I’m back!…Goodbye!

Yes I’m home from my trip to my grandmothers house. And now I’m off to the beach! Yes my mother planned two trips, one right after the other. My aunt will have her laptop and lets hope she will let me use it.

In other news. This weekend I think we should have a Practice Battle. I know now that AkaBob scheduled a PB w/o talking to ACP first 😆 . So I think we will accept that offer now, except maybe on Saturday?

I asked Stev712 (our 3rd in Command) to try to get a drill session in this week, due to him still in school and a shared-computer, this drilling session will be pretty late for people in the eastern time zone. You should expect the drilling session at anytime of the week.

Work for the leaders: I would like you guys to come up with a big mod list. Show the mods who you want to keep in black letters, and the ones u want to unmod in red. Please list ACP Soldier mods, Legend mods, and other army mods. Please also include if our other two mods are ready for their modship.

Note to retirees: You cannot give your rank out to soldiers (as I mentioned in my first post as leader) and in order to get Legend status will be specifically named soon.

*~*Saint1119 ACP Leader*~*

The Retirement of Unicow Rules

Yes, it’s true. It’s my time to go. I’ve seen so many of my friends retire, they all make good points about CP. They’ve convinced me into retirement. First, my CP Army Story.


I started my CP Army career when I searched “Club Penguin” on Google. I kept going through pages until I found the CPA site. I was fascinated about how there was a “Club Penguin Army” and their leader, Indy11 became my Roll-Model. Then I found the ACP site. I was amazed at how big and cool it was. The first thing I did was went onto chat and asked to be an Owner :lol: After being banned eventually, I forgot about CP Armies entirely. About a month or so later, I checked back up and saw the newer, bigger ACP with Boomer as leader. I decided that I had to join. I was ranked at Warrant Officer, the highest recruit rank you could get. I was very excited. I even decided to make my own n00b army that didn’t even have a site, the MCP (Marines of Club Penguin. I went on CP and advertised them and whoever joined, I added to my buddy list. I would contact all of them for battles and all of that. They eventually got into a battle with ACP when I wasn’t there and disbanded. Then I decided to stay with ACP instead of making my own army. I signed up for governor elections and lost to K Wadler. In those elections I made close friends with Chas3r. That friendship would change my whole army career forever. I one day discovered Chas3r’s army, the CPWW. I decided that since Chase was their leader, I would join my first army other than ACP. The CPWW became a quite famous small army, because we teamed up with CPAF (Club Penguin Air Force), a major army at the time, to take down the ST (Shadow Troops). We had a 5 hour invasion that lead to defeat. The war with ST eventually dissolved and we became allies. I’m done talking about CPWW, but to read about them, go to the about page HERE. The joining of CPWW triggered an army joining spree, I joined a total of 45 armies. I retired from most later. That left me here, leader of CPWW, General of the Army in USCP, and Brigadier General in ACP. Now here I am, writing my retirement post.


Here are my friends that I made:

Indy11: You are still my Roll-Model, wherever you are, I hope you prosper.

Chas3r: You are still barely in touch with me, I hope you can get somewhere in life.

Rexo60007: Rexy, we had some good times together. Good luck with CPD.

Misty220: I hope you and Rexo can make CPD a major army some day.

Nate95000: Did I add enough 0’s? You were a great USCP leader, I won’t forget you.

Mr. Deedledoo: The nicest person I EVER met. Continue to lead CPUN like you have been.

Batintrenche: It’s sad to see you retiring Batsy. Maybe we can still keep in touch through chat.

Jingle Jay: Jingle… so much good stuff about you… I hope you do good in ACP, I won’t forget you either.

Maxthepen: You were a great person, you were funny too.

Shaboomboom: Shabby! We had some fun together. I wish I got to know you more. *Rides dolphin in teh nude* XD

Rapidy: You were the only person in ACP to add me on your friends list in my n00b days. The first person in ACP to add me to their friends list with Rapidy :lol:

Pippy212: You were a great leader. I hope you do a good job in Vice-Presidenting USCP XD

Godplaya123: You’re a great CPUN Rep and an amazing IW 31C. That’s why I’m retiring from all armies except IW, which I was never active in.

ATM123: A great SPAAF Leader. I hope that we can stay in touch somehow, for now, goodbye.

Meat aka Seanehawk: Meat, we’ve had some good times and some bad times, but I’m wishing you luck in the long run ;)

Boomer20: You were the best ACP leader in my opinion. Have a good retirement.

Cole (Whatever your numbers were): You were a great friend in CPWW, wherever you are in life, Good Luck.

Ennbay (Can’t remember your numbers either): We were pretty good friends on chat, I hope you have a good career.

Dryvit: You’re an amazing ACP leader, I could see you taking Saint’s place some day.

Mender47: You were a pretty good friend, good luck in CPD!


I know I missed some, but I’m having trouble remembering right now. I would like the leadership of CPWW to go to Pippy or Jingle Jay, have elections on it. I will retire from EVERY army except IW. And one last thing, I want everybody here to have an amazing life. Take a little time of the computer and do something that you’ll never forget. Until we meet again, Unicow Rules.