The End aka The Retirement of Shaboomboom

If this post is out then I have probably retired. I have had a great cp army experience and won’t forget it. I’ve been SSACP Leader, Acp Leader and Co-leader, Vla Leader, Golds Leader, and other high ranks. I’ve been in Acp, Uma, Golds, Vla, Nachos, IW, Rpf, WW, SSACP, RFW, and many other armies. I first joined on Jan 3rd, 2008, the same day that Boomer 20 did. I am retiring on the 18th month anniversary of the day Boomer and I joined.

I won’t be on chats other than maybe once a month. I will visit on Jan 3rd 2o1o to see what happened to Acp after I left. You might see me in Cp sometimes….I will say hi but I probably won’t go to chat as much as I do now. If you see me online but I am not at Acp chat then I am probably at my personal chat:

I retired because I am too old to be in CP armies. I have had my time, I’ve done what I wanted to do, I had fun. Don’t be too upset that I’m retiring, everyone does at one point and there is no avoiding it.

Most of you probably don’t know that Lotsofpie gave me the server Mittens from Friday May 15 till the day I retire, today. I would like to thank him for doing that and I wish him the best of luck.


My Story

The big question I am asked is how I got my name. The truth is, I didn’t. My sister and her friend made it. I was logging onto Club Penguin one day after I had made my own account and found out Shaboomboom was saved. I logged onto Shab and found out it was older and I decided to use it as my main. That is how I got the name Shaboomboom.

I used club penguin gang website as a site to get cheats since August 07. I never even heard of Acp. Then one weekend I decided to look at the blogroll of CPG and saw the Acp site. I checked where Acp usually is and saw that snow globe was the training server. I went to snow globe and I threw snowballs around with a few Acp members (I never found out who they were). This was on Jan 2nd. On Jan 3rd I went onto Mammoth and thats where I first saw my close friend, Boomer 20, and my other good friend, peguin21795. I emailed Oagal and was ranked the next promo day.

When I first went on chat I met Maz and decided to join SSACP. I also joined every other major army that day. I focused on SSACP and that is why I did not recieve a promo in Acp until Fort was made leader. In Feb I was voted into the SSACP Council and I became a Top Spy. Also in Feb my mission was to get onto the Uma site and mess it up or delete it. I was a few days away from being successful when a fellow spy, Blackburnt, thought that he would delete the site easier by giving me away and giving away the password to the mission page to Uma. His idea failed and I was fired from Uma but thanks to my persuasive talking I was able to get myself back into Uma.

Fort became leader and I was promoted during the months all the way to 2nd to top under the owner line. I was made SSACP ambassador and then co-leader of ssacp after corvette and k wadler retired. Maz came and left Acp and then came back to ssacp for a little bit and then the SSACP site was starting to get ruined at the end of July because of Rapidy giving away the secret site to everyone. Fort created VLA sometime in this period to rebel against Oagal and then gave the site to me. Head was fired as 3rd in command and Tomy disappeared for what seemed like forever.

In August Fort retired and there was a whole confusion period. Rapidy became leader after Dr Nono was leader for 1 day. After 2 weeks Rap was rebelled against and some more confusion followed. There was a poll to see who would be leader and in the final poll it was between Kg, Rapidy, and me. I lost to Kg by 3 votes on august 27th with the final count being 60-63. The SSACP site was officially shut down for what most people thought as for forever because of a hacker.

When Kg was made leader I was chosen to be his co-leader. Dr nono jr was also picked to be his co-leader. Acp ran fine and nothing much happened until October.

In October Kg retired and had a poll to see who would be the next leader. I became leader after an agreement with Ankita on October 24th. Oagal came back and caused chaos and havoc. He ignored my decision and ordered Acp to invade mammoth. I called the troops out of Mammoth and I tried to rebel but sadly there was so much confusion and Oagal had taken me off the Acp site so I was not able to have a sucessful rebellion but I was sucessful enought to stop the invasion of mammoth. Oagal held a poll and then lied about the results by combining 2 out of the 3 choices against 1 of the 3 choices. He has control of the Acp site and ended up making Ankita a leader with me. Oagal was not satisfied after a week and to compromise Boomer was annouced to be leader. As part of the deal Ankita and I were made Boomer’s co-leaders.

I am proud to say that Boomer was a better leader than I ever would be. He recruited, he did all the grunt work, he was not on chat because of all the work he did. He even dealt with me XD. He was, in my opinion, the best Acp there has been.

On June 3rd, 2009 Boomer retired and left Acp to Saint. I was made an advisor with the powers of a co-leader. Saint chose Dryvit and Meat for her co-leaders and Stev for her 3rd in command. What happened next I don’t know. That is Saint’s story to tell because it is still happening right now and I hope that Acp continues to stay a superpower until all other armies have crumbled around us. I hope to see Acp whenever I go onto Snow Fort or Mammoth because it will tell me that Acp is still there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have a few ppl to thank for my experience. There is no special order of the people except for the top 3:

*Boomer 20*: You’ve been my friend from the start and you’ve also been like a brother to me. We’ve helped each other with things and we’ve each looked after each other’s penguins. I’ll miss you. Thanks for being my co-leader and helping me with stuff when you couldn’t go on during the week. Thanks also for making me your co-leader. Wish I knew you in real life. I still think that it was something more than luck that caused you and me to meet on CP and then join ACP on the same day. You saved me from trouble, even trouble that I caused. You supported me with various things, even when I was making a bigger deal over it than I should have. I wish I could give you more but I hope the pass to my penguin will do. Good luck Boomer. Those bills your making have helped all CP armies and you seem to enjoy making them so good luck.

Some people might say that I was able to run around doing whatever I wanted and I brainwashed you. I did run around sometimes and I hope I didn’t cause you too much trouble. I never ment to start wars and I thank you for stopping those wars.

Boomer and I


Shadow: You’ve helped with many things. Thanks for everything. Your the best tactics person and negogiater I’ve ever talked to. You helped me a lot even though I hated you when I first met you lol. I wish you didn’t disappear because I only see you about once a month. I hope you find another army to try to save, and I hope that you join the council with Boomer and submit more of your ideas.

“I dont march to the beat of the drums, I hear maracas!”

Hattrick: We have been close and apart many times but I still have always regarded you and will remember you as one of my greatest friends. I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do in life. While your retirement post probably started rumors about me I still will always think of you as a brother XD.

This is you:


Saint: Remember that dryvit’s name is NOT spelled like drivit XD. I love that quote you have up: “One day Shaboomboom pc’d me “do you want to be leader?” he said. “I didn’t before, but now i do…” I said. “Good then i wont have to convince you.” The thing that makes it so awsome is that it is exactly what I said that day. You will be a good leader and you have good co-leaders and 3rd-in-commands to help you out. Email me when you retire, I would like to see what you have done as leader. Ps: Rap wants to be author on the acp site ;).

Saint1119: “I bet my dad 5 bucks that I could lick my elbow by the end of the week. So i went to Wiki Answers and found out how: 1.Using a chainsaw, remove your non-dominant arm. 2. Stick out your tongue. 3. Pick up the arm with your other, working arm and touch the elbow to your tongue. 4. Seek medical help IMMEDIATELY. 5. You should be on the phone with 911 no more than 15 seconds after you started these these steps.”
Kg 007:
“That’s a little extreme…”
Saint1119: “Dude… 5 bucks.”

Dryvit: You are energetic and active. You are also very smart. I think you will do go as Co-Leader and I hope you become leader someday. If you have an aim sn I will give you mine. I give you the responsibility of backing the acp site up twice a week by exporting it and importing it to another site. This will make it so if the export is messed up, you can re-export the site which will help greatly if the site is ever messed up.

Wicket: I took you on as my apprentice but I kinda ignored you after a while and forgot about you. I am truly sorry about that but I have some news to make up for it. I give you VLA aka The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. You can pick all new members and do what you want with it. I hope that it can be a special elite division for Acp to preform tactics that will be messed up by people not listening to orders.

Note: Wicket, I’ve noticed that you don’t like to listen to Dryvit or Stev as much as you like to listen to Saint or Meat. Please don’t take this the wrong way. They were both Boomer and my choice for co-leader/3rd in command and they were the people we suggested to Saint. Saint also approved them so try to give them the respect they deserve and look at them as leaders.

Stev: You are a great spy. Thank you for the membership, you helped me get Shaboomboom onto my email and for that I give you the pass to my penguin. I hope you become leader someday. I know you will do good and I support you for leader when Saint retires. I pass my title as Memo Man onto you. Pass it on to another person when you retire.


Axe: You are a great friend. You have always been there to talk to and I hope you continue being in ACP and having fun. I give you Second-in-Command  VLA site. You can do what you wish with it.

Meat: You have to stop taking stuff so seriously. You will never enjoy yourself if everything is so serious.  In order for the leaders to be able to work together successfully, you have to admit when your wrong. You have to be able to reason with people and negotiate with them. This is a major weakness of yours and you will never be the leader you can be if you don’t try to change your attitude. I am sorry for trying to get you demoted but you should really try to change your attitude for the good of Acp.

Melberry: Mel, I don’t remember when we met but I’m glad you started talking to me again randomly one day. I’m sorry that I forgot to advertise you blog many times but here is 1 final advertisement for you. Happy belated birthday buddy and I hope I talk to you again on chats when I get on.  GO TO FOR ALL YOUR CP CHEATS!!!!!

Divotoo: I don’t know you that much but I know you follow the rules. You are a loyal soldier, more loyal than I was I have to admit. Work hard and you will follow in the steps of your brother (we all know you will do much better than him XD).

Person1233: I thought you hated me. You thought I hated you. Funny when we both found out our ideas were both not true. You make funny pics and videos, even if they are innapropriate some most of the time. You are also a great person with tactics. I have used many of your tactics in battle. You know how to command your troops and how to get the most out of your troops. I hope you can teach the Acp leaders some of your tactics one day  because that is Acp’s weak spot. Good luck with Nachos.

Mazachster:“Being an Oagal suckup is better than leading an army in the nude.”
Person1233:“Pfft Maz, you know nothing about leading an army in the nude. 8) There is an awesome breeze.”


Shab and Person

SpaceyBirdy: Your random and your awsome. You also helped to keep me entertained 😉 late at night. Im glad you conquered your (yum) fears. My hot tub is always open for you XD. I wish we could have been better friends earlier on. Good luck with WW and I look forward to talking to you on AIM. Also your secret is safe with me ;). As a present I give you my hot tub (hello).

Lotsofpie: I didn’t really get to know you very well but you were a good friend to me. You concidered Acp in the Nachos vs Acp war in April. You gave Mittens to me even tho it was one of Uma’s capitals. You never banned me…even when there was a war in which Uma was against Acp. For this, I thank you.

Dream: At this point I don’t know if we are enemies or not. I hope we are still friends because I will always think of you as one. You gave me a member penguin to use that was and is awsome. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. Try not to be so impulsive though.

Alexrodrigus: We became friend late in my cp career. I wish ST would have worked out better for you and I hope that you still with Acp and become a high ranking active soldier and that you are remembered as an Acp legend.

Thomas: I met you late in my career but you were determined even after a few rough times. I hope you stay in Acp until you get older and keep enjoying it. Maybe you will be leader someday, maybe not. I bet you would be a good one if you do become leader. I won’t be there anymore to yell at you and refuse to accept your retirement so you better not retire for a while.

Jojofishy: You are a fantastic soldier Jojo. Too bad that you didn’t get 3IC and had to retire shortly afterwards. You would have been a great leader.

Mazachster: Thanks for puttin me on the ssacp council. You helped me really enjoy the first few months when i first joined acp and ssacp. Ssacp was fun. I hope i see u while visitin Niagra Falls so i can throw u into it XP. I’ll see you in your pool ;). We can play guitar and go to Tim Hortons.

“*Throws gay cow at Luc”


Rapidy: You’ve been a great friend. I’ve had fun with you in ssacp and in acp. You’ve let me help you with stuff like the forums and acpe. I wish you could go on chat so I could talk to you again but your stuck on the forums. Good luck and I hope you enjoy yourself on the forums.

Rapidy:“Rap’s getting funky with the Monkeys.”
Nakib:“Ohh that means with Ankita that she’s a monkey?”

Fort57: You helped me get a good rank in acp by promoting me. You’ve also been good to talk to and have been a great friend. I know I became a jerk to you when I became leader and I’m sry for that but you also have become arrogant and a jerk to me.

Lucario98765: “Wow, I thought you all would hate me when I joined Nachos.”
Fort57: “I hate you Luc.”
Lucario98765: “I love you too Fort.”

Kg007: You have been a good friend too. You kept me from getting bored late at night and u helped improve ideas and stuff. Thanks for pickin me as co-leader of acp. I guess I just started ignoring you after you retired and I’m sorry for that. You also started ignoring me which I hated because the chats we had were interesting.

Shadow2446:[Ban] I have banned Flappy2558 reason: Go screw a ham
Kg 007: “Shadow you do know there is someone named ham (Wicket) here.”

Abercrombe29: You been right alongside me. Even tho I went against Uma for SSACP u remained my friend. Good Luck. The one thing I hate is that even thou I have helped you and stuck by your side many times, you still turn against me in a heartbeat for Fort. I never have or will forgive you for trying to impeach me….. You changed for the worse aber, even if you won’t admit that you did change.

Nic: I know that we hated each other in the beginning but I happy that we became friends. Your a good person if your not mad. I wish I could talk to you again but sadly you disappeared.

Fort57:“** Get’s megaphone LUC NIC’S ON*”
Boomer 20:“*Throws rock at Luc’s window, get up lazy a$!!”
Nicole6754: “*Kicks Boomer’s ass*”

Wii Mountain: You’ve been cool. Thank you for the rank in Watex Warriors and thanks for being my friend. For some time you started to dislike me and drew farther and farther apart. Now its back to normal which I’m glad about. Sorry about doing nothing in WW XD.


Peguin: I missed you while you were in china. Your stories were good. Sry about cpnews and thanks for giving me the site. I also saw you on CP the first time I saw Boomer and then I met you on chat about a month later.

Headofpolice: You were a great friend at first and then you got annoying. Your still my friend and I hope you and rap get along sometime. Even tho you spread rumors and try to start rebellions against me, at least I know you dont ignore me and truely hate me cause you still have me friended.

Head is Fired

Cooltiger413: You have the potential to be a great leader if only you were on a little bit more. I’ll miss you and thanks for reconizing me in ssacp. Its too bad that once ssacp was hacked we started to drift away.

Corvette360: You helped me with ssuma and also gave me the penguin njr14matrix which I kept updated. I hope you see this post because I have not seen you in about 1/2 a year.

Texas Vs A: Thanks for lettin me be on your site. I wish you hadn’t disappeared so suddenly.

Ambrosha: I had fun times with you. Hope you see this too. Sorry about tricking you to try to delete the UMA site.

Sirv: I don’t know where I met you but I keep meeting you along the way. Thanks for BFF back in September. You’ve been a good friend.

Dragon (aka Gir): We have had some cool adventures. Thanks for your help.

“Today, at 10:54am RPF slipped into Snow Fort, and accidentally conquered it.”

Rallan: Your the best programmer I’ve seen. Thank you for the many bot programs and your service in the acp. It’s too bad that your programs were ruined when the rest of the bot programs like it stopped working.

People I will miss:


-Boomer 20


-Sgt. Jor




















-Dragon aka Aunt Jemima









-Tom Yellow







-Dr Nono Jr


-Both Coolguys



-Arosso12 (13)



-Texas vs A



-Pro ninja









Golds aka Dark Warriors:

-Dan Lorenzo










-Tiny Fin



























-Kyle Cease aka Taytay606

-Dragon aka Mat




Shaboomboom:“Ok I added a page to the chat.”
Commando717:“Amazing! He did more than Kg in 30 seconds! I’m just kidding! lmao”
Shaboomboom: Nice. You’re lucky Kg isn’t here.”
Shaboomboom: “O wait he is.”
Lucario98765:“Don’t worry I prt scrn that.”







-Arosso12 (13)


-K Wadler





-Boomer 20



























-Db Penguin


-Melberry ( )

-Mr. Drumline








Sry if I forgot ppl. If I did then you can have this said about you “I’ll miss you too”

Now I hope I haven’t caused too many people to hate me. I’m sorry for whatever I have done to you guys that has made you hate me and I hope that you will forgive me. Yes this is the first and only apology you have seen and will see my give.

Anyone who has my AIM screen name please do not give it out to anyone. I will decide who gets my sn by asking them if they have one. Please do not ask me for it because I probably will not give it to you. I will be giving my personal email address to a few people so they can contact me if I am needed. I also ask that they contact me when one of the leaders retire so I can see their posts.

I wish the best of luck for Acp and I hope that I will not be forgotten. Because of a deal I made with Saint to encorage her to accept the spot as leader I promised to come on chat every so often to see if she needs help. I will try for once a week but it may turn into once every other week as time goes on.


“Annoy me and you die XP”

Shaboomboom aka Shab aka Memo man aka God aka Evil Mastermind aka Shaboomer aka Dan



Gifts to People:


Shaboomboom: Boomer, Stev, and Hattrick

Shaboomer: Boomer

Mazachster: Maz if you want it back you can have it.

Njr14matrix (My Spy Penguin): Dryvit

Memo Man: Stev


Mittens: Uma regains control of this server now.


Vla Site: Wicket and Axe

SSUMA Site: Stev

SSACP Council Site: Stev (I want this to be left as it is, don’t use it for the new SSACP and don’t open it up or people will get the penguins and their passwords that are posted on it.

Acp Marines Site: Thomas

Backup Acp Site: Saint


WW Mass Recruiting

WW hasn’t scheduled their mass recruiting, so I guess I have to or we lose the week. The last recruiting session was too complicated, so we’re doing an easy split this time. Despite complications, we had 60 IW soldiers on Sub Zero alone, not to mention how many we had on Mammoth. IW recruited over 35 soldiers that day alone. I think the Nachos comment after the recent war summed up how well these things can work:

“IW is finally coming back! The Ice Warriors are definitely the 3rd largest army in Club Penguin, in my opinion.”

I’m looking forward to doing that with the other armies in need of a boost. Next up, WW (Watex Warriors).

What: Mass Recruiting for WW (Watex Warriors)

When: Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where: Mammoth for those who can get in, Tundra for those who cannot – both servers we will start at the Dock.  ACP will start at the Town.

Chat: WW Chat

Uniform: WW Uniform


1:00 pm PST

2:00 pm MST

3:00 pm CST

4:00 pm EST

9:00 pm U.K.


Our last mass recruiting session went very well, but it could have been better. So just go to Mammoth if you can get in there, and if you can’t, we still want you on Tundra. For recruiting, say the phrase “Search Fevers Army” or “Search Waffle Warriors of CP” (there’s probably others, but both of those are direct links to their site). Don’t forget to wear orange, and we hope to see you there! Remember, this is for the good of all armies, and yours may be next!