Practice Battle With Nachos

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We have scheduled a practice battle with the Nachos.  This will be a three server, three division battle.  All divisions will be on their own chat, Generals and leaders controlling their own servers battle. We need a epic turnout for this one. The times, servers and assignments are below. There is plenty of notice , so plan on being there! OOOORAH!!!

Saturday July 18, 2009  5pm eastern time. (Sorry European/Asian members)




More info as the date draws nearer. Lets plan on being there in great numbers and a fun battle!

Dryvit ACP2ic.

Congress Meeting Recap 7/6/09

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Tonight’s ACP Congress Meeting was very successful.  We made many big decisions that will affect and change this army for the better.  You will see these changes in action in the coming weeks.  Below I have complied a list of all the things you will be seeing in the coming weeks that where decided tonight by the ACP Congress.

  • Mammoth is now the honorary capitol of the Democratic Republic of the Army of Club Penguin.  Breeze is still the main capitol. (We do not own nor lay claim to Mammoth. It is and still  will be owned by the CP Council for all armies use. We just honored it as our old Capitol.)
  • After a vote between Wolvetone, Dragon, Blueh, and Jediseth, Jediseth was voted to be Ennbay’s congress replacement.
  • If your are banned or guested for coming on ACP Congress chat during an ACP Congress session, you will be banned or guested on ACP Chat as well.  No one can come on ACP Congress chat during a session until it is time for the open forum.
  • The way ACP Congress works, such as its checks and balances, will be written down completely in a document which will be posted on the site.  This way, there will be no confusion of what congress can and can not do.

Thank you for everyone who participated in this great congress meeting!


Congress Meeting Today

To discuss the latest debates, news, and arguments revolving around the Army of Club Penguin and the Club Penguin Army World we come to our second congress meeting with our brand new congress!  If you are not a congressmen, make sure to come after the meeting so you can participate in our open forum.  Here, you can discuss with the congressmen and women about your ideas and about your side to the recent ACP debates.

All the information about getting to this meeting is listed below.

Date: Today

Time: 2:00 PM Penguin Standard Time



And now, here are the results from this week’s Debate of the Week!  Many debates where had, and many arguments where won and lost, but there can only be one winner.  Here is the final score of this week’s Debate of the Week.

Should all new moderators have to go to moderator school?

Yes (Batintrenche’s Side)   43

No (Wolvetone’s Side)   34


Yes has won!  This decision will be taken into great consideration at the next congress meeting!