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You MUST read the post below if you have not already read it!!!

On Saturday July 4th,  the divisions will be having a practice battle, Check below for times and location.

Location: Snow Fort, All Rooms  (Alpha will start at Village, Delta will start at Town, and Echo will start at Cove)

Date: Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Time: 2:00 PST, 3:00 Mountain, 4:00 Central, 5:00 EST, 10:00 UK

Who: Delta vs. Echo vs. Alpha

Remember to be in your division’s color (Alpha, Delta, Echo)

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Tundra Secured

Dryvits Edit: I want to thank Icey and the IW for giving us a clean , good fight. The IW for their size were quite formidable and Icey did a great job leading. IW used no bots or clones as other lesser armies tried, and still were defeated. And at the end, Icey admitted defeat and withdrew his troops like a true gentleman. Very impressive IW, you guys should be proud. Thanks for the fair and clean battle. Boomer, you rocked leading your group and are awarded the first annual “GAME SNOWBALL“. Retirement has brought out the best in you.

It was a long battle (it started 2 hours before when it should have), but we fought it out for 4 hours, and even after the Nachos had left, Tundra had been secured from 5 (count ’em) invading armies.  I was there for just about the entire thing so they’re letting me post my pics:

The first two hours didn’t even count so I didn’t take any pics, but this one kinda sums up what happened.  We basically chased DW and IW around the server until they hid in an igloo 😆 .

IW and DW Invasion Summary

At the start of the real battle (just before 1 PST), the Nachos streak through the Town and spam the DW with hearts 😆 .

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 2

ACP moved to the Snow Forts where we outnumbered IW 2 to1.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 3

The Nachos continued their streaking spree through the Plaza.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 6

We then moved to the Cove where we kicked out the ST with about 40 soldiers.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 7

The Nachos halt the RFW’s invasion of the Plaza.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 9

ACP moves in and spam charges the DW and ST in the Town.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 10

We chased them through the Snow Forts and they continued their retreat.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 11

Some bots appeared at the Snow Forts shortly after.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 16

Wow, we’re gettin creative with the names now…

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 14

A massive Nacho line in the Snow Forts scared off the IW.  Soon after, they left the server.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 17

ACP chased the IW to the Attic, and they retreated soon after (about 40 soldiers).

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 18

Back to the Cove, and it was a close battle with IW.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 19

After about 10 minutes, ACP prevailed and IW retreated again.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 20

At this point, there was a separate battle at the Beach (no pictures unless someone else has some), and I was apparently elected to lead the Snow Forts group.  Here we made a big line and scared off the 10 or so RFW soldiers.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 21

Now at the Soccer Pitch, ST was with the bots 😕 .

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 23

A source tells me they belong to ST…

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 22 Edited

ACP, led by Foxtails ( 😀 ), had then forced IW out of the Beach and up into the Ski Village.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 24

Soon after, they retreated to the Iceberg, where it was another close battle, but ACP came out on top.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 25

IW regrouped at the Dojo and was smothered by ACP’s spam charges.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 27

IW was soon forced from the Dojo as well.  Meanwhile, all the other armies had surrendered.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 29

Back in the Attic, Icey agrees to surrender to ACP.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 30

About 40 ACP soldiers to only 10 IW soldiers, and the battle was over.  The battle ended with about 60 ACP soldiers on the server.

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 31

Potential reasons for war with DW?  They also banned Person forever on their chat 😕 .  [Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot they banned me too… 😕 ]

ACP vs IW, RFW, ST, DW 1

Overall, the battle was exciting, and long.  It was fairly disorganized, starting with the invading armies, who spent more time running than invading.  This forced us to chase them around the server, so we left a lot of soldiers all over the server.  I think we had as many as 80 soldiers at times, but because of the disorganization, we never had more than maybe 45 in a room.  Once I see how many we had at the Beach at the point where ACP had to split up, I can give a better estimate.  At that point, which appeared to be the peak, we had 40 at the Snow Forts, 10 in the Soccer Pitch, and 5-10 around the rest of the server, plus how ever many were in the Beach.  That could be as many as 90-100.  Either way, we managed to stop invasions by RFW, IW, DW, ST, and IMAF even after the Nachos had left the server.  Well done everyone!

Comment if you made it!


P.S.~Feel free to add pics if you have any.