WordPress Stricter On Swearing On Cp Blogs

I got an email from wordpress when I asked about the Golds site. Here is the email:

“It is completely unacceptable to use the language that has been posted.
Every post with cuss words or any word that uses * must be deleted.

Language should be decent at all times.

If that blog ever has complaints about language it will be permanently removed.
You can tell all CP blogs that cussing will now mean suspension.”

Suspension is permanant in almost all cases. I do NOT want to see swearing on posts OR comments anymore. Even putting * instead of the letters is not allowed.



Boomer’s Edit: Although our site has always been very good about language, this is a reminder, obviously.  Don’t post anything with swearing.  If you have to think about whether it is potentially inappropriate, just assume that it is.  Based on other sites’ comments, it appears the ACP site is the only site who has really instituted any kind of language filter.  The Nachos site would qualify as being filtered, since Person manually approves all the comments.  With this as a reminder, I will be taking special precautions to make sure all language is filtered from comments.  As it is, I have yet to see a comment with inappropriate language get through the filter.  If you see something that does, please let me know and I will block it from the site.  If certain individuals display vulgar language multiple times, I have no problem with blocking you from commenting on the site (yes, I can do that).  And yes, using * to replace the letters still qualifies as cursing, which comically, has prevented Person’s comments from posting because I blocked the stars that are in his name in the filter.  For those of you with concerns of whether or not this site is safe, I can assure you that it is.  In many ways it is even more appropriate than Club Penguin’s filter, which allows quite a few inappropriate terms through that ours will catch 😆 .