Boot Camp News

Stev’s Edit: Boomer I want to talk to you about an Idea I have of sending a bunch of new recruits not only for boot camp of ACP. A Boot Camp of all armies that are within the Council and that way we won’t have so many inexperienced “n00bs” around.

Boomer: The WW Mass Recruiting post will be up first thing tomorrow (other sites have already posted it).  I wanted to give this post some face-time first.

Be sure to read about Shabs retirement party below!!

Are you below the rank of major?  Wouldn’t it be great to just be able to jump up to the rank of major in a month?  Well, with a little effort, you can!  Here at the ACP Training Regiment (more commonly known as the ACPTR) you can train and learn about fighting and drills that are commonly done in club penguin warfare!  It’s lead by me (TyloV5) and you will also be learning from a staff of people who all have experience in Club Penguin wars.  What exactly do we do?  Well, we have chat rallies, drill sessions, and practice battles.  Each time you go to one of these things, you get an A.  When you don’t, you get an F.  Of course, if you tell us you can’t come to something beforehand, you will be excused.  We are reasonable.  Depending on what grade you get, you will either graduate (not that hard to do), or fail, and take the course over (if you want).  Do you still want to go to normal ACP activities along with the ACPTR ones?  Don’t worry, we always schedule our events around those of the Main ACP.  So what are you waiting for?  Just go to the join page on the ACPTR site (link will be below), and join on the join page!  Hope to see you there!

ACPTR site link: (it used to be called the acp boot camp)

Retirement Party

Server: Mittens (If its full then another will be chosen at that time)

Time: 11:30 PST(A.M.)- 6 PST (P.M.)

When: Friday July 3rd (Tomorrow)

Room: Pool (and then maybe later my igloo)

Why: My retirement party

What to wear: Where your Acp uniforms for the pictures and then you can wear whatever you want for the rest of the party.

I want to get a few pictures for my retirement post and then I will post my retirement post after about half an hour. I want to get a “Shaboomboom Owns You (Only “Shaboomboom” shows up on cp)” picture and just a random picture.


I Have No Creative Title for this News Post

Hey, it’s me Fox again. This time I will TRY to get you some pics, I’m probably just doing this wrong or something…

Anywho, I’m here with the news again. (If you couldn’t tell by my stupid title)

First of all, Sensei will be here tomorrow. He’s teaching ninjas some new “move” or whatever. Hey Sensei, are you finally gonna teach me how to chop a brick in half?

Sadly, I think either I’m doing this pic thing wrong, contributors can’t post pics, or my comp and/or wordpress is being uncooperative.

Secondly, and also tomorrow, Penguin Style is coming out! Unfortunately, half of us are nonmembers and really don’t care when the catalog comes out 😆

ALSO tomorrow (I really gotta word these posts better) the new pin is coming out, so grab some buddies and get waddling out to find it! (Okay, now I REALLY sound like Disney.)

Tomorrow’s really full of news, isn’t it…

And Music Jam 09 will be starting on July 17! I remember last year’s, I was still an active part of Club Penguin’s Noob Committee.

Today’s “101 Days of Fun” activity is lame. It’s “give or take a tour.” Is that all you got, Disney? Maybe they should just switch it to “Spend a day with Foxtails.” I’m WAY more fun than some nooby tour guide. [Boomer: Agreed 😆 ]

Finally, on the 10th, Ruby and the Ruby will be coming back to the stage. CP seriously needs some new plays, don’t you think?

Ooooh, I just noticed CP is on Issue #194 of CP Times! That means in 6 weeks we might have some new kind of party! YAY!

OH! I almost forgot! I scheduled the party time for tomorrow!

Fox’s Beginning of Summer Party:

When: July 3rd, 2009.

1:30 pm EST

12:30 pm Central

10:30AM PST

7PM uh.. Europe time? (I don’t know what it’s called.)

Uh.. those are all the time zones I know… so… sorry if I didn’t cover yours, can you figure it out on your own?

Where: Iceland (Yes I know it is now an unclaimed server) Dock. (I thought we’d try somewhere new for a change.)

I think that’s all the info you need, right? Remind me if I forgot anything…

Okay, I think its time to wrap this post up before someone complains to me about having posts be too long. See you next week!