Promtotions Updated

Ok I think I finally have the ranks updated to match the July promotions. I am sure you will leave a comment if I left you off or you now have 2 ranks : ) We are doing extremely well recruiting, and our ranks are swelling daily by 15-20 troops. Great job everyone!!


Catalog and Pin


Hi! Again! As you know, the new catalog AND pin are both out today! (Why do they always do this on a Friday, I mean really…)

Apparently my job entitles catalogs too, which is unfortunate because as you know, I am very very angry at my computer because I CANNOT POST PICS. Yeah, fun isn’t it…

SO! I will be doing the catalog, as I do everything, minus the pictures. Eh, I’d better just get to the point now. If you choose to find the hidden items and pin on your own, please do not continue reading this post.

The Viking Helmet is on the piano in the catalog-it’s a bit tricky, so slowly hover your mouse over the piano in different places until you find it. Unfortunately, (Hey, I use that word a lot don’t I…) I couldn’t find anything else in the catalog, so good luck finding whatever I couldn’t 😆

The pin is really easy to spot, if you know where to look. Just go down to the pool and in the window is the pin! I think I’ve spoiled enough, I won’t tell you what it is, but I’m surprised, it’s actually kinda cool…

Tips for Finding Pins:

  • Look all over the island. It could be anywhere.
  • It could be seasonal, like last week’s watermelon. Or it could be related to current CP events, like today’s.
  • Look around the room. It will be pretty obvious, just look for something that’s not usually there.
  • If you get exasperated (that means tired of trying to find it) just come read this post. I mean come on, just read the post!

That’s all for this week, so bye again!


(PS: Sorry, but I’m changing the date of my party to the SIXTH. Same time, same place, but different date. Hope you’re happy Shab.)