UMA’s Rebellion/Change of Plans

Note: If you are reading this, go to Tundra Snow Forts, and just come in ACP uniform since the invasion is still on.  And DO NOT attack the Nachos.  We are attacking IW (light blue) and DW (black).

Update: DW’s invasion is invalid because they changed the times twice under the 24 hour limit, but show up at Tundra Snow Forts anyway so we can own them again.

Summary of the first round, DW and IW running, then hiding in an igloo 😆

IW and DW Invasion Summary


Tonight, some legends of UMA, including Batista1822, Mpenguin123, Jackfrost357, Kg007, Theorginalme, and a few others, threw off the previous UMA leaders, and took control of the site and chat.  With UMA under new and improved management (all with the exception of perhaps Kg are previous UMA leaders, and Kg was an RPF and ACP leader), their first action was to call off the invasion of Snow Cap.

As it turns out, that invasion was merely a distraction to keep ACP from defending Tundra from the real invasion.  With the Snow Cap invasion off, RFW called off their invasion of Tundra.  At this time, I’m not sure whether or not the invasions by the other armies are still on, which means we should still meet on Tundra just in case.

Update: IW and DW’s invasion is on (although it won’t count).

ALL ACP soldiers will now meet on Tundra.

When: Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where: Tundra Snow Forts

Why: Help WW defend Tundra from a potential invasion by DW/Recruit (see below)


1:00 pm PST

2:00 pm MST

3:00 pm CST

4:00 pm EST

9:00 pm U.K.


My proposed idea is that if no one from an invading army (Nachos excluded) shows up to the Tundra invasion, ACP will change to WW uniform and help WW recruit for a bit in preparation for their mass recruiting which they will hopefully be scheduling shortly.  This will replace us not being able to help them in battle, since we do have interest in helping them out in some way.

If we do end up doing this for WW (I’m sure they would be very greatful), we could meet on WW chat as well.  If the Nachos still want to go through with their “streaking” spree, I would ask that they please do it somewhere other than where we might be recruiting.

[This recruiting part can be removed if it’s not approved of, but it seems like a nice thing to do for an army that has helped us out over the years.]

Comment if you can make it!


July Promotions

Yes, it’s the time you have all been waiting for…. PROMO DAY! Okay yes you have promotions but first I’m going to make you wait and read my sort paragraph before you see them (of course u can just read this later after cheating and looking at the promos first).

WordPress was being stupid so NOT ALL NAMES IN BOLD ARE PROMOS, SOME ARE JUST BOLD BUT IN THE SAME RANK. If this is you, you didn’t get a promo WordPress was just being stupid.

The stars for the Generals are like actual star. General: ABCDEFG** = Two Star General ABCDEFG.

Sergeants and Corporals, I wasn’t too sure what to do with you guys so if you are a Sergeant or Corporal and you think you deserve a promotion please comment the following:

1.) Your Club Penguin User Name:

2.)Your current ACP Rank:

3.)A Breif explaination on why you think you deserve a promotion:

Now for the promos…
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Defending Tundra

Shab’s Edit: Uma is not invading snowcap anymore so the division defending snowcap will now be at tundra dock since nachos have tundra snow forts.

Boomer’s Edit: Make sure to go to ACP chat for the battle!  We need everyone there!  Please show up a bit early for important recruiting that will be key to the battle.

Update: The Nachos will be “streaking” on Tundra to mess with the invasion, so don’t attack them (or look at them 😆 ).

UMA (Underground Mafias Army) is invading Snow Cap, WW’s server. Many other armies are invading Tundra, their capital.  Being that WW could be future great allies, and that their retired leader has helped us in the past, we will help them defend both servers.

Here is the info



Divisions: Echo and Delta

Where: Tundra, Mine [Boomer’s Edit: Shouldn’t we be somewhere where recruits can see us?]

Leaders: Pc Engine and TheBest22/Ktman

When: Wednesday, July 1st


1:00 Penguin Standard Time

1:00 Pacific

2:00 Mountain

3:00 Central

4:00 Eastern

9:00 UK


Tundra Invasion Part 2

Where: Tundra Dock

When: Wednesday July 1st

1:00 Penguin Standard Time

1:00 Pacific

2:00 Mountain

3:00 Central

4:00 Eastern

9:00 UK


Leaders: Dryvit/Shaboomboom


I(Saint) will not be there! I’m going on vacation today (30th) and wont be back till the 5th of July. I might be able to make it, the village turned off our water and my mom cannot finish the laundry xP.

Be sure to arrive early on Snow Cap and Tundra. And remember WW IS ORANGE.



Stay quiet on the battlefield- You might miss a command!

Don’t crowd the leader- They need room to breathe! (and give commands 😉 )

Listen to Chat AND CP- Leaders try to give some sort of warning on CP too!

Nachos will be defending Tundra while we are defending Snow Cap. ACP WILL BE DEFENDING BOTH.

Comment if you can make it!

*~*Saint1119 ACP Leader*~*

Debate of the Week 6/30/09

Welcome to the 2nd ever Debate of the Week!


What is Debate of the Week?

An interactive feature that lets veryone be apart of the Army of Club Penguin Congress.

How does Debate of the Week work?

Two congressment showcase their sides to an argument or debate.  After the soldiers read both of their sides they vote in a poll for the one they agree with.  The decision made in this poll will be taken into great consideration at the next ACP Congress meeting.


The Argument

Should all new moderators have to go through a moderator school before becoming moderators?  A moderator scholl would teach aspiring moderators about when to ban a person or how out of hand arguments can be dealt with.


New Moderators SHOULD Have To Go Through Moderator School To Become A Moderator (Batintrenche’s Side)

Hey guys, it’s Batintrenche. Recently, at the last congress meeting I mentioned something that I believe could change the ACP for the better! It is a mod school. You might be comlaining at the name just because it has ‘school’ in it, but nevermind that boring stuff that you do in your elementy or middle school. But, this infact would be Brigadeer Generals and Sergent Major Generals learning from people like Generals and Master Generals.
I believe this idea would cut down on mods and make the soon-to-be mods (like myself) more experienced at it.
Here is how it would work: As soon as you become a Brigadeer General you would be automatically enlisted into Mod School. After your first month, you would be graded in a percentage by your teachers (Generals and Master Generals) and (for a Brig Gen only) if you get more than 95% you would be excepted to become a mod. If you get under 50% (still for Brig Gens only) then you would basically fail and not get a promotion. Anything in between these two and you will become a Sergent Major General. So, now on to Sergent Major Generals. It would be easier for an SMG, of course, to become a mod due to experience. So SMGs only need an 85% to become a mod.
Thank you for reading this guys!
O and P.S. Any of this could be changed by; leaders, the congress, or the general public!


New Moderators Should NOT Have To Go Through Moderator School To Become A Moderator (Wolvetone’s Side)

I, WolveTone, ACP loyal Soldier, strongly believe, soldiers who have just reached over the mod line, should have the choice to go to mod school or not, Some reasons for why i feel this is right:
* First Of All, everyone over the mod rank have been in ACP for a quite a long time cause they have worked for it, and they have learnedand stl learn why mods kick and ban people, how they respect others.etc.They have learned that with their choice by going on chat and stuff.
*If you have the choice you will work alot harder, instead of compulsory, choice takes off pressure.
*Yes, Mod Schoool shows you the rules and im not saying dont go, id recommend it, but i like the leaders would like every ACP soldier to have a chance to do what they want to do.

Instead of going on about why there should be a chance given i have a few ideas which they can use if we do let them have a choice:

*Even though if you choose not to go to mod school, have on your xat name ‘Trainee Mod’, i know most soldiers do that but keep it up so everyone knows and still gives you a chance if u make a little slip.

*When the people who would not attend mod school go on xat as a mod, they would have “Trainee Mod’ in their name and if they mess with their status and go beyond the rules, an experienced mod or owner can remove their status and they can go to mod school straight away or just have ur status suspended and then return to mod school.

Thanks For Your Time and think about the speech and please consider it,



Now that you have read both sides of this debate, its time for you to vote!  Should new moderators have to go to moderator school?  TOo vote, click on the link below and vote in the poll that it holds.

The results will be posted on this post in a few days.


Thank you for participating in this week’s Debate of the Week!


Thanks For The Memories

All I can say is-sorry. I never thought this would happen and probably none of you did too.

I am retiring forever. Yes, forever. I am sorry to all of my friends that I have made and to all of those who knew me. I am going to write a huge speech. Number one on my list is to tell you guys a little bit of why I am leaving.

I am leaving for quite a few reasons. Some people on chat, whom none of you should blame for this, hurt my feelings extremely badly. This happened nearly every day for a long period of time. It is not their fault at all. I hope that by now you have that in your mind. All that that did was make me realize that I have to leave. I am getting too old for this. Yes, I know that some of you are 14, 15, 16, and maybe even 17. That’s great for you guys and girls because you can handle it at that age, and I congratulate you for that. Although, I cannot.

Many things have been going on in my life lately. They are all personal. Although, I will mention one. I lost just about all of my friends, and I am still not sure why.

Chat became the last place for me. It was my place to “get away.” However, my friends on xat were fighting and saying bad things about each other. I didn’t want what happened in real life to happen again, so I am leaving. I know it is very sudden, but I can’t fall like that again.

I don’t want anyone blaming it on any one person. It is nobody’s fault but my own. I am 13, and I cannot handle the stress from xat and real life.

I am sorry to all of my friends. I didn’t want it to end this way, and I’m pretty sure neither did you.

Some people I would like to thank;

Oagalthorp– Thanks for ownering me that one time on chat xD

Itachi6dark – Without you, I never would have met anyone on xat, and I would never have been introduced to Club Penguin. See you in class in September!

Kg 007 – You always were the funniest one. I would have left a really long time ago if it weren’t for you. Thanks! I hope that your great personality helps others.

Toe – Second funniest, in my opinion. Let me just say, I’ll miss you more than most people.

Pablo/Tostipotatoe – Third funniest, you rock. Since you left ACP Chat, things got less exciting, but I still saw you sometimes!

Saint1119 – Hey, good luck with leading ACP. I know that you will be one of our best leaders if you lighten up. If not, people will hate you forever.

Fort57 – Even though you left a while ago, everyone misses you. You don’t rock, you roll!

Abercrombe – You are one of the people I will miss the most. I always loved your sense of humor! It hurt to see you go, and I hope that someone shows you this post, to tell you that you were not at all forgotten. You lost your special touch with people.

Boomer – Man, you were one of the best ACP leaders. You’ve changed since I first met you long ago, and for the better!

Shaboomboom – You rock, too. I know that you too are leaving, and everyone will miss you.

Thebest22 – You were my best friend ever on xat! (Sorry to everyone else!) I’ll miss you more than anyone. Good luck with your ACP Career, and, even though I’m a Yankee fan, go Mets.

PurPur5222 – I haven’t seen you much anymore, but I still remember you buddy! You roll.

Yanksrule14 – GO YANKEES! I’ll miss your great sense of humor! And hey, tell your uncle I said hi. 😀

Bluey92123 – Again, a great sense of humor. I’ll find out what I’m missing in Israel in August! Oh, by the way, I love San Diego!

Houndy – I met you not too long ago, and I still love your sense of humor. I’ll miss you buddy!

Meat/Seanehawk – I know you thought that I hated you, but on the inside you were one of my best friends. Good luck with ACP!

Dryvit – Dude, you were the nicest of anyone. Good luck with ACP, I know you’ll treat them well! 😉

Stev712 – I have known you for a long time. We have had our ups and downs, but you are still one of my friends. Good luck with ACP!!!

Benu2 – You still rock. I remember you from RR, and I will remember you forever.

Foxtails – You were one of the funniest people I ever met! 😛 You rock and Roll!

Ktman – Good luck with ACP, I know you’ll do well. I knew you for quite a long time! I’ll miss you.

Clintos007 – You did not come on much, but when you did you were hilarious!

Divotoo – You were one of the funniest ones! I’ll miss you too.

Dragon 720 – Draggy waggy the wise! You always knew what to do in tough situations, and never stopped being funny. I’ll miss you! 😦

Thomas0270 – Funny guy! Good luck in ACP! I’ll miss you. Don’t forget me!

Wicket1235 – We never were great friends, but you were and are still my friend. Good luck in ACP!

Jediseth – I will always remember you, zombie buddy!

Meggis – Although most hate you, I cannot. I know that you quit, and left to play PO. I might. If so, see ya there!

Ironkid2894 – I’ll miss you.

Dr Nono/Bread – I need a doctor right now. You will always be a friend to me. Good luck with your band, buddy!

Axevolution – I don’t know where you’ve been lately, but you were one of the funniest. I’ll miss you!

Klug1234 – Bye funny buddy 😦 BOO RED SOX!

Packer1 NFL – Bye buddy that’s funny. I’ll miss you so much!

Amitc87 – Good luck in ACP and UMA! I’ll miss you too.

Painttheskygrey – Good luck in ACP, pal. I’ll miss you and your jokes.

Nate590000 – You are always funny, and I’ll miss you.

Crazyboy86 – One of my first friends, I am crying as I write about missing you.

Yes, I am retiring from ACP and all of the other armies that I am in, including the Red Raiders.

Videogamer7 and Shedinja will lead the Red Raiders.

I may visit once in a while, and if I do not, I am never coming on.


Now, I would like a moment to give a few emotional words.

I have known many of you for a long time, and others for a short time. Some have made me laugh, and some have made me cry. I want to tell you all who those people were that made me cry.

Seanehawk – Once a great friend, you have made me cry countless times. You have changed from nice and funny to harsh and cruel. I do not despise you, and I do not hate you, but I am telling you now that you need to lighten up! You are way to harsh for anyone nowadays! You need to lighten up or you should just plain leave.

Saint1119 – I don’t know what happened to you. You were so nice! Then when you became leader, you grew nearly as harsh as Seanehawk. You started to hurt my feelings a lot, and I will never forgive you for it. Get back to the way you were or lose a lot of your friends. It is your choice.

Many times on chat I try to help people out. I do this by supporting them, trying to protect their right to privacy, etc. Although, in the end, someone ends up hating me and feelings get hurt and never repaired. That is yet another reason for this.

I will miss every single one of you!!! Even if you weren’t in this post, I will miss you. You have sparked my life and even gotten me many friends in real life by giving me new senses of humor. I am truly crying as I write all of this, as I know that it is my final goodbye. I will miss you all so much. I don’t know what will happen to me. I have put a song on the bottom that I feel fits everything that I have been through.


Although it may not work, I have made a short will.

Thebest22- You will get all of my powers.

Dryvit – You will get 300 xats.

Kg007 – You will get a cookie.

Bluey92123 – If allowed, I want you to have my rank.

Everyone else will get a hug.


Thanks for the memories,

~Ennbay A.K.A. Ben


Edit: Other leaders with pics can add them (try to make it somewhat chronological even though some of it happened simultaneously).

Our practice battle with the Nachos went excellently.  I guess it started with the fact that we had soldiers at the battle over 2 hours beforehand 😯 .  I decided to fight for Delta because I really like fighting in the underground.  I think the point of the battle was for each branch of each army to fight each other but by the end the Nachos sorta grouped together, so ACP had to do the same.  I decided to make the post because I took some sweet pics.  So here’s what I got.  If anyone has pics from early on in the battle for other divisions, or from the Plaza towards the end, leave a comment telling me what it is and I might be able to get it added to this post.  Thanks.

Taken by Rider4429: Before the battle, Echo was ready at the Snow Forts with about 20 soldiers.

ACP vs Nachos 0

Delta started out hiding in the Mine, and after the Nachos attacked us prematurely, we hid in igloos until the battle started.  Here is the start of the battle where we charged the Nachos in the Boiler Room (maybe 20 ACP and about 5 Nachos).

ACP vs Nachos 1

Spreading out, there were 23 ACP to only 10 Nachos.

ACP vs Nachos 2

Nachos try to group and Delta charges.

ACP vs Nachos 3

Then another charge to the opposite side.

ACP vs Nachos 4

Some of the Nacho Air Force comes to aid those in the Boiler Room, but leaves shortly thereafter, about 25 ACP and 5 Nachos.

ACP vs Nachos 5

Delta charges the Mine to find the Air Force already in a line that took a few minutes to break.  About 32 ACP and 12 Nachos.

ACP vs Nachos 6

Delta starts to take control of the Mine.  About 28 ACP and 3 Nachos.

ACP vs Nachos 7

Delta claims the Mine as the Air Force leaves to aid other Nacho branches (25 ACP).

ACP vs Nachos 8

Patrolling the Underground, no Nachos activity.

ACP vs Nachos 9

Delta claims the Underground.

ACP vs Nachos 10

The Nacho Air Force had gone to help either at the Snow Forts or the Cove.  Here at the Cove, ACP was leading about 45 to 8.

ACP vs Nachos 11

ACP pushes the remaining Nachos out of the Cove.

ACP vs Nachos 12

We went to look for the missing Nacho branches, which had been forced from the Snow Forts, and later the Plaza.

ACP vs Nachos 13

Back in the Cove, some Nachos had returned, making it about 40 ACP and 15 Nachos.

ACP vs Nachos 14

ACP began to lose some ground, 35 ACP, 15 Nachos.

ACP vs Nachos 15

Meanwhile, there was a big battle at the Plaza (it was full), but ACP began to take control of the Cove as 45 ACP soldiers fought off the last 5 Nachos.

ACP vs Nachos 16

The Nachos had been forced out of the Plaza and appeared to leave the server, so many ACP soldiers signed off.

ACP vs Nachos 17

As it turned out, the Nachos had all retreated to the Mine, where they had a massive 30-40 person line that took over 5 minutes to break up.  After being terribly outnumbered due to most of our soldiers having left the battle, after about 10 more minutes of hard fighting, ACP’s Delta Brigade, along with others who had remained on the server, had secured the low ground and held off the massive Nacho army’s last stand (about 22 ACP to the Nachos 20).

ACP vs Nachos 18

After winning all of our individual battles with the Nacho branches (as far as I know), and forcing the Nachos retreat to the Mine, Person agreed that we had won.  It was quite a good battle.

ACP vs Nachos 19

Update: From Person’s pic from the start of the battle at the Snow Forts, it looks like we had maybe 15-25 over the span of time that went on, so 75 might be an accurate estimate.  Also, we had multiple chat rooms on ACP chat towards the end of the battle (even though we were spread out on three chats), so I wish I knew how many we had in total on all the chats.

Until I see pictures from the Plaza and Snow Forts, I can’t be sure how many soldiers we had on the server, but my estimate was at least 80 at the peak of the battle.  Once I get pictures from the other locations I can make a better guess.  When you comment your picture links, please tell me when and where they were taken.  Thanks to all who made it, and thanks to the Nachos for a tremendous battle.  Well done everyone!

Comment if you made it!


Practice Battle With Nachos!

Tomorrow Monday 29th we are going to split into our three divisions (Alpha, Echo, and Delta) and face the Nacho’s three divisions (Navy, Army, and Air Force)!

I will need pictures for each battle because I cannot be in 3 places at once (sadly)!

Picture taker people:

Alpha: Blupichu

Delta:(find me on chat to apply)

Echo:(find me on chat to apply)

Here are the details

Where: Fjord

Snowforts: Echo vs Army

Underground: Delta vs Air Force

Cove: Alpha vs Navy

When: Monday, June 29th

11:00AM Penguin Standard Time

2:00PM Eastern

1:00PM Central

12:00PM Mountain

11:00AM Pacific

7:00PM UK

Who: Nacho Divisions and ACP Divisions



Alpha: Ktman Dryvit/Thebest22 (whoever is on)

Delta: PC Engine (Seanehawk)/Foxtails (whoever is on)

Echo: Shaboomboom/Thomas(whoever is on)


Listen to your leaders on Chat and on CP- I do believe that Echo and Alpha have their own chats, I’m not too sure about Delta.

Don’t bunch together- You want to look large!

Stay quiet on the battlefield- You might miss an important command

Like I said ealier THIS WILL HAVE MAJOR AFFECT ON PROMOTIONS! So make sure you can be there! If you cannot make it, I understand, if you have made other important battles and shown your ability then you are sure to be noticed 😀 .

Comment if you can make it!

*~*Saint1119 ACP Leader*~*

Need Advice?

Hi, This is Trickster 😀 If you havn’t noticed already I am your Army Adviser. Like, im the counselor I guess you can say. Well, I want you to know I been getting advice to some of people and its been working out well. But I think theres more who do need advice…

So if you need advice on anything, ANYTHING. Just pc me on chat. This is my name on chat: тяι¢кѕтєя_(Dead)ηρєρρєяѕη. And I am a mod on chat. So if you need advice about your real life to cp army help, especially with acp… pc me! And ask and I will help you 😀

Also, I now have an email if you can’t reach me. Just email me at: If you can’t reach me on a pc, or just can’t find me… email me and I will reply right back 😉

Thats It, Keep working hard soldiers 8)

We Win Together, We Fall Together,


Retirement of a soldier and friend, Maxthepen.

Stev’s edit: Lol, I was reading the part of what max wrote to boomer and he says “You have the potential of becoming a great leader” Lol boomer was and is a great leader already xD

Note from Shab to Kj and the rest of the haters: I’m retiring in less than 1 week. Plan a celebration before its too late XD. Max you were a great soldier and Acp will miss you.

Well my end has came. I have goals and Club Penguin has been a huge distraction for me. So I am retiring.  Here is my history

I went on Google. Search Games and clicked on Miniclip it was there I found the Club Penguin site and joined it. I decided since Max The Penguin and Maxthepenguin would not work I would have to deal with what it went up to and that was Maxthepen. So I typed it in and WHAM!!! Maxthepen was born! I looked around and being a non-member i got bored of Club Penguin and was active after someone asked me (Sordman456)” Hey max, do you play club penguin?” and I said yes. And after that I was more active and 3 months later I got my membership. Then one day I entered a room during the cowboy party to see people chanting “Fever!!!” And it looked kinda fun so i joined in. Then on mammoth I was walking through a room when people were chanting”ACP! ACP! ACP!” So i joined unofficially and I was hooked on Club Penguin War ever since. Finally I decided “what is all this acp commotion about?” so I went on google and typed in Army of Club Penguin and found the ACP site and joined. I learned the leader at that time was Ogalthrop (and would remain leader for 5, 4 or 6 months). My first rank was Captain and I was super active in the ACP. But after getting a WordPress army that I named the Funky Lucky Penguins (FLP) :lol: . The army never got off to a (the link to the site is ) start. So I made a army called the Elite Army of Club Penguin. After asking the ACP for help a dozen times I was promoted ( :neutral: even though I did not ask for it :lol: ) so I decided “Eh what they hey? Might as well get back into ACP.” So I did. Meanwhile the RG conflict arose and afterwards I merged the elites and anti RG into 1 army- The United Penguin Protectors (UPP). And as time passed and Boomer retired. I was asked to make the small army council and now here I am. Retiring.

Here is some people I would like to thank for making my CP army time and CP time so great:


Ogalthrop- I never really knew you but you are what made me get into Club Penguin Armies!

Boomer 20- You are hilarious! You have the potential to become a great leader!

Dryvit- You have the potential to be a great leader! Keep it going

Saiyman Xc- 2 words-you rock-enough said

Divotoo- you are a great mod and are worthy of promotion.

Mitch- you are the hilarious bomb

Saint- You work so hard on the ACP and are a great leader worthy of respect keep going!

Ennbay- You were a good freind.

Lillie Rose- You will go far

Seanehawk- you gave me something to debate about and it helped my grow and learn. thanks.

And the rest of the ACP

A Solid Success

Read this post in its original form on the Club Penguin Army Council site HERE!

About a week ago, The Club Penguin Army Council (specifically Batista1822), had an idea for Mass Recruiting on Mammoth.  On our first try, things seemed to go pretty well from my perspective. This week, it was IW who we recruited for, and we had a solid turnout. The main issue was that Mammoth was full for most people, and when we moved to Sub Zero, ACP had their own recruiting session on Snow Fort. Many ACP still attended (thank you), which was good, but it could have been better, and potentially significantly better had the Nachos decided to help. The final determining factor will be how many recruits will have found IW’s site as a result of this.

Here are some pictures I took from Sub Zero:

We started out in the Town, where we had about 45-50 people.

IW Mass Recruiting 3

A nice line in the Dock, and we were up to 50 people.

IW Mass Recruiting 4

We made a pretty good-sized circle with about 50-55 soldiers.

IW Mass Recruiting 6

Party at Icey’s afterwards.

IW Mass Recruiting 9

As a random additional picture, I beat Icey in Sled Racing (it was really close).

Boomer Beats Icey in Sled Racing

At the peak, there were about 55 people in IW uniform at one time in one room, but we had others scattered across the server. We could have had as many as 80 at some points. I’m positive we can do even better next time. Thanks to all who helped out!  I would consider it a big first success for the Council!

Comment if you made it!