The Retirement of Boomer 20

Well guys, it’s been a great run.  I speak to you today, exactly 17 months from when I joined ACP, knowing that it will be the last time I do so as the Leader of the Army of Club Penguin.  When I think back to when I joined ACP, I cannot believe how far I have come.  When I joined ACP 17 months ago, I joined because I wanted to serve Club Penguin the best I could.  Unlike many soldiers, I never wanted to be leader, nor did I think I would ever get that far.  For me, it was just about making a difference in Club Penguin.

Certain people are born leaders.  They instinctively know what to do to lead and they have a desire to be in charge.  Others, like me, need to work at it.  All my life, I have been a follower.  From group projects to deciding what to do among friends, I always let others take charge, while I stand back.  When I became ACP Leader, it was really the first time I had ever led anything.  It has been a learning experience for me, and it has also taught me that I can be a leader, and I can succeed when I am the one in charge.

A leader, however, is only as good as his soldiers.  And I have the best damn soldiers anyone could ask for.  For this, I thank you above all, for my success is your success.  Because of you, I have decided to stay on chat and just hang out with you guys, which makes me a lot happier than leaving completely.  I would also like to leave you my website, which I started over a year ago when I was elected Governor of Ice Breaker.  It remains 9 hits short of 4,000 hits, and I would love to see you get it there –

I would like to thank the following people for making my time in Club Penguin an enjoyable one.  For some, I included some pictures of some good times together.

Oagalthorp: First and foremost, thank you for creating the Army of Club Penguin.  Without you, nothing that I have accomplished would have been possible, and I would not have met so many wonderful people along the way.  Thank you for trusting me enough to take over your army, which you cared so deeply for.  I hope that I have lived up to what you expected of me.

Oagal Compliments Boomer's Writing

Oagal Calls Boomer a Stud Muffin

Shaboomboom: I think it was fate that we met and joined ACP on the same day.  Here we are a year and half later and we are still the best of friends.  We grew up in armies together, and I consider you to be like a brother.  It seems crazy that we both worked our way to the top from such simple beginings.  Thanks for everything, and keep in touch.

Shab Does More Than Kg

Dialga80: I first met you on Club Penguin and we created the Army of Reindeer together.  Later on, I tracked you down to the Watex Warriors chat, where I spent most of my nights early on in my army career.  I still miss our late-night hide and seek games, your crazy jokes, and our condom shop (why did we put it in the ACP Headquarters again? 😕 ).  You are probably the funniest guy I met in my time in armies, and I hope I see you again.  Am I still Pimp Warlord? 8)

Dialga Calls Boomer His Whore

Foxtails: Words cannot describe how much you mean to me.  My biggest regret about becoming leader was that I was so focused on ACP that I hardly had any friends left.  Before I met you, I was close to retiring because of this.  I had lost all motivation, and I could barely bring myself to do the simplest things a leader needs to do to run an army.  ACP had become a chore, and I no longer looked forward to it.  Once I met you, you gave me new life.  I had a reason to go on chat each day, I had a reason to want to stay with ACP.  I looked forward to saying hi to you every day on chat, and just the chance to talk to you, to give me a reason to step away from leading for a minute.  I had become to serious about what I had to do, and I nearly forgot how to have fun.  You snapped me out of this mindset, and brought back the true me, the guy I was before I became leader.  I have never had more fun in ACP, nor have I been happier, than since I met you.  Thank you for everything you have given me so far, and here’s to much more.

Fox Calls Herself a Prostitute

Fox Marries Herself

Fox Almost Makes Bad Typo

The SSACP Gang: I always said I would list our original group together in my retirement post.  More than a year later, I still miss our little group more than anything.  The best spy team ever assembled: Mazachster, our fearless leader, who once threatened to take on the entire Nacho army alone if we did not help.  Corvette 360, a really nice guy, and excellent spy.  Cooltiger413, another great soldier, who trained the new spies to be the best.  Shaboomboom, one of the most talented spies of his era.  No password-protected page was safe from him.  K Wadler, one of the nicest guys I’ve met, also an excellent spy.  I’m glad to see you are finally a Ninja.  Rapidy and Headofpolice, two of the best.  Your fights were epic, but I always tried to support both of you.  And finally, Bellehdewmah, the final piece to the puzzle, you were great as well, and I wish we could have done more with your site before you left.  Maybe someday, we can declassify all the information this group collected.  In my mind, we were the best spies in Club Penguin army history, but more importantly, you were all some of my best friends.

Rap Gets Funky

Maz Throws Gay Cow at Luc

Peguin21795: Your Boomer Rap was a classic, and it is something I will never forget.  You are one of the nicest people I have ever met.  Thanks for being a great friend.

Peguin is Excited Edited

Peguin's Boomer Rap

Nyg13: You were my first “army” friend that I met if you can phrase it like that.  I knew you before we even joined armies.  I joined ACP and you joined the Nachos, and somehow we were reunited.  Now here we are, both soon to be retired leaders of the largest armies in Club Penguin.  Thanks for being a great friend for so long.

Blue Speed 7 (Mitch): You are a really nice guy, and I know you feel like people don’t like you, but trust me, a lot of people do.  You are also one of the nicest guys I’ve met, and if you ever need to talk to me, I’m always here.

Terrking24: It says something about the kind of friendship you have with someone when it’s between an Eagles fan and a Cowboys fan.  We haven’t had the chance to talk recently, but you are a great guy, and I’ll miss you.  Good luck in the Nachos.

Gator Kills Terr for Touching Him

Baloon451: You were a great friend, and I hope you come on chat again sometime.  PHILLIES!! 😀

Baloon's Burn

Brbocko: You really are a cool dude, and a great friend too.  I hope you come visit us again.

Fort57: You still have great taste in music, and I’m sorry we’ve fallen out of touch.  I think you should bring back your old chat with the sweet playlist.

Kg 007: One of the smartest guys around.  Seems like every time you have a question, he’s got the answer.

Jedimaster17 (Ankita): I’ll never forget our race for Governor of Ice Breaker.  It didn’t matter who won, it made us good friends.  It was a pleaure leading with you, and good luck with life.  Your the smartest person I’ve ever met for your age, and I know you’ll go far.

Ankita Says There's More to Life

Shadow2446 and Jojofishy: You guys are the smartest battle strategists in Club Penguin army history right up there with Oagal, and I learned a lot from you.  You were also some good friends.

Tom Yellow (TomY): You were a funny guy, and a great friend.  Hopefully you’ll visit chat again sometime.

Abercrombe29: I’ve known you as long as I have pretty much anyone else.  You were a great leader in UMA and ACP, and you are well-respected for that.  You are a great friend, and I can’t thank you enough for helping bring Fox and I together.

Medal of Banned Award

Manjensen: One of the last soldiers from your generation, you helped remind me of the kind of work ethic the Generals always had.  It was great to meet you, you are a great guy.

Wii Mountain: You were one of my early friends, and you have done a great job with WW.  I had some of my best times early on hanging out with you and WW, and I hope we can stay in touch.

Spaceybirdy: You were also one of my early friends, and an equally good leader.  A hug from you could be a method of currency across Club Penguin armies, and you would be the richest person around.  Keep in touch.

Person1233: You are one of the funniest guys I’ve met, and you are a great leader in your own right.  What you have done with the Nachos, in my mind, has solidified you as the best leader in Nachos history.  Go easy on my new leaders 😀 .

Person Wants to Get Laid by Billybob

Person Gets Permanent Sex Change

Person for the Quotes Page

Commando717: It was great to get to know one of the best leaders when I first started in armies.  I can see why you were so successful, and you are also a really fun guy to talk to.

Commando's Rank Suggestion

Commando is a Gerbil

Solraida: I’ve known you for a long time now, and you have done a lot for ACP.  I am sorry to hear that you retired, but I hope we can stay in touch.

Thebest22: I’m so glad I decided to add you to the ACP Hall of Fame.  That day, I wasn’t sure whether you deserved the Hall, but hours after I added you, you found your way to the site by searching for your name.  Since then, you have proven yourself as a great soldier, General, and friend.

Sergie717 (Sergie): You are a funny guy, and I still remember you from ACP Inc. thing or whatever way back when.  Good luck with retirement whenever you actually decide to follow through with it 😆 .

Bleu Missy: The most loyal viewer of my website, it looks like you have made quite a name for yourself in RPF.  You once said, “i want to be famos or well known or gest have a high rank like u or govorn a sever how do i do that?”  How’s the fame treating you? 😀

Reallyred53: I didn’t know you that well when you were in armies, but I got the chance to talk to you after you retired, and you really know what you’re talking about.  Probably one of the smartest soldiers I’ve met.

CollinZFresh: You were a great leader, and PRA was a great army.  It’s a shame no one these days knows about it.  Maybe someday we can get that Army of Legends idea some action.

To some of my old friends:

Ittybitty17 and the Gang: Thank you for being there for me early in my Club Penguin life.  Itty, I don’t know if you’re still around, it’s been well over a year since I saw you, but I’m sure you would be amazed to see how far I have come.

Joenosbest: Maybe someday we can hide all around Club Penguin like we used to.  Thanks for helping to make me the spy I later became.

Magers123: You were one of my closest friends for a long time, and maybe I’ll see you on Club Penguin again some time.

Lime Scale: You were fun to hang out with, and I’m sorry my time in armies cut short my time with you.

To the next Administration:

Saint1119: You were chosen to replace me as leader because you had that desire to work hard for something that you share with me.  It is something that is becoming harder and harder to find in today’s leaders as many of Club Penguin’s great armies continue an endless decline.  You are a great friend to all, you are well-liked by everyone, and I know you’ll do a great job.  I’m always here for advice if you need it.

Seanehawk (Meat): You are a great guy, someone who is always fair, and upholds the rules for everyone.  If I can give you some advice, I would suggest that you loosen up a bit, have some fun, and learn to let some stuff go.  The same thing happened to me, and everything became much more difficult once it wasn’t fun anymore.  You are a friendly guy, and I think you will do well by getting to know other army leaders and building alliances with them.

Dryvit: You are one of our newer soldiers by comparison, and I don’t think ACP has ever had someone go from recruit to Co-Leader so quickly.  You are a smart guy with a lot of potential, and I think you are ready to be a great leader.  You and Divotoo seem poised to be the next great brother tandem in Club Penguin armies, and soon you will be in the same league as Shadow and Jojo, Fort and Kg.  Good luck.

Stev712: You are the greatest spy of your generation, good luck with ACP.  I know you’ll do well, you have the brains to understand what is going on and what needs to be done.  Good luck to you as well.

Person Says Stev Won't Be Leader Edited

Here is my best attempt to thank everyone who helped me throughout my Club Penguin and army career.  Please forgive me if I left off your name, I have met so many friends along the way I could not possibly list you all, but I consider everyone to be a friend of mine.  Thank you to all of you.

The list is somewhat chronological with the exception of a few names.


  • Oagalthorp
  • Shaboomboom
  • Fort57
  • Texas Vs A
  • Tom Yellow
  • Nakib
  • The Jungle N
  • Manjensen
  • Lucario98765
  • Rapidy
  • Mazachster
  • Hattrick
  • Db Penguin
  • Corvette 360
  • Arosso12
  • Nate950000
  • Dr Nono Jr
  • Ajf77
  • Striker214
  • K Wadler
  • Bellehdewmah
  • Tomtwelve
  • Cooltiger413
  • Minerpenguin
  • Drakebell46
  • Borja
  • Spikey Emo
  • Shades2you
  • Brbocko
  • Sheila Gally
  • Smartuin
  • Bc435
  • Sgt Jor
  • Jcapp64
  • Niktastic
  • Headofpolice
  • Jedimaster17
  • Starwars5467
  • Ricopetbob
  • Koolsdpngin
  • Serjey
  • Coolguy12348
  • Clintos007
  • Reallyred53
  • Braves Z
  • Peguin21795
  • Talyor455
  • Jazz77
  • Baloon451
  • Chrisdude100
  • Yoitspablo (Tosti)
  • Jingle Jay
  • Louistania
  • Woton
  • Capuzzi
  • Greenday9991
  • Nodear
  • Penquin Jim
  • Casiusbrutus
  • Yellowguy458
  • Jcs11
  • Kid Robot
  • Noka 7
  • Bbbbrrrr
  • Superhighfly
  • Blky2300
  • Saint1119
  • Mastha Black
  • Jojofishy
  • Diaa Lotfi
  • Meggis1234
  • Coleslaw7175
  • Ctar
  • Rianjr2448
  • Solraida
  • Seanehawk
  • Bailey1217
  • Znozeberry
  • Mr Random1
  • Splot Man
  • Blete
  • Batista1822
  • Willnow
  • Orcacam07
  • Thebest22
  • Shnseymor
  • Jakecat15
  • Koolaidman7
  • Blue Speed 7 (Mitch)
  • Shad 8
  • Mrnooner
  • Bigpeng92
  • Ironkid2894
  • Js Thgrourhg
  • Ribler
  • Zamros (Miroos)
  • Lsund
  • Zdoger
  • Marineman2
  • Abercrombe29
  • Trains13
  • Mcwofin
  • Bobcatboy10
  • Potatoes4
  • Mach1kid2
  • Kpkrocks1
  • Cyrtd10
  • Tylov5
  • Dragon 720
  • Chapa23
  • Purpur5222
  • Ktman
  • Matthewmsh1
  • Sblingsnail (Escargo)
  • Black Icer
  • Alpha 315
  • Ennbay0
  • Johnhancoff
  • Rallan
  • Stev712
  • Foxtails
  • Howddy Yall (Explosion)
  • Magic077
  • Axevolution
  • Dddd99410
  • Wicket1235
  • Thomas0270
  • Benu2
  • Bomber Man20
  • Divotoo
  • Dryvit
  • Kg 007
  • Capncook
  • Packer1 Nfl
  • Waddlebox123
  • Racegirl2142
  • Npeppersn (Trickster)
  • Takeda95
  • Amitc87
  • Flappy2558
  • Pro Ninja1
  • Pop
  • Coleslaw717
  • Hi Yellow Hi
  • Micewindo
  • Historylover
  • Zoom93
  • Ganger90
  • Hasanb123
  • Feephill
  • Mrgreen10000
  • Mrmcgreen
  • Wgfv
  • Jediseth
  • Person535
  • Ganondorf787
  • Gator58031
  • Klug1234
  • Motor20
  • Obi Wan 4321
  • Robotizer1
  • Batintrenche
  • Dommo3
  • Sonic The 1
  • Tigers Class
  • John16126
  • Jon3303
  • Rocknroll63
  • Soxpitcher
  • Gopackgo8
  • Matre10
  • Mxz100
  • Guymed
  • Celticsean R
  • 1king Donut
  • Ryan 1998
  • Rice44
  • Bfan212


  • Mazachster
  • Shaboomboom
  • Corvette 360
  • Rapidy
  • Headofpolice
  • Cooltiger413
  • K Wadler
  • Bellehdewmah
  • Black Icer
  • Jazz77
  • Yoitspablo (Tosti)
  • Jcapp64
  • Baloon451
  • Stev712


  • Phluff70


  • Dialga80
  • Wii Mountain
  • Spaceybirdy
  • Gambler21777
  • Lordcody56
  • Yo4848
  • Hqred
  • Ark428
  • Blak Mafias
  • Swemaj11
  • Lucario564
  • Alpha 1
  • Lots Of Pie
  • Tone739
  • Santa0704
  • Raven511426
  • Lsund
  • Super Blip
  • Bleu Missy


  • Commando717
  • Taytay606 (Kyle Cease)
  • Sergie717 (Sergie)
  • Tommer651
  • Kg 007
  • Flame Boy125
  • Blak Mafias
  • Nielsenkc
  • Alex N
  • Dragonninja0
  • Lpg123
  • Ziehen
  • Gregorey
  • Omega39
  • Bleu Missy
  • Mocar 1
  • Oberst543
  • Furbur27
  • Fiasco 121
  • Naruto 721


  • Theorginalme
  • Jackfrost357
  • Abercrombe29
  • Themouse10
  • Admiral1234
  • Mpenguin123
  • Jimmyjoecrew
  • Therinator1
  • Nicole6754
  • Fiddyy
  • Hero12985
  • Batista1822
  • Potatoes4
  • Benu2
  • Lots Of Pie
  • Compwiz5000
  • Howddyy Yall (Explosion)
  • Wurburt45348
  • Wasabiix
  • Ormsbydroid1
  • Uno148


  • Terrking24
  • Nyg13
  • Zippy500
  • Person1233
  • Coleslaw717
  • Shadow2446
  • Jojofishy
  • Akabob22
  • Missfrog4
  • Berry0113
  • Zzztops
  • Puckley
  • Videogamer57
  • Rabo4


  • Iceyfeet1234
  • Repercussion
  • Penguin23800094
  • Rugrat93
  • Filppers7
  • Sriv007
  • Godplaya123


  • Johanwillfir
  • Ambrosha
  • Orgulan
  • Smiley40
  • Dreamguitar
  • Penguin23800094
  • Feephill


  • Herofrances


  • Collinzfresh


  • Lordcody56
  • Klimster


  • Elitesof
  • Justinbronze
  • Soccerpr30611


  • Djgtjvgyhxgy


  • Ephris11


  • 123antonov
  • Hammerz Boy


  • Johnhancoff


  • Hero12985


  • Mr Deedledoo


  • Rainy
  • Pete852


  • Db Penguin
  • Fishguitar11
  • Aang777
  • Jonnyboy432


  • Alexrodrigus
  • Commando993
  • Apocolypse66


  • Woton
  • Bellerophont


  • Woton
  • Pringle64
  • Ganger90
  • Rice44


  • Ittybitty17
  • 1 Truballa 8
  • Bayizfiine
  • Brab Saleena
  • Dim Day
  • Emodude27
  • Fightergurl3
  • Ghetto Jammy
  • Greenday 00
  • Jamaicanxq
  • Jammiigirl
  • Katmunky222
  • Penguin26831639
  • Penguin27198291
  • Penguin28820676
  • Penguin31979930
  • Joeknosbest
  • Lime Scale
  • Magers123
  • Justspivey
  • Buggy4ts
  • Yamiyuends
  • Tidle Fin
  • Poisenman101
  • 10inuyasha
  • Lux1200
  • Gator360
  • Melbery
  • Coki295
  • Riffy8888

Here is the complete history of Boomer 20:

“It was late March, 2007. My sister was using the computer. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me she was playing a game called Club Penguin. It looked pretty cool, so later that week, on March 31, 2007, I created my very own penguin. I decided to name it Boomer after the nickname given to me by my soccer coach because I could kick the ball very well. I added the number 20 because my favorite football player was and still is Brian Dawkins, number 20 of the Philadelphia Eagles. With that, my penguin was born.

I began playing at my home server of Half Pipe in the midst of the April Fools Day Party, where I received my first item: the blue propeller hat. This was the only time I had witnessed the Dojo to look differently than it used to until recently. I spent much of my time early on doing nothing specific. I played Mancala and Find Four, I went sled racing and played many of the games available at the time. I slowly built upon my skills in Find Four until I was nearly unbeatable, but something was missing. The sad fact was, I didn’t have anyone to hang out with on Club Penguin…

In late April that same year, I met a group of friends on Half Pipe that I had a lot in common with. Every night, whenever we could, we met together at the Half Pipe Dock and just hung out. It was a good time for me.

It was now approaching May, and I was excited for Summer Vacation, but it just wasn’t coming fast enough. My friends were now spending less and less time on Club Penguin. In the span of a month, most of my friends were either banned or just stopped playing Club Penguin. I felt alone again. To fill the void left by my lost friends, I wandered from server to server, searching for something else to do.

Around mid-May, I stumbled upon Mammoth, one of Club Penguin’s largest servers. After searching around, I stopped in the Dojo, where I discovered a large group called the Underground Mafias Army. They were facing an army called the Nachos, led by Zippy500. Intrigued, I decided to join UMA, where I worked as a spy. My missions included disguising myself as a Nacho and infiltrating their base at the Beacon. I suppose I would have liked to know of the UMA site so I could join officially, but without my naivete, I probably would have been a life-long UMA soldier rather than an ACPsoldier.  And if anyone has old UMA pictures, look for me .  It would be awesome if I were in any.

The occasional battles were fun. I would race to Mammoth every day after school just before it filled up and meet up with other UMA soldiers.  But between family vacations, summer camp, and a week at my grandparents, I was unable to keep up with armies during the summer. When school started up again in the fall, I had little time for Club Penguin between schoolwork and soccer. When I did come on, it was only to receive an item or for a new party. Then came Winter Break. Being away from school and its related work, I had more free time. I became more involved withClub Penguin again. After attending what I believed to be the largest battle I had ever seen by accident, I decided to look for other large battles on YouTube.

I soon found a video of an even more massive battle in which the Army of Club Penguin defeated the Underground Mafias Army in WWIII. This video encouraged me to look into the ACP. I searched around the army sites of which I had heard. None impressed me very much. Then I tracked down the ACP site. The site was well organized and far more detailed than any other site I had looked at. Everything down to territory and government was clearly and carefully planned out. I was very impressed with this army, led by Oagalthorp. So once again I returned to Mammoth.

On January 3rd, my first day as an ACP soldier, I met my good friend Shaboomboom, who joined the ACP on the very same day. We have been great friends ever since that day [insert your own destiny reference here  ].  We like to joke about combining our names to form “Shaboomer” . I also met Mazachster, Rapidy, Corvette 360, Sheila Gally, Hattrick, Peguin21795, and many more that day. Later that week, I emailed Oagalthorp, the leader of the ACP, to see what rank I would get. A week or so later, on January 18th, I became an official ACP soldier as Captain of the Sigma Brigade, led by Db Penguin.

After discovering ACP chat, I went on, where I heard about the SSACP, led my Mazachster. I joined on January 12, 2008. Later that week, I heard that Fort57 was also making an army of his own. I joined Fort’s Blue Vikings on January 17, 2008. About a month later, I met my good friend Dialga80 on Club Penguin. Together we created the Army of Reindeer, just because we were bored. As it turned out, our little army of two grew into an army of nearly ten, and we defeated a much larger army of Golds. Later, after I managed to track him down to WW Chat, Dialga introduced me to the Watex Warriors, which I joined in mid-February. I still miss my late-night hide and seek games with Dialga and those who stayed up to play with us.  With all of the army action, Club Penguin was fun again.

I continued to serve my armies loyally for months. I was around in late May when Fort rebelled against Oagalthorp, then retired leader of ACP, thus making ACP the closest it had been to destruction.  Facing a full-scale attack from every major army in Club Penguin, ACP held on to defeat the invaders. The victory was bittersweet for me, because it marked the end of my friend Dialga’s Club Penguin career.

I had also made great strides in my work for the Secret Spy Agency of Club Penguin (SSACP).  I had worked my way up to Top Spy in an agency full of the best spies in Club Penguin, including some familiar names: Mazachster (the Leader), Cooltiger413 (the Co-Leader), Corvette 360, Headofpolice, Rapidy, K Wadler, Shaboomboom, Bellehdewmah, and myself.  Other members of the army included many other high ranking ACP soldiers, including Jedimaster17, Abercrombe29, Nodear, Dr Nono Jr, Clintos007, Sheila Gally, Jcs11, Chrisdude100, Ballon451, Seanehawk, Speedmobile, Coleslaw7175, Yoitspablo, Jcapp64, and Jazz77.  We were probably more successful in what we did than any armies will ever know, which is in a way unfortunate, however it does add the the mystique surrounding us.  We had been so successful that even as a mere spy organizing, we had achieved major army status, in the same class as the Watex Warriors.  That was until July 23, 2008, the day the SSACP site was hacked.  It was a hacking from which SSACP would never recover.  I still say being with this original group was something I will never forget, and I will always hold it in high regards.  I think it is safe to say a spy team will never be assembled better than what we had.

In August, ACP was faced with yet another serious crisis when Oagalthorp chose Rapidy to be the new ACP Leader and Fort selected Dr Nono Jr.  Much of ACP began a rebellion against Oagalthorp and “Old ACP”, creating a new site and a new chat.  Oagalthorp then made a poll over whether the old ACP site should be deleted. The results of this poll were unfathomable.  Both sides fought hard to take the lead from the other.  I was so worried after a while that the site would be deleted that my friend Corvette 360 and I spent all night copying pages and posts off the ACP site to our hard drives.  The ACP site had become more than just a website.  The ACP site had become an archive of critical information to be passed down leader to leader, army generation to army generation.  And so reflected the poll, if only barely.  By only one single vote out of nearly 500, the ACP site had been saved.  The roots of rebellion had been planted, however, and it would not be long until ACP was faced with another crisis.

Meanwhile, I had worked my way up in ACP, achieving the rank of Field Marshal. I had become a moderator on chat shortly after Fort became ACP Leader in April and I was slowing moving my way up, gaining respect from the ACP veterans along the way.  When Shaboomboom ran for Leader of ACP in October, he nominated me to be his runningmate, and I soon became his Co-Leader along with Jedimaster17. After a long period of tension between Shab and Jedi, as well as Oagal and Shab, ACP went to war for Mammoth. When ACP nearly collapsed after an embarrassing loss in the Battle for Mammoth, rebellion and chaos among the leaders forced ACP to a crisis. After meeting with Shab, Jedi, and Oagal, it was determined that I would be the best choice for Leader because of my response to the crisis and my ability to settle disagreements. And so I became the Leader of the largest and strongest army in Club Penguin, which we quickly proved with a victory in the Christmas Tournament featuring the other major armies in Club Penguin. Since then, I have made many friends. I have had a wonderful time in my 17 months in ACP.  I would like to thank all of the soldiers I have fought alongside of during battle, and all the soldiers who served ACP so loyally during my time as ACP Leader.  In my time here, ACP has become the strongest army in Club Penguin, with as many as 175 soldiers at our battles.  We have reached 1,500,000 hits, almost 750,000 since I became leader.  We have allied with all of the major armies, and given over 2,000 soldiers a fun way to spend their time on Club Penguin.  Together, with the loyal and dedicated soldiers of ACP, we have brought yet another Golden Age to the Army of Club Penguin.

Here are a few funny pictures from my army career I thought you would enjoy.

Girl Power Dance Party 1

Boomer is a Stripper

Boomer Sucks Lollipops

Boomer as Jessica Rabbit

Oagal Lives in Boomer's Pants

Frog's Typo

Person Owns RPF

A Tribute to Boomer 20:
by Motor20

Motor's Tribute Picture

Below is a poem from a soldier who is long gone.  Their message however, still resides within us all.  Read this poem, all you who say ACP is evil or corrupt, and tell me that this soldier did not care for others.  From this poem, I still see the same message I see every day from our newest soldiers, that desire to help others, that this soldier conveyed nearly two years ago.  It embodies the purpose of ACP in a way which words can so rarely do justice.

An Ode to ACP
by Star7223

Valiant and true
If we lose
We are not blue

Win or lose
We are a team
Together forever
Even if it seems

All hope is lost
And the war is done
We still will beam
Like the morning sun

Penguins rejoice
When we won
It means bad is gone
The battle is done

So sing and dance
We love thee!

My Retirement Song:

The sun may be setting for me, but it is not setting for you.  You know, when I took over as Leader of ACP, it was in a time of crisis.  ACP was at its weakest stage, an embarassing loss on Mammoth a week before, on the verge of a civil war.  In times of crisis, they say, the true leaders will shine.  Championship game, bottom of the ninth, two outs, last chance.  It’s make or break, win or lose, strike three, and it’s over.  I looked around me that day, pictures of a few lone soldiers trying to fight off the world on Mammoth, the retirements of long-time soldiers filling up the comments.  But somehow, I knew.  It was not over.  It could never be over.  We are the Army of Club Penguin.

In my first post as Leader, I made a reference to something a wise man once said.  Benjamin Franklin, sitting at the Constitutional Convention, during a time of great turmoil for the United States of America, wondered about the sun on the back of George Washington’s chair.  He thought to himself, is the sun setting or rising on our new country?  That first day, I said:

“The sun is rising on the Army of Club Penguin.  The dawn of a new era awaits.  Together, we will restore this army to glory.”

Just look how far we have come.  In all honesty, as optimistic as I was, I could never predicted the turnaround that followed.  In one month, the soldiers rallied around each other, and together, we won the Christmas Tournament as the strongest army in Club Penguin.  We were back, yes.  Another army may have been satisfied.  But you were never satisfied.  There was more to be done, more good we could do in the name of Club Penguin.

A leader is only as good as his soldiers, and I have the best soldiers any leader could ever ask for.  You never let me down, and you fought hard for me every day for more than 6 months.  For that, I can never thank you enough.  As my last request, I want you to give Saint every bit of respect, loyalty, and dedication you gave me.  ACP is not about the leader, it is about the soldiers.  Soldiers who dare to dream that impossible dream, who will fight the unbeatable foe, who bear with unbearable sorrow, who run where the brave dare not go.  We are soldiers who right the unrightable wrong, who love pure and chaste from afar, who try when their arms are too weary, who reach for the unreachable star.  This is our quest, to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far.  We will fight for the right, without question or pause, and we’ll march into Hell for a heavenly cause.  And we know if we’ll only be true to this glorious quest, that our hearts will lie peaceful and calm, when we’re laid to our rest.  And the world will be better for this, that one army, scorned and covered with scars, still strove with its last ounce of courage, to reach that unreachable star.

As I sit here, tears filling my eyes as I type my last paragraph, I think about all I have done, all I have seen, all the friends I have made.  I may be gone, but I am not forgotten.  For my memory will remain with my soldiers for as long as they fight for the Army of Club Penguin.  We are ACP soldiers for life.  And don’t you ever forget it.

For the last time as leader,

~Boomer 20
ACP Soldier

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  1. 1st! goodbye boomer you were the best leader we ever had! good luck with life, hope you enjoy it. Bye, Brigadier general Obi Wan 4321

  2. OMG! I’m like in all of the pics XD

  3. Boomer words can not describe you. Nor will they ever describe the leader you were/are. To me, you will always be known as the best leader ACP has ever had since Oagal. Your speech is one of the best speeches I have ever had the chance to read, both in CP armies, and in real life. I thank you for everything. Thank you for all the things you have done, and will keep on doing. I will never be able to of one man’s work as much as I have of yours. I also wish to thank you for giving me the opportunity of being the Third In Command of The ACP. That compliment you gave me, I shall treasure not only in CP, but in real life. I am glad to know that you will not be leaving chats. Thank You.

    Lol, I guess Person finally got raped by that brick 😆

  4. Person, guess you finally got *** by that brick 😆

  5. im in the boomer 20 pic in the top left corner facing boomer! i was in the list yay

  6. thats cos your someone nobody wants to and will not forget person 😀

  7. Persons everywhere, in those pics, on random chats, in random wardrobes..

    Meat might listen to this :O omg thats weird….

    I never say anything funny on chat 😦 Aprt from th time I slept chatted… a few nights ago, I called dry some names and got guested… weird..

    Goodbye boomer, you were a great leader, an a good…. potatoe chip? I was stuck thinking what to say there for 5 minutes….

    Im on that list, this is what I was thinking of the reading through it:

    Me:Matt your not gonna be on there…

    Some random voice:What your supposed to think positive you lame piece of… pie?

    Me: Weird voice thing why are you even speaking…

    Random voice: C’mon your an idiot whyd you be on the long list of endless proportions?

    Me:I dont know…. I just reading long lists….

    Random voice:Oh my god you really suck…

    Me: Why you little-OMG Im on the list SYCK ON THAT RANDOM VOICE 8)

    Randoom voice: Awwww man some other people got colourful names…

    Me: Yea that sucks…

    Random voice: Lets stop talking and write a completely sane and civilized comment.

    Me: Good idea.

  8. Hey my really long comment is under moderation…. 😦 waaaa

    Boomer: Many of the long comments will end up in moderation. Please be patient if yours does not show it, I will post it manually as soon as I can.

  9. I actually had more innapropriate language in my head… quite a bit more… but I thought it was best not to add that :mrgreen:

  10. I seriously thought Thomas said you will be missed, Girlfriend xD

  11. Bravo, Boomer, you will be sorely missed. Good luck in life. Dont quit completely. Come back every now and then!

  12. What a great speech, I’ll have a longer comment later. but i have to get to bed, it is four in the morning where i am and i got up because i had to see this.

  13. Best speech ever Boomer! Man you have no idea how much you will be missed.

  14. Even though in World War V, IMAF was enemies, I somehow feel… sad. I knew you were a good leader, just that RFW issue. xD
    Good-bye, I wish I knew you better.

  15. Boomer, I have served under a few leaders now and never has one been as dedicated, as nice as you. Under past leaders I was turned away like an incignifigant nothing but under you, I mattered. You always listened to what I had to say and that struck me as greather then anything.
    As you retire today, I can assure you know that I and the rest of this army iwll never forget you. You are the greatest leader this army has yet seen. I hope you live along, happy, and succsessful life.

  16. My longer comment is in moderation, but in short, Boomer you will be missed greatly, and thank you for being the best leader we’ve ever had.

  17. Bye , Boomer.

  18. Good Bye Boomer.I wish you the best of luck in life and that you dont fall in temptation.

    My message to Boomer::In you speech you sed you were a follower but to me you just had that talent hidden away in your heart and needed a good place to unleash it;ACP was that pleace,here you got to know a part o ure self that you didnt already know.We will miss you Boomer…

    ~Johny 4~

  19. Nice speech Boomer, I hope you do great in life and well I just hope things always work out for you and I also wanted to say thanks for being a great leader

  20. great speech, you will go far in life (ACP salutes and fireworks keep exploding) bye boomer…… 😦

  21. Aww dang, my eyes r tearing up. Uh, well, u were hands down the best leader ACP has ever had. I was about to leave the ACP when we were about to have civil war. But when u made that post, I knew ACP was gonna have a great leader. And u didnt disappoint, there was never a bad time wit u as leader. I have no doubt that Saint will do good as leader, but she has big shoes to fill. But personally, I think the admin will be better than this one.

    For the last time, *salutes*

    Goodbye, the best leader ACP has ever had, Boomer20.

  22. Fare thy well Boomer. Thank you for including me in the long list. We may not have known each other all that well but you were still a great person! I am going to miss you as an ACP leader…. You are one in a million Boomer and don’t deny that. I know that you are an extroardinary person, and an extroadrinary leader. I know you can aspire to something amaizing keep shooting higher my friend, because you just have by retiring. You were a kind, smart, humerous, and an all around good leader. I am going to miss you greatly you are another titan amongst CP warfare, and you shall be missed greatly. Also I find it very mature of you to retire because of making YOUR life and the people around you YOUR main priority. Well once again thank you so much. You have carried the ACP torch very far. Well cya on the other side pal. Until then…… goodbye 😦


  23. Good-Bye Boomer 20. THanks for all you have done to help the ACP. YOu will be remembered forever and i will continue to serve the ACP until it is my turn to retire.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lumarnara(ACP Major)

  24. I teared up. Man it’s a shame for me to tear up. I may not be known but I have worked my hardest through these “booming” months are years. I remember when Fort was leader and The ACP Depression and the ACP Era. I joined in the era. I salute u!

  25. Auch wenn du gehts wir werden dich nie vergessen, Zu lange hast du in unsrem herz gesessen. Immer warst du da für uns egal was auch geschieht, ein gedicht dür den besten Führer, den es je gibt.

    Thats an german poem for u. its about missing a good friend, living in peace and starting a new time in ACP. U may did not kwew me well, but i wish u did. U are a good role model and i think a wonderful friend. I will miss u. No, i dont think only me, i think the whole ACP.

    With best wishes for ur future live:


  26. Just seeing how big this post is, is just amazing. And I read it all! 😀

  27. I’m restoring my old self. As a very dedicate ACP soldier. But better! 😀

  28. goodbye boomer you were a great leader

  29. It took me more than ten minutes to read, and I didn’t read all the names! I’m so sad your leaving. ;(

  30. Boomer you are and will always remain my favorite person in the ACP.

    ……Goodbye (until i see u on chat again)

  31. Boomer, I salute ya’. I was glad I was under command of you. You were a great leader, and even if retired, you’ll still be one of a kind. And if it were war, or nothing, you’d still care about your soldiers first. You always gave people a chance, and you were probally the greatest leader ever. I salute ya’, Boomer.

  32. boomer you wer a great leader i am sad to see you go you made acp the best it could ever be you wer a special guy that everyone liked and i dont think anyone was as dedicated to acp as you. you wer always helping people making them feel like they belonged in this army like me 🙂 and i hope i will see you agian………….goodbye probably for the last time fabby201 acp major i salute you

  33. good bye…………………………..

  34. Yay, you didn’t forget your teddy! Bye Boomer, you were awesme, good luck with Fox, if you what I mean…

  35. Boomer,
    Thanks for all you’ve done for everyone in this army. You dont know how many people you’ve affected, even in real life. Im one of them. So thank you. 🙂

    God Bless,
    Packer1 Nfl

  36. We’ll never forget you Boomer

  37. Bye Booma Boy will miss you Bro 😦

  38. Cya boomer,
    I don’t really know how you could’nt cry from that speech.:cry:
    Boomer I still remember the first times we met in mammother just randomly recruiting everyday.

  39. 😥 goodbye bommer, buddy. i felt i never had or will have enough time to get to know u.

    P.S. longest post in ACP history, by far.

  40. boomer we will all miss u very much u have beeen acps best leader and u always wrote amazing speeches and u really no how to get someone motivated

  41. goodbye Boomer. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this army! You will always bbe remembered…ALWAYS

  42. AWWW I’M NOT IN IT XD. Oh well, FRW salutes you!

  43. 😦 I will always remember u man you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bye Captain ~Dan Popper~

  44. Hey Boomer,

    If you want to start in armies again, join us. We have Nate, Axe Pippy, u know.

  45. Gosh those last paragraphs made me cry. Im really sorry youre leaving. 😦 I hope Saint will be as good a leader as you.

  46. Boomer U RULE I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER U oh why does it have to end here u were an awesome leader


  47. Wow long retirement post so you were not kidding about that. Bye boomer the great.

  48. cya wouldnt wanna be ya

  49. That was…. Long

  50. boomer after many leaders ive witnessed (fort57 rapidy shaboomboom and you) you were the best i belive in you be strong

    24keyser acp brigader general

  51. Bye Boomer, Saint has awfully big shoes to fill
    ~ Lsund
    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  52. I don’t want Boomer to go!!!!! * cries*
    😦 😦 😦

    Bye Boomer,

    Ticket22 😦

  53. Sweet! I’m on the list 3 times! I’m sad to see you leave Boomer, I know we went thru some hard times fighting each other (and some great times as friends), but you are definitely one of the best leaders I have ever known. I would be proud to be able to do half of what you’ve as a leader.

  54. Bye Boomer. You didnt know me well. But you were a great leader. And I have to say, UMA is basicly, umm, gone. The site was deleted and the newest site was last posted in July 2008.

  55. You’ve been a great leader, Boomey. I’m 100% SURE Saint will have big shoes to fill (and I’m also sure she’ll do a good job at it.)

    Saint, you definitely have somebody to look up to.

    Thanks for the ride.

    ~Fire In The Hole

    P.S: ROFL on the Oagal rent pic. True ROFL.

  56. Boomer i know im 1 in thousands saying this but u were one of the best damn leaders ive seen. if it wasnt for u i would have never rejoined this army u helped me realize the strategy around this besides snow balls and charges u are a great person and i hope u have the best life again u were one of the best leaders. i think u got that a leader is only as good as its soldiers from me 😉 but yeah thanks for all u did and dedication to this army to make it what it is we can only evolve from here: “We stand united we fall divided”

    ACP Soldier ~Bluey92123

  57. Wow, I didn’t think that post was going to end, xD. Bye Boomer, greatest ACP leader ever 😉 Thanks for everything you have done for the entire Club Penguin Army Nation. I wish you the best of luck in life and whatever you decide to do. You’ll never be forgotten.


  58. your a grreat leader i would hate to lose you! although we dont really know each other for these 5 months you have taught acp to keep up their moral when fighting you have made acp keep their spirits up without you we would be a weak army i hope for more generaitons of acp no matter how long from this day on you will be remembred for all you have done for this army. boomer i will miss you and so will all of acp

  59. Ha, I can’t believe you put Omega39 in the thanking list. 😛

  60. Well then Boomer I guess that this is goodbye. I really suck at making speeches and that was one huuuuuge speech you had so… I’ll just wing it!

    Thank you, Boomer. Thank you for the great times that you have given to every single soldier in the Army of Clubpenguin. You were my very first leader in any army whatsoever and I thank you so much for that. So good bye, I wish you all the luck in the world for your future, who knows maybe you could become a leader of something bigger than Club Penguin someday. So farewell Boomer, have a nice life.


  61. Even though I wasn’t listed for thx for helping you in every war since March. Goodbye Boomer20. Great Leader.

  62. Boomer,

    I always knew you had great potential as a leader. From when you were a brigadier general and i was a General i knew one day you would be somthing great in ACP.

    For The Last Time Sir,



  63. how long will it take for me to read all that O_O

  64. Bye Boomer! We will miss ya

  65. Good bye Boomer,I’ll realy miss you,thanks for putting me there. I was shocked I knew most of your buddies. I hope I can meet you on chat. Happy 17 months aniversary. I played cp since like 2 years and a half ago,and I always admired acp,I remember like all the battles they had.The ACP vs CPA included.

    Good bye best leader! I hope you can come back in the future,to lead acp to the shinning victory!


  66. A very long post but every word is as good as every other
    I would like to wish you good luck wherever you go and i hope we can meet again
    You Lead ACP through many good things and your a brilliant leader
    Thanks For The picture bieng put up which i made and I wish you good luck once more
    Goodbye and Goodluck!
    And maybe you cant take your skills to new and exciting places in your life

  67. Boomer. You have been a great friend. Truthfully. Good luck with your life, and come back to visit us! Someone like you will never be forgotten.

  68. Well ya never actually knew me, but I knew you. Goddbye, have a nice life and don’t forget that one time I was on chat with you and talked to you (the time Jedi said some CRAZY things!).

    Goodbye, and thanks.

    ACP Brigadier General

  69. You kicked some mega-arse as acp leader, and I salute you for that.

    Good luck kicking arse in the real world.

    Twingy, ACP Warrant Officer

  70. ok…longest…post…ever.
    oh and you see seanehawk? even boomer thinks you could lighten up. 😛
    overall, boomer’s time as leader was successful. The rate of new recruits was as high as ever. It probably hasn’t been that high since WWIII. So with all the new soldiers and hits to the site, that alone makes this leadership succesful. What we didn’t see happen was a whole lot of war… but I won’t ever give up on that. if this army is doomed to never fight another war that lasts more than a week, then we might as well just forget about club penguin.
    now is probably not the best time to complain, of course. (still, i don’t blame myself for the little amount of time i see you on chat.) there’s more praise to be given, in fact. we all know that boomer always kept his head in any sort of conflict, more than what can be said for other people. he’s a nice guy and won’t go insulting you if you say some noobish thing. oh and plus, this is the longest post ever written on the ACP site.
    so that’s all i have to say here. yuuuuup.

  71. Boomer it is an honor to be on ur list however i feel as though I dont belong there

    I have officialy QUIT ACP. I have had it with being ignored on chat and I hate how I am always ignored. officialy now I have joined RG. I wish to be known who I was and not who I am now. I wish to still be accepted on chat and I also wish to be put in the Hall of Fame. Though those may seem to be longshots I still wish them.
    ^^^^^ Saint please make that into a post so everyone knows
    former ACP lt general Bfan212

  72. lol, i finally got mentioned in a retirement post. i hate you all. XD

    yeah, i’m kidding, of course. 😛

  73. good bye boomer i have never met you but i know you were AWESOME

    see ya

  74. dang bomer long speech im reading it in segments well have a good time in retirement ill see ya later boomer

  75. You retiring nearly made me retire. Goodbye Boomer.

  76. Im Sorry To See You Go Man, And, Not A Lot Of People Do Like Me, Meh, im Stronger than i thought, 12 pills didnt finish me off, idk what will 😐

  77. Every Great Leader makes long speeches. During your leadership, great signs were seen that you were a great leader. Every person in the CP Armies must retire some time, It doesnt matter if you are a leader or a n00b, everybody grows up and forgets the good times in the CP Armies. So In conclusion, Happy Retirement Boomer, and Good Luck!

  78. Youll be missed here in ACP as a leader and a freind, bye boom

  79. Seeya Boomer. You remain as my idol, inspiration, the person I want to live up in my time on CP. You will always be remembered as a true legend to the people of ACP. Like I said so many times before: Everybody starts somewhere, but a legend ends nowhere.

  80. Lol i’m there under ‘GPR’ XD
    I’m surprised you didn’t put Gu Gu Pengu under it since he was the one who made it. (Obviously)

  81. Wow, long post eh? It was still like the BEST post ever. Even though I never really met you, you seemed like an awesome friend. Your talent took you far, you were an epically awesome leader and had great tactics, and great skill. You’re gonna go far in life. Good luck in whatever you do. You will be greatly missed. Good luck in the retirement home!

    ~ Lt. Colonel PinkGirl1114

  82. P.S You were a great leader. I would probably say third best under Fort & Oagal. Bye

  83. Thanks for showing me on the RPF Boomer, it was nice knowing you are a good leader for ACP. Good luck for you’re future, I hope to one day see you again.

  84. Thanks for showin me on the Nachos 8) but I’ll really miss you…WAAAAAAAAA

  85. go go go all soilder go to mammoth at the ninja hide out its a war go go go

  86. Goodbye Boomer.
    You weren’t exactly the worst leader 😉

    Thanks for including me, it’s one of the first retirement posts I have ever been mentioned in.

  87. But I am Nachos, not ACP.

  88. Nice long post boomer! lol Must have been alot of work and I am going to write my epic speech! yay!

    Boomer 20 you were one of the best leaders in acp. You knew what to do and how to get it done. You led the ACP through many battles. You lead and did many many posts and gave our soldiers promos (which is probaly alot of work). You led us through many wars and helped us get many new recruits! You told me to to comment on the join page cause I didn’t have a rank lol XD Thank you boomer for all you have done in the acp! You had a do drills which improved us! You taught us how to recruit well! You made me determined! You helped all of us! You helped us through many a long day! You were on chat alot and were very funny! You helped us all! I am sorry to see you go boomer! You were one of the best leaders! Thank you boomer for all your hard work!

    Thank you boomer 20! Btw what are you gonna do with fox now lol!

    Saint I am sure you will do a great job leading the acp!

    Good bye boomer we will all miss you! 😦

    Rock on acp!

  89. I’d just like to complain that I was banned randomly on ACP chat by dryvit.. Why is that idiot an owner?!

    Dryvits edit: Unlike Nacho chat, you cannot drop the f word here, feel free to stop in our chat and follow the rules any time you like.

  90. Boomer you are my insparation to make my army. I hope we can be see each other some day, and remember……. There can be fighting blood in any young warrior.

  91. Thanks for everything, Boomer, you’ve been awesome 😀 Wow leave it to me to have a grin in my goodbye speech… I guess I really shouldn’t say “goodbye” exactly, since I’ll see you on AIM 😕 So.. uh.. bye from ACP? (I’ve never been good at writing these things…)


    (PS: Shab, I copied it to word. It’s TWENTY-EIGHT pages 8O)

  92. Adios Boomer. Have a good run doing….whatever your going to do.


  93. Dear Boomer 20,

  94. (sorry my computer is messed up)

    Dear Boomer,

    It has been great to know you these past three months
    and I would like to say thank you for all you did for ACP!
    It has been an honor knowing you and I always concidered
    you as a friend and always had respect for you and the rest
    of the leaders. I will keep you close for as long as I live
    even when I quit CP. It was good to know you and I can’t
    thank you enough! Hope to see you soon!


    Snowballpink ACP Lt. Colonel Echo Brigade

  95. Well Boomer, it’s been a good run, eh? We did a lot together and I can only sit here and say to myself- “Damn, why didn’t I recruit Boomer?”

    I have to admit, I’m still a little iffy on your choices for the next leaders, but hey, if things go wrong, they’ll always go right back up.

    P.S. Best retirement post ever. Even better then mine where I called Oagal a Bi*** 5 times.

  96. Good leaders don’t last forever.
    You guys should be happy that you got the chance to serve under Boomer 20’s leadership.

    To Boomer:

    I’m proud to have been able to work with you. We almost always got along, and only had I think one small fight in over a year which is pretty good lol.

    Something that I can say about you is that you were always good at trying to keep the peace and you had ten times the leadership qualities that I ever had. From what I saw, you didn’t like to argue (whereas I argue with people all the time) and you were a lot more reasonable than I was in many situations, now that I look back at it all. That’s probably why I was never chosen to be leader of ACP; I was too crazy and at times unreasonable. But you, you had all the perfect qualities for leadership.

    Because of you, ACP has been growing and had a continuous surplus of recruits.

    you have certainly left your mark in ACP history and will be remembered for a long time.

    These were some lyrics to a song that I like to think of around the time when I retired (maybe you’ve heard them” :

    “Intoxicated, I’ve
    No longer lived that life,
    You should have learned by now,
    I’ll burn this whole world down!

    I need some peace of mind,
    No fear of what’s behind,
    You think you’ve won this fight,
    You’ve only lost your mind!”

    These lyrics may have little or no meaning to you, but to me they have a deep meaning, especially of what was going on in my life during that time.

    again, good luck, take care,
    In 10-15 years look for my name in famous films and or bands 🙂


  97. Good-bye Boomer 20. We will miss you sir. You Have been a great leader. Sir, you have done many good things to this army to make it better. You were the reason why i joined Acp. Without your leadership, i would have never joined Acp. Thank You Boomer 20.
    All Of Us Will Remember You. We salute you sir, we salute you.
    -Sonic the 1 and the rest of the Army. For Acp!!! Good luck Boomer!

  98. Good bye Boomer. I was in ACP before and you were my leader.You were a great leader.Im really gonna miss you.Bye boomer i hope ill see you again.

    _ Frostbite375

  99. Goodbye Boomer, it was good to serve under your rule. Thanks for mentioning me in the ACP list. At least you will still be on chat 🙂

  100. Boomer:

    As much as I’ve “disliked” the ACP, today, I wish to dismiss those feelings. For today, I have nothing against the ACP. For today, a man, not a boy, of great respect has left the Army of Club Penguin. For today, a true legend has taken his name off of the ranks. For today, a true leader has faded into the oblivion we call retirement.

    For today, we see a man that reformed Club Penguin Armies, to what they should be.

    Farewell, Boomer. Best of luck.

  101. Hey! You forgot me!

  102. Ok, now im back from the vase shop and- *drops vase* how long was I gone??!?!!1 0.e

  103. I think im listed twice 😕

    Ill miss yah boomer.

  104. Im on teh UMA List. Boomer I think you had too many bad timings. You were the best ACP there was and you saved it. Without you ACP wouldnt be what it is today. Okay now back to UMA……..

    Bennah Boy Teh Movie Making Guy

  105. Thank you too Boomer, you were one of the greatest leaders (better than you person!!) there ever was so I wish you good luck in your life and I shall bid you goodbye also I would appreciate it if you wished me good luck on my 3 day exams staring tomorrow!
    And for the last time goodbye Boomer 20 Captain of Sigma Brigade

    Your loyal colonel Hasanb123







  106. Ok, after getting on Club Penguin, wow to the whole Migrator as a garden thing….Seriously, WHAT KIND OF CHILD THINKS CLUB PENGUIN IS FUN ANYMORE!Until the whole idiotic idea of turning a beach which is supposed to be sandy on a snowy island and then filling a SNOWY ISLAND with plants and all that, I gaurantee that whenever Disney thinks straight, Canadas going to attack Iceland! And by that time, I will be long gone of Club Penguin!
    P.S I haven’t retired yet, I’ve just been very inactive cause I lost my membership, and ironicly, because of all the homework I have!

  107. wow long seppech boomer…. im sorry you have to leave you are the best leader ever:)

  108. Now I’m gonna make a longer comment, I made a short one earlier causae I got up at 12:00 PST to read this xD.

    Boomer, you will be missed. You made a great choice of leaders, and we’ll stand strong. I’m glad I served under you, and I’m sure that many others are too. You were a great friend, and you helped me when I came across arguements. You could be funny in many ways, too. Thank you,

    -Thomas0270, ACP Lieutenant General

  109. Peace dude. I don’t ever think that I heard you speak in chat. But why does everyone hate ACP. You sure did a great job leading and hope to see you on chat(and actually talking lol 80 🙂 😀 )

  110. Peace dude. I don’t ever think that I heard you speak in chat. But why does everyone hate ACP. You sure did a great job leading and hope to see you on chat(and actually talking lol 80 🙂 😀 ) clover for life

  111. ßoomer, i hate to see u leave, but i have too… so bye ßommer, i will miss u sooooo much, u the best leader i’ve had, :cry:!!!!

    BTW: ACP FOREVER!!!!!!
    P.S. ß <——- cool "B" for  ßoomer!!!

  112. Thank you for putting me in the list of people to thank. I think you got the basic time right, I was a Corporal at the same time that Yoitspablo (still on my CP buddy list :-D) and Peguin21795 (also still no my buddy list :-D). Also, I was involved in the top two pics of Fox and Boomer, and I set up the prostitute quote :-|. I don’t agree with a lot of people that you are the best leader ever, just because I was around in the time of Oagalthorp and remember what a great leader he was, plus he created the first modern army. If you don’t know, Oagal was the first person in Club Penguin history to use WordPress for an army site and Xat for a chat. He made armies the way they are today. I don’t love you, because I’m not gay, and apparently Hasanb is :-?. As one of the three surviving second generation ACP soldiers (Blue Speed 7 and Seanehawk are the other two) I say that you are the second best leader in ACP history. The key gift that you gave ACP was stability. Before you became leader, ACP’s future was uncertain, with many people wanting to delete the site. We hadn’t had a leader that has done more to keep ACP alive other than Fort57, who decided to keep ACP going after Oagal retired. I am confident that you made a good choice in selecting Saint 1119 as leader. Your speech was touching, and it taught me something that should have been really obvious. I never made the connection that Jojofishy and Shadow2446 were brothers :lol:. Goodbye, Boomer, and I hope that you stay on chat. You were a friend and a leader, and i salute you. I am sure that you will be successful, and I wish you good luck for the rest of your life. Thank you.

    -Jingle Jay

    Army of Club Penguin Major General
    Golds Colonel
    United Penguin Army Lieutenant General
    Club Penguin Air Force Commander

  113. I hope my comment is out of moderation soon :-|.

  114. boomer! heres one more tip. You dont find Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson finds you! 😯 :LOL:

  115. this MIGHT be longer than my yet-to-be-finished post, but IDK XD. and guys, look on the ice breaker site. on the last post there, at the bottom of it, im included XD!
    Boomer, you were probably the best leader ever besides Oagal. You brought ACP back when no one else could. I thank you and salute you, friend.

  116. When my speech is approved, I meant “on”, not “no” in the third line.

  117. and look at this, whos #1 on the list for boomers choice for leader? (SMIRK)

  118. BYE Boomer

    great post i almost cried !

  119. Oh thanks jingle its called a song!! and I’m not gay but person might be o_o

  120. Boomer, you were a great leader and I wish you the best for what ever you may accomplish in the future.
    The best of wishes,

  121. Well, you were a great leader. Thanks for, well, everything. You’ll succeed. I know it.

  122. Boomer, after everything you have done as leader, you will always be remembered.

  123. Thank you for putting me on the list of people to thank i love my little paragraph!!

    GROUP HUG!!!! (HUG)

  124. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 God bless you Boomer 20! My best friend! I myself is crying like a baby. Last war, last laugh, last smile and last goodbyes! Hope that life will remain peaceful.

    ~Narutoj11 ICA Leader

    P.S. We all the allies love you!! 😦

  125. I LOVE YOU BOOMER 20!!

  126. Well I wasn’t on the list. Oh well.

    From the time I joined ACP till your retirement, I have never seen a leader greater than you. You sparked the energy everywhere. 😥 I mean you were the most honest leader ever. 😥 You do everything right. 😥
    “The one who lead us all will lead us all, forever.
    Where you ask?
    In your mind, explaining what you should do.”

    Another quote
    “When the one who has retired, retires, the gap left is endless.” ~Houndy66

    In other words: You’ve been an inspirational leader.
    “This gap to fill is harder then ever. The black hole will suck you in. It is impossible to fill this gap. This gap is left by Retired Leader of ACP Boomer 20. Its a void in space. It’s The Endless Void.”

    ~Houndy66 aka Redrarehound 😥

  127. Good-bye, Boomer. Most soldiers into the future will not remember or will not experience what you have done for this army. If it’s the last thing i do, I will personally make sure each and every soldier re-lives what i call the Golden Age of the ACP.


  128. Yay by comment is moderated 😀 Thanks

  129. Damn, that’s some deep stuff…you sound like a really great guy Boomer, and it makes me wish I had gotten to know you better. I, Lorenzo Bean, and Golds salute to you and wish you the best of luck.

    ~Lorenzo Bean

  130. Bye Boomer!Have a good time!And Congrats Saint.

  131. Nooooooooo! Boomer please don’t leave!! 😦
    Well if you must, will you still be in ACP?

  132. Aye, that post is more then three fourths of the page long… Anyway, I’m not in ACP, but I have respected you, even if you can be a bit annoying at times. Good Luck with life Boomer, and God Bless You.

  133. Bye boomer.U were one of the best leaders in CPW(club penguin warfare) Also u forgot to put me in it :mrgreen:

  134. I cant believe this is the last time ill salute you. Youve been the best leader know to man and i hope we can still be friends. And one day i wanna be a leader like you. —- Cristiano50

  135. Boomer, I have nothing against Saint, but I’m really gonna miss you being the leader of ACP. You are funny, cool, and nice. Good luck with life. Also, you don’t have to, but if your looking for armies to join, please join
    I have some soldiers from ACP in my army, they would be delighted to see you.

    God Bless You Boomer 20

  136. Boomer,

    I’m putting up a post on Echo Brigade Site.

  137. Have a great retirement Boomer : )

  138. if you want the hyperlink, Click Here

  139. 147th!!!!
    Boomer, ur an awsum leader. I joined ACP right when Shaboomboom retired but Unofficially joined when Shaboomboom joined. I remember Wicket was a warrant officer back then when i met him. Right now I should be a rank below him officially if i knew there was a website. Boomer you rock,

  140. […] as you probably know, Boomer retired on Saturday. Boomer has his Retirement Post up. If you don’t know the new […]

  141. […] as you probably know, Boomer retired on Saturday. Boomer has his Retirement Post up. If you don’t know the new […]

  142. I used to come on this site when it had about 10,000 hits. A lot has changed. I was also in club penguin today, and these people were talking about how they are going to invade ACP or something like that…

  143. We will miss you, Boomer. There is no doubt that you were the most amazing, responsible, and hard working leader we have ever had. No other leader would take the time to list all the amazing soldiers that have seen you through. I will continue to rank up and work hard in your honor. I salute you for the last time, Boomer. Good bye, sir.

  144. Why didnt you thank me? Alot f ppl in ACP know me!

  145. We’ll miss you Boomer, but ACP is going to end soon. I hope you have a fun time in Aim(With Fox xD!) Well goodbye I can’t stay in touch cause I’m ban on ACP chat forever 😯 :.?

  146. Well, now one more chapter of the ACP’s Saga has closed, and a new one opens.
    I salute you for the last time, Boomer.
    I hope you have a wonderful life.
    We will always remember you as a legend.

    As we go on,
    We’ll remember
    All the times we had together
    As life goes on
    Come whatever
    We will still be
    Comrades forever

    -Major General TotalN00B, ACP.
    PS: I can finally be called a true vet!
    Stayed through 3 Eras! 😆

  147. Bye, Boomer! You’ve always been one of the few leaders in this past era (meaning from Kg’s retirement to your retirement) that didn’t hate me (with the exception of Saint and Ankita). But I guess all good things must end. I’m honored to be listed on the list of people that’ve helped you, and I thank you for recognizing my brief, disputed leadership as a major event in your post. I don’t get a whole lot of recognition for that. But as I say goodbye to you, I also say goodbye to the leadership of Shab and Aber, two basically good people that were changed by leadership and held me back. I look forward to my potential future leadership opportunities and hope that I can measure up to you. It’s been a good run with you. I hope you’ll keep in touch with the ACP. As always… Rock on!

    -Major General Dr Nono Jr AKA Bread
    Former (and possibly future) Leader and Co-Leader
    ACP soldier and friend

  148. great speech boomer your a great man.also thank you for letting me meet you on clubpenguin. your great pal ~jon3303

  149. bye we will all miss u boomer! u were a great leader! :] hav fun being retired? :s

  150. Farewell Boomer. You were a great leader. Not just that, you were the best leader a soldier could ask for. Thank-you for helping us back on our feet after a humiliating defeat. You brought back the fun in ACP. You helped establish a new generation. And this new generation of ACP soldiers will praise your name forever more. -ACP Lt.General Matthewmsh1

  151. You forgot me under Golds…. p.s. How long did it take you to write this xD

  152. Bye Boomer :*( You were a great leader and I’m gonna miss you!You were 1 of the best leaders of all the leaders in the whole armies.
    ~Ice-ACP major

  153. You were a good leader Boomer. I will truly miss you but as Yoda said, “Do not mourn those who transform into the force. Rejocie for them.” So that is why I will but both a sad face and a smily face. It was nice knowng you. 😦 🙂

  154. Boomer,

    Ive been your friend, Ive been your enemy, your a great guy.

    Hey your retired now! Now we can party and go criticize people with no consequences! See you on chat dude!

    – Commando717

    I’m In Your Base KillIng Your Dudez

  155. Boomer 20
    I have served under you only and everything I fight in acp it won’t be the same.Saint is a good leader but it’s hard to fight for someone different.Acp most likely fall apart.I love acp as much as you and I don’t want that to happen can you still be leader but co-leader please for acp.

  156. Bye Boomer. You where the first leader i served under and you where the greatest. No matter what people say your the best ACP leader ever.

    We wont forget your legacy

    -Spongie555 ACP colonel

  157. 😦 – Possibly the only thing to describe how i feel. What a sad loss to Club Penguin Armies! Have fun with real life Boomer, maybe I will see you on the outside someday and have no idea 🙂

    P.S. – No funeral cr(a)p.

  158. Boomer,I’ve served under your leadership my whole ACP career and you were a outstanding leader. You fended off some of the worst foes and you lead this army through some tough times and we stuck through them. It’ll be sad to see you go Sir.


  159. Hey Boomer, just to let you know, even though i just heard about you in may, you were my first penguin hero. I also want to know if you are going to pick a new ACP leader soon.

    P.S. I still haven’t received my rank yet.

    Thank you

  160. boomer you were a great leader i felt left out when my name wasnt on the post 😦 and it wasnt even on the golds part well i guess that doesnt matter 🙂 and you enspire me to be a great soldier i hope even one day i will be a leader in ACP… well thats not gonna happen 😐 you rock and hope to see you on chat and i promise to be a great soldier and follow in your foot steps to be a great soldier like you 8: goodbye boomer 20 maybe one day we will bump into each other on CP but its not gonna be the same without you 😥 well anyways goodbye boomer 20 cya again on chat 8:

  161. oops i messed up the 8) in my comment can someone fix …

  162. One thing to say to you boomer,I’m from Philadelphia xD

  163. Bye Boomer… everyone’s gonna miss ya… thanks for NOT including me xD Just kidding but still Boomer have a nice life!!! You were definitely the best ACP leader.

    (BTW Cowboys>Eagles!!!)

  164. Please join my army

    The website


  166. Boomer, thanks for being a great leader for the Army of Club Penguin. I enjoyed reading your post about leaving and moving on and etc. You were an awesome leader. I would like to be able to ask for advice from you, and I don’t usually have time to be on the ACP chat…. so could you email me? My email address is Please email me!


  167. please join my army

    heres the link:

  168. Cya 🙂
    Come back soon xD
    We will miss you

  169. you gotta admit Boomer would make a good polotician. His Speeches are excellent.

  170. And I wanted to post my recruiting video because VCP has NO TROOPS AT ALL!!!!

  171. Farewell sir. It was good knowing you. Seeing that I have to go to karate, I’ll post my full comment later.

  172. why are you retiring? WE THE aCP NEED YOU!! :X

  173. i was thinking of joining, but until i saw how how good of a leader u were from wat stev712 said, i think im gonna miss out on a great leader.

  174. here is my speech
    it all started in feb09 i was bored so i went to one sever i never been on mammoth there a went to the dance club and thats were it all started i meet my best friend Pikachuboo he told me about the ACP we and fought together we lost together and that day and thats were i meet you fought with againest the clones in other words hackers and we won boomer20 you were my hero and will be forever

  175. Your leadership is greatly honored bye bye

  176. bye 😦



  178. Hi boomer if u ever come across this message at all, I am the rsnail army leader. I know you might think of me as a puny weak army leader.I know ACP and rsnails arent the best of friends. But in my eyes you seemed to lead ACP pretty well through all these years. Now ive never met you, and you for sure wont really meet me. But I put aside my differences and just wanted to say good luck and helped ACP a lot.

    P.S I was in ACP but I quit

    -Cuite54338 The rsnail army leader and council leader.

  179. i cant beleive hes gone…*sigh* another one bites the dust…Boomer I salute you! *salutes*

    ~Rocknroll63 ACP lt.colonel, JOCP leader, ROMANS emperor

  180. Bye boomer i miss you

  181. Saint I know you are the leader of the army now but Is it ok if I make an army And put boomer20 in the history of armys?
    But I will tell everyone that to keep acp their main army. Also I it ok if you can mention it in a post? If You need to see the website here it is: Reply if you accept. Thanks! – Acp soldier Zappr99

  182. Boomer I can’t describe you. In my quite extraordinarily large vocabulary, there are only two phrases that can describe you: you think about the troops, YOUR troops, and you will never let anyone down. After i read this post, i was literally crying. It was a sad moment for me. So far, in the month or two i have been in ACP, you have inspired me to create my own army, the Blue Marine Warriors. Thank you for everything you have given this army, thank you for the golden era you have given the Army of Club Penguin, because truly, you have brought it.

    ~Golacorn, Warrant Officer in ACP

    P.S. my site is

  183. Great post Boomer, you’re a great guy…. shame all the good people have to go!

    Good luck in life Big Fella!

    – Lpg 123 (My wordpress account is suspended…)

  184. CRys bye bye

  185. Thanks for all you have done in ACP, Boomer. I’m sure everyone will miss you very much.

  186. *salutes* Thank you sir. For all That you Have done For ACP. Good Luck and Goodbye……………..

  187. Yeah, you were a pain in the *Censored*.
    But thats what’s cool about you XD.

  188. PLease join my clubpenguin army

    object width=”425″ height=”344″>

    ITS new here is the link:

  189. I am in DIRE distress. I will be inactive this summer because I have summer camp and will not be able to report that I am active althoguh I really want to be ACP. My ACP and ClubPenuin name is Hickory Tree, and I am a Warrant Officer. If Boomer or Saint sees this, I REALLY need your help! Please reply

  190. I’m sorry you have to go Boomer 😦 this is the first retirment speach I was actually in. Thank you 😥

  191. 200th Comment =O

  192. lol, person is in almost every one of those funnt pics. no wonder they were funny

  193. Boomer, you are a GREAT leader. You led your troops into battle and you fought like a true soldier. I think its only fair that we have one of the BIGGEST partys in ACP history! *salutes*

  194. Boomer I hope you dont quiet ACP but intead become a normal soldier like the rest of your ACP brothers on the front 🙂 !

  195. I love the post. It’s very touching! I hope I can you see you on chat more. Plus I like your thinking on picking Saint as our new leader, she is a very leaderish person!

  196. everything good has to end! good bye boomer! god bless you!
    good luck with your life!

  197. bye boom boy

  198. oh well guess ill write a proper 1

    Well old boomy my first ever leader in meh 1st eva army well cyaz 😀

  199. last comment 😀

  200. cya boomer we’ll miss ya

  201. Awwww Boomer don’t make me cry *Glares* at the part when you thanked me I was surprised I tought you would’nt put me on thare. I also started blushing, I hav’nt miss spelled that many words in a loong time O.O

    xxBleu Missyxx

    Btw Boomer, the fame is treating me quite nicely thank you. xD

  202. boomer20,ex acp leader,it was a pleasure being your soldier

  203. Boomer
    You cant retire
    Y r u retiring?

  204. 😦
    You were a great leader boomer
    Ill never forget you leading us

  205. Hi boomer you chose me as recruit of the month. I will never forget that.

  206. bye

  207. bye boomer20

  208. bye boomer20 you rocks

  209. bye boomer20 you rocks byebye

  210. bye boomer20 you rocks byebye good bye

  211. Bye Boomer20 we will all miss you

  212. Thank you Boomer! Bye!! I know I cant go on anymore but still bye!

  213. 😦 😦
    Saint will probably be a good leader but you were even better boomer!! ill never forget you boomer.

  214. ive been looking through Acp and i know saint has made alot of changes.I like the old Acp. So until boomer comes back
    I Quit ACP!!!

  215. I will miss u boomer 😥 Bye forever but i no ull still be making retirement post. I have a cofession to make, I went on the nacho site tried to pull myself off as Zissis
    so srry to the nachos and Zississ and everybody who i offended 😦 dumb me. I hate me. O my god me is so frekin’ retarded. 😦

  216. I will miss u boomer 😥 Bye forever but i no ull still be making retirement post. I have a cofession to make, I went on the nacho site tried to pull myself off as Zissis
    so srry to the nachos and Zississ and everybody who i offended 😦 dumb me. I hate me. O my god me is so retarded. 😦

  217. sorry on the ‘ull still be making RETIRMENT post’

    I ment ull sill be making comments on posts.

    me is even more frekin’ retarded now.

  218. ill miss u boomer u were a great leade

  219. Even though Im an IMAF guy but that post was really Sad. We’ll miss you Boomer

  220. im gonna miss u boomer, its been fun to have u lead us. u and oaglethorp are our 2 biggest heroes and legends. we will all miss you!!! dont forget acp nor us. bye!!!! *cries* bye boomer.

  221. Sir, it was an honor to serve under such a noble leader. We will all miss you Boomer! I Will do my best to make you feel proud of this army you created. Good luck sir! I soulte you. There will never be a better leader than you.You pulled through the hardest times. Thank you for not quiting then. You speech is amazing, you have always made amazing speechs. So, Thank you, Good luck and good bye.

  222. Last comment on boomer’s last post. 😥 so sad

  223. HI Bommer its so sad that your leaving.

  224. boomer please have a good reitirment you are a inspriation to the DRACP(democratic repulic of the Army of Club Penguin)we will miss you all. I hope you return to a visit. Hats off to Boomer!

  225. I read it all for the second time,still can’t believe Boomer retired 😦

  226. OK now this is the last comment… 😕

  227. I think I’m gonna cry…. Boomer was an awesome leader….

  228. Wow this is really cool. Reading about your great time here. It’s to bad I never got to know you. You would have been a great friend to me. I just joined and I am determined to be just like you. I joined this army to help Club Penguin just as you did. It’s so cool to read all this. Great speech. Well done. Have a nice retirement. It’s nice you can stay on Chat :mrgreen:
    ~LilJet 3

  229. I read it all over again. And Saint has somebody to definatly look up to. Boomer, even not being here or knowing you, I know you were a truly great leader.It’s sad to see you go 😥 But we will always remember somebody like Boomer. He will be remember for ad long as ACP remains. =)
    ~LilJet 3

  230. why did boomer leave anyway?

  231. Bye Bommer 20 you may be gone forever but your memories live on.

  232. i didnt like boomer that much

  233. Thank you boomer you always were a very good leader but everyone must waddle on further.

    Luitendant Yoda 1000

  234. by the way you were probably the best leader i will have had

  235. i’m gonna cry it was so touching

  236. u still like number 20?

  237. i know u wont anser

  238. Thank you Boomer, for mentioning the CPUN and I in your wonderful post.

    Thank you.

    I remember showing the light in the ACP when everyone kept laughing at Oagalthorp and being such a disappointing disgrace and you agreed with me. Then more agreed with us.

    Well congratulations. If you have accomplished something in the virtual world of Club Penguin, I’m sure you will accomplish much more in the real world. You were the best and most kindest, greatest leader I’ve ever seen lead the ACP in a long time.

    Goodluck in life Boomer.

    Godbless too. 😉


  239. Dear boomer i never really know very well but you were awalys one of my friends ST1s told me alot about you will all miss you ~cooldude7401

  240. hes not retired anymore is he cuz he manages everything now

  241. i would like to join the ACP

    1).ueser name: jesstaco

    2).any other cp armies: no

  242. o_o I bet I will be the last person to comment on this post for awhile xD

  243. Hey I remember when I was only a seargent when Boomer was first leader and Person was leader of Nachos. It seems that whenever I join back with ACP Boomer has been leader. For my hard brave battles with Boomer in command we never lost. I rejoin The ACP with a new leader, a new golden age, with Bobcatboy10 now in command of the largest CP army in history.

  244. I still remember Boomer Forever…. (Srry Mch)

  245. This excellent website definitely has all of the info I wanted concerning this subject
    and didn’t know who to ask.

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