wow I expected more comments by now

  50. you know what i have a good idea my name is mfizzle10 on club penguin i am bags101 and i am in an army and they really need allies go to these two websites boomer 20 please we need you guys go to these wbsites and than kyou

  51. i think i deserve a promo


  53. Hi, my name is Monsterfully, and I’m a Warrant Officer. I think I deserve a promotion because I go on chat every single day! I go on before school and after school. I go to many battles. I am a member of the ACPtv crew as a Casting Director and I will make it to the meeting. (Before the meeting I have a Karate Tournment in the morning, so no problem!) Thank you for accepting me into the major army which I like.

  54. i deserve it im active im usaly on chat and im captain

  55. Why does it have to be Warrent And Down Boomer why can’t it be Lt. Colonel and down 😯 << I like this emote xD!

  56. I will not be active this week I have my SAT next week and I need all the tiem I can get to study

  57. even though im a major i still kinda think i should get promo thanks

  58. i think i should get a promo

  59. i think i should get a promo thanks boomer

  60. im mostly on chat but come to the battles to


  62. 60th

  63. @bfan do good on ur SATS and after them skl lets u do anything u want trust me ive done them im in yr 7 now so do good on them ok

    p.s. good luck

  64. I deserve Promo bc I fought and won 4 battles. I’m only Warrent officer.

  65. I deserve a promo because… wait… I’m higher than Warrant Officer. 😛 I’ll tell people the promos were scared of meh hotness.

  66. Join my new army, Sector 7 of CP! High ranks available now! If you are a CP war veteran, you’ll be given a normal rank and specialty rank from Sector 7! Just list if you are truly one when you join!

  67. dumb hackers…

  68. I am Mac3p0, and I a Warrant Officer. I have joined in some of the latest battles. Including both gold battles. I have been very active on chat and I have joined the ACP Training Regiment.

  69. My penguins name is Jubjubthep. im a warrant officer. i have been in every battle up to date and active alot and also on chat.

  70. Ozzy the promos are for warrent officer or under!

  71. I am now a corporal in ACP(name Adile 4055) and have been in almost every battle.I think i deserve a promo as a warrent officer because I have expirince with other armies and will work really hard! Plz!!

    P.S. I tried to get a promo last time but didn’t!

  72. This is Solderboy5…… I should get a promotion because I go on the chat daily and I go on ths web site every day. I also go on cp a lot!!!!

    P.S. I go to every battle that I can attend and I go to every practice battle………….I am a corporal………….plz consider to move me up a rank

  73. I deserve a promo… lol.

  74. hmm UPA? is big. probably they get armies to merge

  75. I hope I get ranked up
    I should get ranked up because I am a hardworking soldier I am loyal to higher ranked officers I never mutiny and finally go to as many battles as possible

  76. can i have a promo i am active a lot and i come to battles all the time

  77. U can say I am medium active. I did like 2 recruiting and 3 patrols.

  78. ACP this is a plea for help. Weegee has hacked my small army’s site for no reason. He deleted some people’s join comments so it looks like they never joined. Right now my army’s site is in danger. If he could hack the join page comments he could also delete the site. Me and my co-leader: Totaln00b; have had to issue a martial law. I have also been told by Totaln00b that Weegee will destroy the army if we give a promo out. So now I can not hand promos out to the soldiers who earn it. It is kinda like Weegee is in control. I badly need your help. Please help my army (it is EACP btw. No not one of the fake ones. The real one. When you search Elites our site is the first one to come up). Please, please, PLEASE help my army get rid of Weegee. We have been searching about him and we know that:
    1. He issued spies into our army’s ranks
    2. He will destroy a army if they do certain “things”
    3. There are two of them
    4. He made a large army contest to start a world war
    5. And finally, he wants to destroy all small armies.
    Please help.

  79. I know i deserve a promo because i listen to orders of my commanding officers plz promo me im a sergeant.

  80. Have a top 30 unimportant small unheard of army list. my army would be like 28. oh yeah

  81. Rofl Nachos are the only army there that are just one simple word.

  82. i deserve a promo

    thanks boomer

  83. I deserve a promo. i am loyal and annoying. i just love to be a sarge XD

  84. I should be promoted because I am hardworking to the acp I fight when neccesary and I am nice to others.

  85. for starters i would like to join secondly it has been months and i havent been joined

  86. i think i deserve a promo cuz i have been really active on cp and a little on chat. i have also been fighting really good.

    thank u

  87. im Rock71, a warrant officer and i would like and deserve a promo

  88. Penguin name Ocho Cinco88
    Im sargent and i think i should be warrant officer or above thankyou boomer

  89. ST will live

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