A Trifecta of Invasions

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The RFW war looks like it will be ACP, UMA, and Golds vs. RFW, ST, and IMAF.  WW may join us, and IW may join RFW, but RFW is interested in keeping this a 3 on 3 match.

Unfortunately, RFW beat me to the punch by scheduling their first battle on our turf.  Unfortunately for them, I feel like making this “triangular” war or whatever they are calling it – a bit more interesting.  ACP has two allies in the war, UMA and the Golds, so I figured we’d give them some action that have been waiting for.  This invasion has the potential to be a two-server swing, meaning we can win the battle on our turf, as well as win two of our opponent’s servers, which would then be owned jointly by ACP, UMA, and the Golds unless it is won back by RFW and their allies.  We will spread the wealth, and the enemy, by attacking an RFW server and an ST server in addition to defending our own (Snow Fort).  Here is the information for the invasions.  Please note that ACP will be split among three servers at the same time in order to help out our allies.  Make sure to read for where you will be.

The date and times are all the same for the invasions (they are all at once).  This is why it is important for you to know which one you will be attending.

Date: Saturday, May 16, 2009


11:00 am PST

12:00 pm MST

1:00 pm CST

2:00 pm EST

7:00 pm U.K.


Here are the 3 invasions.  Remember to check which one you will be participating in.  In the leaders listing, the highest ranked of that group leads, and everyone one is responsible for helping that leader out in any way they can (repeating commands, etc.).  You will essentially a Co-Leader for the battle.


1. Operation Blockade

  • Location: Snow Fort Snow Forts (Owned by ACP)
  • Who: ACP Kappa Brigade, ACP Sigma Brigade, All ACP soldiers without a Brigade
  • Leaders: Boomer 20, Shaboomboom, Stev712, Bigpeng92, Jediseth, Thomas0270, Noka 11

2. Operation Doublestrike

  • Location: Parka Snow Forts (Owned by ST/RFW)
  • Who: ACP Delta Brigade, ACP Echo Brigade, UMA
  • Leaders: Abercrombe29, Solraida, Clintos007, Pc Engine, Thebest22, Wicket1235, Foxtails, Chapa23, Matthewmsh1, Person535, Coolguy12348 / Lots Of Pie, Potatoes4, Wurburt45348

3. Operation Shark Attack

  • Location: Great White Snow Forts (Owned by RFW)
  • Who: ACP Alpha Brigade, ACP Gamma Brigade, Golds
  • Leaders: Saint1119, Ktman, Manjensen, Baloon451, Mrnooner, Dryvit, Divotoo, Js Thgrourhg / Lorenzo Bean, Feephill, Tiny Finn, Sriv007


Please note that anyone who does not have a Brigade is to report to Snow Fort.

I look forward to seeing how these invasions turn out.  Please try your best to make it to your assigned invasion.  This is a great chance for the younger soldiers to get some real battle experience, and a great chance for the higher ranked soldiers to get a chance to lead an army.

If you don’t remember what Brigade your are in, you better find out now by clicking HERE.  If you do not have one yet, don’t worry, we will need your help on Snow Fort either way.  Just because you don’t have one doesn’t mean we don’t need your help, we just need a little extra help on our home server.

Since I can only be on one server at one time, we will need other people to take some pictures.  If you don’t know how to take pictures, here are some tips (make sure you have Photobucket or a similar image uploading site, otherwise, don’t worry about the following):

  • Press the button on your keyboard that says “prt sc”, “print screen”, or something similar.  By hitting this, you have taken a picture of what is on your screen. 
  • After that, open up a program called “Paint”, or if you don’t have that, find another image-editing program. 
  • Go to the edit menu and select “Paste”, or hit “ctrl+v” or “Apple+v” to paste it.  After that you can edit the image and save it.
  • Go to Photobucket or a similar image uploading site and upload the file.
  • Paste the link into a comment on the post after this battle.

If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry about it, we just need a couple of the leaders on each server to take some pics so we can make a more accurate post.

If any of these servers end up being full at the time of the battle, keep trying for a bit to see if you can get in, or just go to one of the three servers listed above that you can get into.

This is a really big battle, so clear your schedules and write down this date.  I want to see green all over these three servers.  To our allies, make sure you make posts about this so your armies know as well.  I also want to see this posted on each and every Brigade site.  With enough hard work, we will come out on top.

Comment if you can make it!


114 Responses

  1. 1st person!

  2. dang it 2nd

  3. dang it 2nd

  4. 4th

  5. Interesting style of attack. This will benefit both Officers and soliders equally well; giving both valuable experience. I advise people not to go and spam RFW chat, site, or anything. “Never argue with an idiot, they’ll bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience.”

  6. How do u know wat brigade or operation ur fighting in? lol, I sound like a noob but wat operation do u find out ur fighting in.

  7. ok cool! lol! I might make it i have a tournament and three games through out the weekend so I might make it!

    Rock on acp!

  8. i can make it, i hope

  9. whoa! u posted alot while i was gone 4 like 5 minutes! xP

  10. rofl, nvm, I obviously didnt read the who section.

  11. oh yea im coming

  12. I think I can make it.

  13. I think i can make it

  14. Cool, Parka. I can make it.

  15. Moo. i can make it

  16. Sorry, but I don’t think I can make it. I will try, of course.

  17. i cant make 😦 i have a school trip(yes on a saturday)and then im goin to an English Football(soccer) game

  18. If you invade Parka, Clones are fighting against you cause we have Parka too.

  19. yay im gamma so i get to do shark attack!

  20. Hey I’ll see if I can mke it, I’ll try but it might interfea with my Flag Ceremony thing I have to do for my Boy Scout Troop ( 127 ) but I’ll do my best.

    Takashiemiko, Corporal, Gamma Brigade

  21. ill be there

  22. Ill be there and ill be around to lead too. Ill co with sigma brigade cause im next to noka on ranks in our brigade. No dobut my friends, ill be there! :]

  23. but the kappa brigade is basically dead xD

  24. FRW is helping you, don’t forget! Which server should we invade?

  25. i wiil make it Jordan25019


  27. i cant make it

  28. kappa brige will be there

  29. hm…what was i doing that day…uh, nothing, probably, but i’m just not quite sure.

  30. I’ll be there for SURE.

    -|Shadows549| ACP Colonel

  31. I will make it! I wonder how RFW, ST, and IMAF will defend three servers with about 12 people. This will be awesome and funny!

  32. lets get the 40 callabers and the M21’s and win!

  33. RPF own Parka to.

  34. this is going to be fun!!!!

  35. i will take pics

  36. IM GONNA BE AT DANCE CLASS!!!! nooooo its like i can never do anything!!!

  37. I’ll be there! I’m pretty sure I will be.

  38. I will make it! I can’t wait!!! this is gonna be my first battle as an acp solder!!!!!!! WOOT!

  39. I will make it! I can’t wait!!! this is gonna be my first battle as an acp solder!!!!!!! WOOT! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  40. i can make it ,woo operation doublestrike

  41. oh and i can take pictures, i cant upload them or anything like that, but i can send them to u if u want

  42. Boomer I applaud your stategy in this Sun Tzu said never take a full on attack on one place that you know that is suicide instead take indirect attacks
    the enemy thus causing confusion. I can ramble on but to know more you must pc me. Oh ya I will be there.

    ~Rocknroll63, ACP Lt.colonel, Delta

  43. i can make it

  44. I do hope you know that Parka is also an RPF server, and going on there will mean war. Please, take this warning.

  45. Yo, sorry for being so inactive. I got caught up in school and Tengaged, but I’m back and ready for action. I know I’m in Alpha and should come only to Operation Shark Attack, but I’m going to come to them all just to give ACP extra help and possibly secure the win.

  46. i can make it.
    – colonel Packer1 Nfl

  47. RCP is helping u guys in the war we will win!!!!


  48. http://silversurfersclubpenguin.wordpress.com/ join the new silver surfers 8)

  49. I can make the last part of it, unless I skip karakie,then I could make all of it.

  50. oh yeah! im a lieutenant so dont look at the name for that first comment i made.

  51. great idea i cant wait MWAHAHAHAHAHA

  52. I’ll be able to make it for sure.

  53. YES!!! Jediseth will be in Operation Blockade!!! He is my first friend in ACP.

  54. i dont have photo bucket

  55. i might be able to come but my friends grandpa died so i have to go to his funeral i will be with jediseth my best friend on blockade i hope and btw boomer you should tell us what to do on the missions

    ~fabby201 acp major~

    p.s thanks for the promo

  56. boomer there is a hack threat!!!! pc me or jcapp on chat to talk about it

  57. i think i can make it! this will be fun! 😀

  58. Can we talk/
    I mean, no army is completely moral, you guys banned ME without me ever reasoning with yall.
    We’ll get rid off all the stupid things, and if any RFW cusses you all if we dont fight, destroy them becase the rest of us didnt do anything, Im going to ask to get rid of eveything we say against you, also Im going to beg for freedom of talk. If you dont show this out, you all are no better than us because you will not reason. Also we dont think we could ever beat you. Look at the RFW site. Plus where do we say we are big and bad with Nachos as ally?

  59. Also, pay no attention to G Slush, he’s like our army n00b


  61. I will try to be there Boomer. I also applaude you for the Trifeca attack. I hope it will work. I KNOW it will.

  62. I ll try to be there.

  63. Great Plan Boomer. 😉 Candyboy8

  64. Garfield its not all bout the ACP chat its all bout the insults.I will tell you some things RFW insulted.
    1.RFW Made an insult vid to Spacey.
    2.RFW thinks tht in the nachos/ACP war pwned ACP.
    3.RFW and ST invaded Mittens for no dang reason.
    4.Pretending to be Boomer on RFW chat.
    5.Messing with alot of Major armies (randomly)
    6. RFW attacking Golds server like sleet golds capital.
    Golds,UMA,ACP or maybe WW if they want to join the invasion will pwn sT,RFW and IMAF. This is no World War this is Revenge time not Peanut butter jelly time 😆 cya in the invasion

  65. o nvm it hasnt changed yet… but it will

  66. i should b able to make it… YAHOO!!! GO ACP!


  67. I can make it I think.

  68. i hope i can make it *crosses fingers*

  69. Me and the UPP will come. We will be switching through the invasions every 10 minsutes. Shab said we can help

  70. I can’t make it i have baseball

  71. I’ll be there

  72. I might not be there because I am going to be in Palm Desserts on Saturday. If my dad brings his lap-top I will go to the invasion.

  73. ok im mostly uma sooo i will be at parka and btw we r invadin ice palace on 23rd may exact same time soo if u wanna come.

  74. I will make it!
    ps.lets hope WW join eh?

  75. I have to go to philadelphia this weekend I cant come.

  76. i have baseball (i think) but idk what time, ill do anythung in my power to make it it sounds big! also YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS IM IN SIGMA BRIGADE THAT MEANS I GET TO PROTECT SNOW FORTS (which i really wanted to do) AND IM WITH BOOMER!

  77. RFW is not a mature army at all, hopefully after this war we can have almost all their severs.

  78. nuggets are going to the west conference finals. muwahahahaha. it’s been 24 whole years since that happened.

  79. the one who hacked nachos site this is a theory it might be Apocolypse66

  80. what does IMAF satnd for? :S

  81. Boomer!!! I have just discovered that RFW is planning to invade Breeze while we invade their servers!!! We need a new plan so we dont loose breeze!!! PLZ READ BOOMER!!!!

  82. this is OT but i just wanted to let you guys know i added you back to my main blogroll. So its just my Ultimate Links and then you guys so if you could add my site (http://clubpenguincheatcp.com) it would be much appreciated.



  83. Snow fort here i come also we nee some other guys to protec are other severs cause u know what the rfw are like


  84. I’ll try my best to make it

  85. oops need some other guys


  86. Hey actually i can make it, my Flag Ceremony thing isnt till Sunday, so i can make it, woo hoo!

    Takashiemiko, Warrant Officer, Gamma Birgade

  87. i can make it

  88. i might be able to

  89. 100th i hope lol

  90. I might not make it, I lost internet connection at home and only go on at certain times, I might make it but Im not sure.

  91. I’ll make it. I look forward to these invasions and want to thank ACP for helping us. RFW won’t have a chance at all. First of all, IMAF only has like 4 active troops wich won’t do much damage. RFW will have around 20-30 people there and ST will have around 15. If you add that all together thats only 49 troops on the side. On the other hand, theres ACP with about 40-50 troops, Golds with about 20-30 troops and UMA with 25-35 troops, and if thats added its 105 troops. 49 troops Vs. 105 Troops. Who will win? roflmao this’ll be fun. By the end RFW will 80% be dead because there already falling apart.

    Golds Leader
    ~Tiny Finn

  92. ill be there

  93. Look, this war is so idiotic, you all are acting like children because of this, look, if you want them to stop, why didn’t ya say so? Is it because you all think taking over those who show your disadvantages is civilized?

  94. I will be there sir! ( Leuitenient Jesse Leon

  95. hey boomer i can make it!!!!!!!

  96. boomer i’m just changing my name to captain happyman444 but don’t change my name on ranks page please.

  97. I won’t be able to attend because i live in autralia and 11:00 PST is approx 4:00am for me so yeah i can’t attend

  98. no Cp clones own Parka
    and we are on your side
    after the Parka wars us and ST split it
    then they took it all
    we want it back so well help you

    cp clones General Hicks out

  99. What about the speciality divisions?
    Are they not big enough yet to fight alone?
    I shall try and b at the battle 2morrow.
    But my Dad may b on the computer instead.
    Also there is saturday night tv but anyhow i think that ACP needs me more than ITV does.


    ~Captain Zx1996

    P.S. U have not moved me to Captain on the divisions page.


  101. i’m sorry. i cant make it. i’m going to meh best friends BBQ today at like 2. i’ll see if i can make the end part of it. again: sorryz xP

  102. […] Division was most notably used as a war offensive. In particular, an offensive known as the ‘Trifecta of Invasions‘, which was organised by leader Boomer20 in March 2009. As per the name, this offensive saw […]

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