ACP Penguin Television Studios Changes

Saint: Don’t forget about the PRACTICE BATTLES and CONGRESS MEETING! We have a lot of changes that we are going thru and I would like to explain them to you. We are going to explain these things. First of all, we will be posting less on ACP site and more on the NEW ACP Penguin Television Studios (or as many call it, ACP Studios). Also, we are going HD! It’s finally coming and its going to be sweet! We have had testing of the High Definition and people say they LOVE it! Next, we are going to have the rankings updated. But we will have many live contest going on. So when this happens, we will post on ACP site so everyone is alerted.

Now for a surprise! Here is a news show that we will start airing live on acptv soon: Mystery News Show! Now, we will be having many updates on the ACP Penguin Television Studios Site. If you wish to be in the crew from the Official ACP Penguin Television Studios, then click here to Join!

Here’s the info for the Practice Battle:

When: Saturday and Sunday April 25th and 26th

Where: Snow Day, Snow Forts


Red Division leader for Saturday April 25th: Dryvit

Blue division leader for Saturday April 25th: Matthewmsh1

Red division leader for Sunday April 26th: Wicket1235

Blue division leader for Sunday April 16th: Foxtails

Time: 3:00 Eastern, 2:00 Central, 1:00 Mountain, 12:00 Pacific, and 8:00 UK


Time for Congress Meeting *NOTE* Saint1119 will NOT be able to make it due to the fact she is going to State for her nerd crew:

Times: Friday, April 24th

6:30 Eastern

5:30 Central

4:30 Mountain

3:30 Pacific

11:30 UK (sorry) If you PC me or email me at i will give you an update on what we did at the congress meeting for UK people.

New DRACP Flag

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It ended up being a two-person race, and the results are in!  After over 150 votes, the winner is…

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